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Yamaha Feizhi 150 Double Disc Edition Price (Yamaha Feizhi 150 Double Disc Edition Price Drop)

The 150ml-class small-displacement access motorcycle is not only in line with the preferential tax reduction and displacement, but also fully competent for ordinary streetcars and play.

These 150-displacement streetcars, which are around 10,000 yuan, have both traditional and brand-new designs. First of all, compare the two motorcycles, and find that the appearance of the two motorcycles is quite similar, especially the fairways on both sides of the fuel tank, whose function is to reduce the drag coefficient.

One is Sundiro Honda CBF150R version. As a modified model of Sundiro Honda's 150 displacement, its appearance has been obviously improved, and it is more sporty and fashionable. It is also equipped with the same Sundiro Honda co-branded single-cylinder air-cooled engine, but its EFi system has changed, from Honda's PGM-Fi EFI system to a self-developed FI EFI system.

In a sense, the cost of vehicle appearance redesign has increased, but it has been reduced in the EFI system.

Some people say, what is the change of EFI system? It is equivalent to that the carburetor has changed from imported to domestic, because the core technology of motorcycle is the engine and EFI system. At this moment, it is not that their quality is good or bad, but that the domestic EFI system lacks the original data accumulation, and the sensor cannot accurately collect data to achieve accurate fuel injection. As a result, the idle speed and fuel injection quantity may be higher in the later period.

As a classic model of Sundiro Honda, the access model is Sundiro Honda CBF125R. Whether it is matched with Honda EFI system or Honda independent standard engine, from these two points of view, this car is the one with the most Honda technical content at the level of 10,000 yuan.

As 125cc and 150cc, in the actual riding process, there is little difference in power as scooters. In fact, their appearance is similar. Generally speaking, Sundiro Honda CBF125R version has more advantages.

Another car is Yamaha Feizhi 150. This Yamaha nuclear engine technology has been improved in terms of quietness and instrumentation. The cowling above and below the engine is quite beautiful, and the price of the dual-disc version is more than 12,000. In terms of Yamaha's quality control, this car is also very good as a long-distance motorcycle model, with light body and enough power. The key is that there are few minor problems.

The EFI system of Honda's 150-displacement model in Sundiro has changed, and there is no Honda PGM-Fi EFI system and Honda's independent standard engine. However, Wuyang Honda Xiongshuai 150 combines the above two advantages, and Honda technology is fully applied in 150 models.

Of course, the only thing that spits out is the appearance. It seems that the traditional appearance decades ago has no sense of fashion, which is why many people have no choice. Wuyang Honda Xiongshuai 150 power combination is dominant, suitable for driving in suburbs, counties or rural areas, and friends who don't care about appearance are better choices.

We choose this small-displacement access vehicle only because we care about its fuel consumption, power and failure rate, and we will face a choice in appearance and power combination.

Sometimes the appearance of the new generation models is very attractive, and often the EFI system is changed from imported to domestic, and the cost is low, just to balance the market price by increasing the cost after the change.

As the core engine of motorcycle, in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, the main engine manufacturers basically use 150CC as a cylinder expanding engine of 125CC, so as to increase the area of cylinder block and piston and realize strong power.

In terms of the current urban speed limit pavement, 125CC can also fully meet the needs of our usual transportation.

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