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Gaohe Electric Vehicle Price Xindi (Gaohe Electric Vehicle Price)

someSome people pay, some people don't pay, and the policies given by channels are different. This makes consumers more dissatisfied. Don't suffer from widowhood but suffer from injustice. It is suggested that manufacturers should treat the new marketing model equally, adopt the quotation policy, be fair, open and transparent, rather than hide it, and sign a confidentiality agreement after receiving compensation.

"Sales kept urging me to place an order, saying that the preferential activities would soon be over. At his urging, I quickly bought the car. Unexpectedly, the price of the car dropped again the next day." Xiao Zhang of Chengdu mentioned this matter and felt that he was a big head.

He said that he contacted BYD's official direct store as soon as he knew that the car price had dropped. However, the store has not given him a reasonable solution so far, which also made him very unwilling and has been complaining about rights protection.

In a group of BYD car owners with more than 40 people, all of them were the same as Xiao Zhang, who were suddenly cut off by BYD. After buying the car, the price was reduced soon, which made the car owners complain collectively.

What is even more incomprehensible to everyone is that some car owners' complaints are effective and compensated, while others are delayed. BYD's sales system has different solutions and chaotic channels, which makes car owners who have not been compensated complain in their hearts.

As we all know, since the first half of this year, the whole automobile market has been falling endlessly. However, the price reduction strategy of drinking poison to quench thirst has not caused the falling market due to future sales, which has also made more potential customers feel "wait for a cheaper price". At the same time, on the sales side, in recent years, with the overall layout of supermarkets and direct sales channels, the channel dispute between traditional channels and direct sales systems also tests the channel management ability of manufacturers. When the price system drops from behind the scenes to before the stage, how to soothe the psychology of consumers who have bought cars in the early stage is also a topic that manufacturers need to collectively deal with.

Woke up one night and fell another 10 thousand

Xiao Zhang, 25, lives in Chengdu with an annual income of only 80,000. However, fortunately, with the support of my parents, I settled down in Chengdu, while I saved money and bought a car through a loan. Xiao Zhang told me that from the price of the car, this car is out of proportion to his income, but because he already has the "other half", both parties can repay the loan together, and he also hopes that the car will be bigger and can be used for a long time, making it more convenient for small families to use the car. Therefore, he took out a loan for five years and bought a BYD Han dmi distinguished car with an official guide price of 227,800 yuan.

"In fact, I originally wanted to wait and buy again. The sales staff of Chengdu BYD Auto Wangchao Direct Store has been urging that the offer is coming to an end, so let me place an order quickly." Xiao Zhang said, therefore, worried about the end of the concession, he paid a deposit on April 10th, and on April 13th, he invoiced to pick up the car. The official guide price was 227,800 yuan, and the discount was 10,000 yuan according to the sales caliber. The transaction price of bare car was 217,800 yuan, plus 6,000 yuan of insurance premium, 3,000 yuan of loan service fee and 1000 yuan licensing fee, which paid a total of 227,800 yuan.

However, what Xiao Zhang didn't expect was that the next day, another salesperson of BYD 4s store who had inquired about the price sent a message to him, saying that the car had dropped another 10,000.

"I didn't believe it at first, so I quickly asked several sales stores. No matter whether it is a direct store or a 4s store in the mall, it has indeed dropped by 10,000." Xiao Zhang said. However, the purchase of Tianfu Square Huangchao Store actually said that it did not know.

So he contacted Chengdu Tianfuwang BYD Direct Store and asked for a refund of 10,000 yuan. The other party did not have a solution for a long time, and finally said to send it for five times. Xiao Zhang learned through the Internet that in fact, he is not the only consumer who suffered the same price cut by manufacturers. However, some of you have already received compensation, and some are still on the way to compensation.

Yuguan Auto Market learned that in BYD's 40-strong rights group, most of them are young people who borrow money to buy cars. For example, 26-year-old Xiao Liu earns 80,000 yuan a year, while 32-year-old Xiao Song earns 100,000 yuan a year. Most car owners have low annual income, so they choose to borrow money to buy a car and suddenly drop 10,000 yuan. In their view, it is a lot of loss.

In fact, there are still many such car owners. The car complaint network alone received 43 collective complaints from BYD (Song Pro DM, Han DM, Song PLUS DM-i, Qin PLUS DM, Yuan PLUS, Destroyer 05, Seal). The reason is that the price has been greatly reduced in less than half a year, resulting in a serious depreciation of the vehicle, and the manufacturer is required to provide a reasonable compensation plan.

In the description of a car owner who bought dolphins, BYD launched a new dolphin new energy vehicle in early 2003, and dealers all said that it would not reduce the price in the short term, so many car owners supported domestic production and trusted BYD brand to buy it. On April 9, the owner bought dolphins in full from BYD Auto Ocean Network, during which the car certificate has not yet arrived. By April 14th, the manufacturer reduced the price by 5,800 yuan in disguise in the name of the activity, and the price of the new model was reduced by several thousand yuan in one month. Only from March to early April, consumers became the highest and stupidest consumers in history, and their emotions could not be calm.

Direct selling makes the price reduction clearer.

What makes consumers unable to calm down is that BYD is not unified in the matter of compensation after price reduction. Some car owners have compensation, while others don't. There is no clear statement on how to compensate, and some sales channels have signed a "confidentiality agreement" with car owners after paying compensation to customers, which does not allow car owners to say. The owners don't know to keep it secret, and some of them have been made public in the complaint group before signing the agreement.

Confucius put forward that "not suffering from widowhood but suffering from inequality." In the BYD channel, the price reduction compensation for car owners is obviously unfair.

According to a material in the hands of Yueguan Auto Market, some of them get cash compensation, some get the purchase amount of fine products with the same price, and some are maintenance and the like. There is no uniform standard at all. Among them, some car owners directly received 8,000 yuan compensation for the price difference, and signed a confidentiality agreement.

"In fact, the rise and fall of the car price is a normal fluctuation, but, first, it should not be reduced after buying it for one day, which is really unacceptable; Second, BYD ignored the rights and emotions of the car owners, and no one paid attention to the whole complaint, without saying anything; Third; Regional discrimination compensation is adopted for car owners, and some areas are fully paid, but some areas have no compensation policy and no policy support and compensation. " Xiao Zhang said that the above three reasons made him very uncomfortable.

He also went to the relevant departments to complain, but the reply given by the relevant departments was: BYD said that the activity was a phased marketing action, and the rights and policies enjoyed by car owners at different stages were different, and said that the demands made by consumers could not reach a mediation agreement.

What makes Xiao Zhang even more difficult to understand is that as a direct store of BYD, he didn't even give a contract when buying a car, and he took the car contract himself. In this regard, the manager explained why there is no contract: when the company issues an invoice, it needs to take away the customer's contract as the company's bottom, so the invoice is equivalent to the contract, which also makes Xiao Zhang puzzled.

The owners of Yueguan Auto Market in BYD have learned that Koharu is not the only one who won't give the contract.

Direct selling system calls for insured price system

Legally speaking, "the contract shall prevail" as to whether the owner needs to pay compensation for the price reduction after buying a car. However, Xiao Zhang said that BYD's contract does not include the provision of price reduction compensation. However, Yueguan Auto Market has learned that most manufacturers will use certain compensation to soothe consumers' emotions when encountering this situation.

"It can be said that this is also a new problem encountered in the new direct mode." An executive in charge of sales of a manufacturer revealed to Yuguan Auto Market that they are also studying the new problems brought by the post-direct marketing system.

Last year, "one car is hard to find" went crazy to cut prices this year. Since 2023, the wave of price cuts caused by Dongfeng has swept the auto market, and BYD will inevitably cut prices.

Although the electric vehicle market has caught fire with BYD, there are only three domestic automobile brands with monthly sales exceeding 100,000 vehicles in March, namely BYD, Volkswagen and Toyota. Among them, BYD sold 183,300 vehicles, an increase of 31.37% from the previous month. However, due to factors such as cost inventory, BYD has carried out crazy price reduction this year. The 2021 Han EV was lowered by 20,000 yuan, and the 2021 Qin EV was lowered by 15,000 yuan, while the discount range of new models was generally between 6,000 and 8,000 yuan. Some are official price reductions, and some are hidden reductions by dealers. For example, Xiao Zhang's car adopts the mode of dark descent.

Under the original distribution system, there are generally "two prices", one is "manufacturer's guide price" and the other is "transaction price". Generally, the manufacturer's guide price is high and will not change easily, but the actual transaction price is generally lower than the manufacturer's guide price. Moreover, the actual transaction price varies with different regions, different dealers, different periods and different inventory conditions. Under the original distribution model, it is difficult for consumers to have contact, so everyone's prices are opaque, and most of the actual transaction prices are lower than the manufacturer's guidance price. Therefore, consumers are generally unable to pay attention to the new price trends after buying a car.

However, in the new direct marketing model, many brands began to unify prices. In particular, the prices of direct stores are consistent with those of official website, and it has become an open and transparent behavior for manufacturers to adjust to the market. This will inevitably lead to the dissatisfaction of consumers with higher purchase prices in the early stage.

For example, Tesla is like this. Because of the price drop, consumer rights protection behaviors often occur.

But even so, Tesla is still more thoughtful than BYD. There is a buffer period for Tesla's sudden price reduction. Play back the news first, then reduce the price to prepare time for consumers. And Tesla will make a series of compensation measures to comfort the owners within seven days before the price reduction.

And BYD, which has always talked about customer satisfaction, how can it calm the anger of early consumers, improve the level of channel management, and then improve customer satisfaction while reducing prices?

Of course, it is not only BYD, but also the reform of marketing system. In the process of "two-track parallel" from distribution system to distribution system and direct sales, the industry is facing a common problem.

Yuguan Auto Market believes that since the direct sales model is adopted and sold through the Internet, it is essentially for the sake of more satisfaction of car owners. Then we might as well adopt the price management system of the Internet.

For example, platforms such as Taobao flagship store and JD.COM will launch a price protection system. Generally, there will be a price protection policy of about 15 days. During this period, the price will fluctuate, and consumers can immediately apply for price supplement, which is fair, open and transparent, without covering up and signing a confidentiality agreement, which is obviously unfair. Of course, in this case, it is inevitable that consumers will still face the problem of reducing prices as soon as they wake up, but for consumers, at least they have psychological expectations. Of course, for BYD, it is more important to pay attention to the customer experience in the process of direct marketing, solve the chaos of direct marketing, unify the standards, and don't take customer satisfaction as a slogan.

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