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What year was the last batch of Toyota lc100 (the price of second-hand land patrol lc100)

Dedicated to friends who like Toyota Land Cruiser LC100!

Life in somewhere tomorrow, the return journey has begun ... After experiencing those colorful sport utility vehicles, when we return to the beginning of life, you will find that simplicity and durability are the true meaning, and the land cruiser LC100 was born for this reason. Among the second-hand off-road vehicles, the Land Cruiser has always been one of the models with the highest value preservation rate, which is not only due to its brand of Niutoubiao, but also due to its excellent reputation passed down by its half-century employment in every corner of the world.

This Land Cruiser 2003 GX Road No.4500 has gone through 17 years and accompanied its owner for more than 250,000 kilometers, which is undoubtedly respected by a pure off-road vehicle, but nowadays, there are fewer and fewer real hard-core off-road vehicles. In addition to the Toyota Land Cruiser, the only one who will stick to the hard-core tradition in the next generation is lonely herdsman. After all, both Mercedes-Benz G and Land Rover have developed in the direction of road driving.

According to Mr. Ouyang, he runs projects on the construction site all the year round, and often needs to run some bad roads. Now he drives a car to scrape the chassis once, so he wants to buy an off-road vehicle with a high construction site. I thought about buying a new herdsman before, but I always feel that it is better not to buy it with the new herdsman. So Mr. Ouyang began to think about used cars. As long as the quality of the cars is good, even if they are older, there is no problem.

So Mr. Ouyang began to look for an old car for more than ten years, and finally found a 2003 Land Cruiser GX Road No.4500, which is the car pictured above. It can be said that it is very classic and looks pretty good. Mr. Ouyang paid attention to it for a month, during which he also talked to the seller once. The seller described the car in good condition and also reported a high price of 129,800 yuan. From attention to now, the owner has not sold it, mostly because of the price. I just came here to do business today and contacted again, feeling that the price was loose, so I came to see the car and felt that it was fate.

After picking me up, Mr. Ouyang went straight to the garage and started our formal inspection work after a simple asking questions. I thought this old car would have to be painted all over the car, but what surprised me after a round of inspection was that this 17-year-old land patrol only had the hood and the right door painted partially, and people who love you were always very careful with you. After 17 years of wind and rain, most of you still kept the original car painted.

By the way, the front and rear bumpers also have traces of secondary painting, and at the same time, there is a large area of scratches on the side, which is also the most common scratch. Because the bumper has strong toughness, it is difficult to produce holes when it is directly hit. Even the detached part will generally stick to the bumper, so it is very convenient to repair. It can be done with 100 pieces, and at most it can be painted.

There is a slight corner missing from the headlight. I think the missing corner should be caused by improper operation in the process of disassembly before. Although the headlight is damaged, you can see from your big bright eyes that you are not old thank you sir.

A large depression was found in the position of the right rear fender. As the outermost covering part, when a collision occurs, the probability of being scraped is naturally higher. If it is serious, the fender may also involve sheet metal painting in the subsequent repair process. However, according to the current situation, the position of the depression does not hurt the primer of the vehicle, and it only needs to be adsorbed by special tools.

At the same time, Series 100 entered China in large quantities, becoming the first choice car for China's army and government departments. Different from the traditional large-displacement V-engine, the 4500 uses an inline six-cylinder 4.5L engine, which is traditional and persistent. In fact, it is beyond praise. The power of the 4500 is slightly weaker than that of the 4700, but it can still make you intoxicated when driving. It is said that the land patrol is very valuable, and it naturally has its reasons. Everyone who has owned it knows it. ......

After the cover is opened, you can see that the cover screws have been screwed, and the original painted screws have been replaced by ordinary screws. No one will remove the hood for no reason. Only when the hood of the vehicle is deformed can it be removed and repaired. There is no need to remove it, just paint it directly.

There are many ways to identify the accident car, and many parts need to be checked, but the ultimate goal is only one, that is, to find out whether the car has ever had a serious traffic accident and to what extent. Through the inspection of the girder, the left and right fender brackets and the inner lining, there are no signs of large-scale repair. Because this land patrol is a non-load-bearing body and the frame is thick, it is difficult to cause the girder to be deformed by a small impact, so I focused on the front water tank frame.

From the outside of the water tank frame, it seems that no problems have been found. After testing with a paint film tester, it is found that the paint surface value is on the high side, indicating that there is spray painting in this position.

It is necessary to bend over to observe the situation behind the water tank frame. During the usual inspection, it is found that many cars are more prone to develop sheet metal deformation at the innermost edge of the water tank frame. The place where there is a large area of corrosion in the picture is the previous impact point. Fortunately, the strength is not strong and the repair area is small, which has no impact on this non-loaded body car.

The scientific name of the engine bracket rubber pad is "engine mounting system bracket assembly", which is a large iron lump with a damping rubber in the middle. The engine is placed on this rubber, also known as engine foot rubber.

The engine bracket mainly plays two roles: one is to fix the engine on the frame, and the other is to reduce vibration and filter out the vibration generated when the engine is working, so as to prevent the vibration from being transmitted to the car. If the engine needs to be disassembled and repaired, the rubber gasket will be disassembled. However, according to the current situation, there is no trace of disassembly of the fixing screw of this old land patrol, and you can vaguely see the trace of the marker pen when the vehicle leaves the factory.

During the inspection of the engine, it was found that the water pump was covered with sealant. The water pump should have been repaired and replaced. The water pump is an important part to maintain the working temperature of the automobile engine, and the damage of the water pump may bring the danger of boiling to the engine. The premature failure of water pump seal is the most common cause of bearing module failure. Once the water pump seal fails, antifreeze will penetrate into the bearing assembly, reducing the service life of the bearing assembly.

It is undoubtedly naive to frame the service life of a car with the time stipulated by the policy. Every time I see these broken details, some people like passion and others like peace. Anyway, it is very important to achieve inner satisfaction. The interior of this old land patrol looks pleasing to the eye at first glance, but the wear marks of the years can still be seen everywhere.

The engine starts very easily, and there are no fault lights. The meter shows 246959KM, which is the prime of life for Toyota's engine. ......

Some people say that the rust of the steering column is a flooded car. In fact, it is also possible that the material itself has not been waterproof or heat-treated, and there will be a layer of floating rust on the steering column, pedal bracket and instrument platform skeleton after being used in the case of high air humidity.

Open the back of the floor glue, found no signs of mildew or sediment.

However, in the process of checking the back, it was found that the seat adjustment in the back row could not be used, and the seat sometimes did not move in place during use. This situation is generally caused by the jam or non-lubrication of the adjustment connecting rod or slide rail, and the seat did not move in place.

Due to the disrepair of vehicles, many interior accessories are damaged to varying degrees. For example, the welcome light on the door panel is about to fall off.

The surface of the seat is the main wear area, and the mileage close to 250 thousand kilometers and the color of the above picture are not easy.

The seat belt has not been replaced, and the production date is 2002.

At that time, there were not many driving computers in the vehicles. When reading the OBD fault code, only the ABS anti-lock braking system was found to have problems, which should be a relay failure. It is not expensive to change a relay, and it can be done with dozens of pieces at most.

For safety reasons, no photos were taken during the road test. As usual, the seller took us out for a test drive. I have to say that the land patrol was not only excellent in cross-country ability, but also made great efforts in riding comfort. But after all, it is a 17-year-old car, the rubber parts of the chassis are seriously aging, and there are still many abnormal noises on some uneven roads. Whether it is the power output of the engine gearbox or the adjustment of the chassis suspension, the land patrol gives people a calm feeling, swaying, just like sailing.

Finally, the chassis, some people feel that the car condition is satisfactory when they look at the appearance, but they give up when they see a slight seepage at the bottom of the engine gearbox. Because maybe in his view, the engine and transmission are the most important parts in the car. As long as there is a slight problem, then you should choose carefully. Although this view is indeed reasonable, we should not lose confidence in the vehicle because of such a fault as liquid leakage. Take the oil leakage of the transmission as an example, it is actually a common fault in the vehicle. As long as it is not a large area of oil leakage caused by collision damage and disassembly and maintenance, the normal use of the vehicle has little effect.

The normal use of cars, generally in three years or so, there may be the following two main reasons. First, the pipeline seal, condenser and evaporation box were corroded. Second, the compressor temperature is too high, which melts the seal of the pipeline connected with the compressor. This is obviously caused by the damage of the sealing ring. Simply remove and replace a sealing ring.

When checking the suspension, it was found that there was a slight oil leakage problem in the ball head of the upper arm. More than 90% of the oil leakage problem in the ball head was caused by the aging of the rubber sealing ring and the loss of a large number of plasticizers and softeners in the sealing ring due to long-term alternating hot and cold. The whole replacement was convenient and inexpensive.

Generally speaking, this 2003 land patrol car is in good condition, the whole car is painted on several surfaces, the water tank frame has been slightly repaired by sheet metal, and the gearbox is leaking oil. The problem is not big, which is really rare for a car with an age of 250,000 kilometers in 17 years. At present, there are not many old land cruisers like this in the market. They belong to the model of "one car is passed on for three generations, and the car is still cool". The seller's offer of 120,900 yuan is indeed high, which may put aside the actual use value of this car, and the emotional factors account for a larger proportion.

Later, Mr. Ouyang also said that the car was in good condition and was ready to consider starting, but this price had to be grinded down. Through the cooperation between Mr. Ouyang and me, it finally started with 98,800 yuan. In the afternoon, the seller went through the formalities, found the contact information of a trailer here, and packed and transported the old land patrol back. Indeed, it takes a lot of determination to buy this old car, either simply to buy a feeling or to value the reliability and durability of the land patrol, but the achievements of the land patrol today are indeed inseparable from its excellent quality.

Well, that's all for today's test sharing. I'm a second-hand test technician from the car inspector. If you have any questions about your favorite car that need to be tested or used cars, you can leave me a message in the comment area, and I will reply to you in time. The car inspector is willing to be your friend who knows cars best!

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