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Ford Mustang Raptor Edition Latest News (Ford Raptor 6×6 Quote)

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Ford Mustang Raptor spy photos

Ford Mustang, an American off-road vehicle, is often ridiculed by domestic users as "American version of tank 300". Recently, parallel imported cars have gradually entered the domestic market, causing heated discussion. Recently, the overseas Ford Mustang Enthusiast Forum revealed that Ford will build a stronger off-road version for the Mustang, namely the Mustang Raptor. The new car will be further enhanced and upgraded to prepare for conquering more complicated and dangerous road conditions. It is reported that the new car will be listed and sold in the United States in the summer of 2022.

Ford Mustang Domestic Parallel Imported Real Cars

From the inquiry of domestic parallel imported car quotation platform, the domestic quotation of Ford Mustang is around 700,000 yuan, so if the Mustang Raptor is introduced into the domestic market in the future, it is expected that the price will further increase, comparable to a Land Rover Defender. Of course, this price is not the official quotation of Ford, and consumers need to look at it calmly and wait and see, so as to avoid into the pit becoming a "leek" in advance.

Ford Mustang Raptor spy photos

Ford Mustang Raptor spy photos

According to overseas media reports, Ford Mustang Raptor will be equipped with all-terrain tires with an outer diameter of 37 inches, with a further strengthened suspension system, a higher ground clearance, LED lights hidden in the grille and a stronger bumper. The front and rear wheel eyebrows are no longer regular arcs, and the LED daytime running lights are changed to amber, which makes the overall visual style stronger. The real shot model adopts a four-door hard top structure, and it is not yet confirmed whether the new car will launch a soft top convertible version.

Ford Mustang Raptor spy photos

Ford Mustang currently on sale offers two engines, the 2.3T EcoBoost four-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 274 HP and a maximum torque of 420 Nm, and the 2.7T EcoBoost six-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 335 HP and a maximum torque of 563 Nm. The transmission system can match a seven-speed manual transmission and a 10-speed automatic manual transmission. It is estimated that the V6 engine of Ford Mustang Raptor is expected to have a maximum power of over 400 HP, and the transmission system will only provide a version of 10-speed automatic transmission.

Analysis of new car background and competing products;

Last summer, Ford released two-door and four-door versions of Mustang with detachable doors and roof, and its positioning of hard-core off-road sport utility vehicles also competed with jeep herdsman. In the American market, the two-door version of Ford Mustang starts at less than $30,000, and the four-door version starts at about $34,000. The new car also has more than 200 original customized parts to choose from. After the car went on the market, it attracted a large number of users in the American market. At the same time, due to production problems, it was not until June this year that it began to be delivered to local users. In the future, with the stability of the car's output and the improvement of production capacity, the situation of short supply may be alleviated to some extent.

Recently, Ford China officially announced that the new generation Ford F-150 Raptor will be officially introduced into China in 2022, and the reservation will be started in the first quarter, and the new car will be sold in direct sales mode. If we further speculate, there is a high probability that Ford Mustang will enter the China market as an official in the future. Users who are concerned about this model may wish to wait and see.

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