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Hello, hello, bosses. The old driver of the car inspector is meeting you again. In the Jianghu, people call it a small white stripe in Langli, and a pear flower beats the car inspector of Haitang & Brother Monaco. Whenever all illusory things come down to reality, there are shortcomings and advantages, and now you can just have them to feel their truth. That's right, I'm here to share the test homework again.

I personally like this car to be tested today, and it has advantages: good sales, good handling and low frequency failures. Disadvantages: the space is small, and the workmanship is criticized. Of course, the workmanship has improved a lot after the change.

Fox's 2012 hatchback 1.6L manual comfort model has a new car guide price of 119,900 yuan. Next, we will know the actual situation of this car: the apparent mileage is 71,000 KM, the factory date is May 2013, and the seller's quotation is 52,000 yuan.

Compared with the classic models, the whole appearance can be said to have changed a lot. Personally, I like the classic models best, but I don't feel ugly when I look at 12 models, but I feel younger and more energetic.

Today, the customer of this car said that he would buy it to practice his hands. Isn't this just a driver's license? Tell everyone quietly: the customer is a graduate who has just finished the college entrance examination!

Check the front of the car and record that the front bumper is dented and the paint has fallen off. It is found that the front bumper has been repaired once before it is damaged, and it can be seen that the paint in the damaged part is overlapped.

Next, hurry to see if the cover is injured. Fortunately, the part of the cover is normal. There are only sunlight lines on the surface of the paint. The characteristic of white paint is that fine lines are not as direct as black, but it will also dim the surface of the paint, just like days, and it will be dull after all.

The right front door is slightly filled with putty and painted. It is judged that it may have been hit by a stone, or my ex-girlfriend carved XXX with a knife to return my first night! This kind of debt collection font, so in order to fill up the pit when repairing, I added a little more.

There is also an obvious scratch on the rear bumper, but it is not as damaged as the front bumper and leaks black plastic. It only needs polishing in the later stage, and the problem is not big. The paint of the whole car has a front bumper, and the right front door is repaired. The front and rear bars are damaged by rubbing.

Came to the engine compartment, this is a 1.6 machine, which is enough for normal household use, but I personally like the 2.0-displacement Focus. What? High fuel consumption? Isn't it worth spending that little money to drive a car that doesn't drive the same car at all? Next, let me show you if there is anything wrong with the engine compartment.

Coming up is the point! The fixing screw connecting the front end of the longitudinal beam and the energy-absorbing box has no disassembly trace. If this screw is moved, it is not a minor problem, or it will be repaired in a major project, or there will be an accident in front, and other special circumstances are rare!

The date of the label of the car lamp is normal. As I said before, the replacement can be confirmed if the date is abnormal. If the date is normal, it is necessary to observe whether the car lamp body is replaced later.

When the fuse box is opened, there is a thin layer of dust floating inside, and each fuse is not burnt out, and no wiring harness is installed, which meets the normal standards. Some bubble cars may not be replaced.

Next, check whether the engine and the accessories around the engine body are abnormal or disassembled for maintenance. This is the practical knowledge that a qualified inspector should have. After all, the current condition of a car is not just the frame.

Open the oil filler to observe the internal situation of the engine. The engine is well maintained. The oil has no emulsifying phenomenon. Put some on your finger and grind it to determine that the oil has a little impurity. It can still be used normally. No disassembly and maintenance are found, and the valve cover has not been removed.

Looking through the gap in the intake manifold to see that the fixing screws are not removed, the space for observation from this angle is not ideal, and it is even more difficult to take photos. Don't you give me a compliment?

The generator has not been disassembled, and the front belt has not been cracked. Some customers will ask when this belt will be replaced. Let's talk about it here: because each manufacturer has different requirements for belt specifications and suppliers, and the car environment and habits are different, there is no completely fixed period. It is the safest and safest way to let the repairman check every maintenance.

Check the interior. The red seat cover at the back makes the dark interior a bit weird, but the ventilation and protection are good. Even my big BOSS can't escape the comfort and ventilation temptation of the cloth seat cover on his own car leather seat cover.

The steering column is slightly rusted, which is normal. When washing the car, the foot pad was put on the car before the water dried, and the evaporation of water vapor would cause the cast iron parts in the car to rust. Check that there is no abnormality around, and then go ~

The date of seat belt is normal, and the factory date of the accessories and the whole car of this kind of walking car is generally only 1-2 months ahead of schedule, so you should pay attention to the gap of one year.

When I come to the trunk, I mainly look at whether I have been chased, and secondly, I have been dealing with used cars for a long time. When I open the trunk, I will know the overall situation, but the test must be detailed and complete. This is also responsible for customers and businesses, but also for myself. Otherwise, I will have to bear the responsibility if something goes wrong.

Look at the cooperation between the rear bumper and the rubber sealing strip, which is very linear and natural. At the same time, it will leave traces that are easy to ignore, so it is necessary to observe this place.

Open the cover plate of the spare tire and check the spare tire pit. The tire hair is still there. It's really good. After checking the rear fender, no problems were found in the solder joints of the rear longitudinal beam. On the contrary, it was found that Changan Ford was still able to do the internal work. However, some Mondeo or winning workers may have messed up the brand before

After the interior inspection, I came to the main driver to start the vehicle for functional inspection, and the mileage was 7.1W No suspicion of meter adjustment was found yet. The battery light was always on after the fire, and it was preliminarily judged that it was a generator problem.

The engine runs smoothly, and there is a delay in refueling. This is a problem of adjustment. The functional tests in the car are all normal, except that the air outlet blade of this air conditioner has fallen off. Just remove it and reinstall the adjusting mechanism inside. It is not a big problem.

After the car is parked, use OBD computer to test it. After all, the instrument has fed back the fault code, and the test result is consistent with my judgment. It is recommended to repair the generator circuit. If the circuit is ok, the generator assembly needs to be replaced, and the total cost is about 400 yuan.

The next step is a road test. This kind of car is really fun to drive manually. The chassis is very solid, the speed increase is also very linear, there is no deviation and abnormal noise in the direction, the brakes are sensitive, and the ABS intervention is successful. I didn't know where I spent my money in Chang 'an until I tried Fox. I spent it in an invisible place. Well, now every car company knows: people who buy cars only look at face-saving things, and casually engage in lining.

After the road test, I was led by the seller to a repair shop and put it on the shelf. The chassis was raised, but there was a little more underground oil. I had to step by step, step by step, to prevent it from slipping ~

When I got up, I found that the lid on the rear bumper was missing. I only knew that someone had stolen the car logo and someone had laid hands on the trailer lid. A colleague of mine woke up in the morning and found that his trailer lid was lost. Later, a person next to him leaned over and said, Dude, your lid is missing? Colleague: Yes, how could this thing fall off? Passerby: What a coincidence! I lost mine, too ... Colleague's expression:

It is convenient to observe the position of the engine gearbox without a guard, and it is clear at a glance. No oil leakage or water leakage is found after one inspection, and the machine has not moved, and suddenly there is no sense of accomplishment ... but this is a good thing for customers!

Check that the brake pads are replaced and worn by two fifths, while the brake discs are not replaced and worn normally. It's not bad. You can just use the car without spending money when you get back.

After checking the four shock absorbers, no oil leakage or replacement was found. When buying a second-hand car, you should consider the cost of repairing the damaged parts in the later period. If you are not psychologically prepared for this, I advise you not to buy a second-hand car.

Check that the front of the tire is a new tire that has just been replaced, and the back is the original tire, which is in line with the kilometers shown on the table. When the customer is detected, he says, does this mean that I have saved money on two tires? I gave him a positive look.

The rear anti-collision beam has not been removed, and there are no abnormalities in the rear fender and spare tire groove, which is consistent with the inspection of the upper part of the car body. The chassis that I am satisfied with has not been rubbed. It seems that the road conditions of the former owner in using this car are good.

It's finished when the car was detected. After telling the customer about the car condition, the customer expressed satisfaction. After the generator explained clearly to the customer again, the customer chatted with me and learned that his parents wanted to buy him a new car at that time, and he thought that it was unnecessary for the students who graduated from a high school to devalue when they got it. Second, he felt distressed when his driver's license was touched. Most importantly, he was a die-hard fan of our car inspector, who paid attention to us for a long time and thought that he was relieved to have us buying a used car. That's why we have today's test. Finally, he said that he would drive this car to take the girl he liked at school to go on road trip during the summer vacation. Me: Brother, you have to treat me to dinner after you get it. Customer: I have to!

That's all for today's testing homework. Brother Monaco, I have to go to the repair shop to install an air conditioner part-time. After all, it's summer, so I can make money by repairing the air conditioner. If your air conditioner is not cold and needs to be installed, please contact us to arrange it!

Finally, if you want to buy your favorite used car and need to test and identify the car condition or have car-related problems, please search WeChat "Car Checker". We can solve the problem for you. Car Checker is willing to be your friend who knows the car best!

Like it, like it, and spray it if you don't like it. I repair cars more, read less, and write badly, so everyone will bear with me. If you are as optimistic about the future of the used car industry as we are, or you also want to have an housekeeping skill, then you can pay attention to us! You can also learn from the teacher

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