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Seclon sr400gy-2 (Seclon zs400gy)

In March, the announcement of the new car of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology arrived as scheduled. This time, in addition to the new car that everyone has been paying attention to for a long time, there are several new cars that attract people's attention, one of which has a displacement of as high as 1250 ml. The brand of this super-upgraded V-cylinder cruise is called Benling, which is designed and manufactured by a factory in Shanghai.

From the appearance point of view, the low-lying shape is matched with the exposed frame and the huge super-upgraded V-cylinder, which makes it look quite fierce. According to the published data, it is equipped with a 1250ml V-type twin-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 70kW, and the manufacturer of this engine is Benling Motorcycle.

It has a curb weight of 310kg and a wheelbase of 1,700mm. The front wheel is 18-inch wheel hub with a tire width of 130, and the rear wheel is 18-inch wheel hub with a tire width of 310. This configuration is not about cornering maneuverability, but linear cruise is the correct way to open it. My only concern is the durability of these new brands.

In this announcement, I also saw the side three-wheel version of Qianjiang Flash 300. The appearance of the whole vehicle is quite beautiful, and I have to say that Qianjiang really knows the whole job. It is still equipped with the 296ccV twin-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 22.6 kW. However, there is no anti-lock braking device added to this side tricycle. At present, there are few side tricycles with entertainment properties in China. The addition of this flash 300-side tricycle is also a new choice for riders who like to have a beard.

This Sekelon SR400-2 is not difficult to see from its appearance. It is designed in a retro style. From the data point of view, it should be equipped with the parallel two-cylinder 401cc engine of RC401, with a maximum power of 33kW and a curb weight of 185 kg, and equipped with ABS as standard.

Secco Yami Hunting Edition is also in this announcement, and its appearance is still small and lovely. With large-diameter 17-inch spoke wheels, it is full of game. The curb weight of 102kg can be easily played by a young lady, and the single-cylinder 120ml engine can output the maximum power of 6.5kW..


Just when I was looking forward to this cute little girl with joy, I suddenly found another similar model named Hylander. Let's see if it looks like it, but its curb weight is 120kg, and its maximum power is 6kW.

Zongshen also has a 125cc retro cruise that also caught my attention. It is highly recognizable in appearance. The 124cc engine can output 5.8kW. The most interesting thing is that there are no gear levers and brake pedals on both sides of the pedal, so it seems that it should be an easy-to-control stepless speed change cruise.

After the endless hardcore ADV650DS, the double-cylinder LX500-X is finally coming. The shape continues the style design of 650DS, equipped with its own 494cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, which can output the maximum power of 41kW, and the curb weight is 198kg as standard ABS.

Compared with the hard-core 650DS, LX500-X is obviously more adaptable.

In the announcement, LX500-X also has an original three-box version, which will save a lot of trouble for motorcycle friends. At present, the starting price of 650DS is 43,800. How much do you think the LX500-X will be?

The following Bobber-style cruise car has a resounding name called Recidi. Powered by Chunfeng 650 parallel twin-cylinder engine. When I didn't see the picture, my first reaction was that it wasn't another imitation of Ducati. But after seeing the pictures of the new car, my old waist almost didn't flash. There is a Cady in the name, but the car is a replica of the triumph Bobber. Look at the logo on the fuel tank. Does it look like a triumph design?


This time, Bimota is here again. Note that Bimota is not a real Italian Bimota. He was founded in Italy in 1973. Although the output is not much, they are all works of art.

Authentic Bimota

Bimota Tesi H2

This time, it brought two pedals, one is BMT350T-3D, which is large in size and fighting in appearance.


The other is the small BMT250T-2D with retro style. Both cars are equipped with a 250cc engine made by Zongshen, with a maximum power of 18.5kW. The difference is that the 3D curb weight is 174kg, the wheelbase is 1580mm, the 2D curb weight is 140kg, and the wheelbase is 1390mm. But I always think these two cars are particularly familiar. Who do you look like?

For this kind of fake brand-name behavior of touching porcelain, the author feels too shameful. This behavior is no different from the "Leibi" in the beverage industry. The reason why a famous brand is a famous brand is that people have their own core technology and innovative ability to explore constantly. With the excellent quality of products, they have been unanimously recognized by users, and it is after years of unremitting efforts that they have won the honor of a famous brand. Don't think that by registering the same name, you can cover up the behavior of "touching porcelain". Isn't it better to spend more time on building a car in a down-to-earth manner and improving the quality than this kind of crooked mind?

Have you seen those fake famous brands?

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