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Lexus 570 (Lexus 570 quotation and picture price)

Speaking of lexus LX570, I believe everyone must be familiar with it. LX570 can be called the pioneering work of luxury full-size sport utility vehicles. When the first generation models landed in the North American market 25 years ago, they attracted the attention of consumers and car enthusiasts, and were widely recognized by the market.

There are even more jokes on the Internet, such as "Hedong in 30 years, Hexi in 30 years, and you must buy 57 in 30 years" and "57 is like me, reliable and safe", which shows the position of lexus LX570 in people's minds. Moreover, there is no LX570 in the standard market, and it is only imported in parallel. In large-displacement hard-core off-road vehicles, LX570 has also become an only child. In the future, both Toyota Land Patrol and the new LX600 will be 3.5T six-cylinders, so it is rare to have a real hammer.

At present, the LX570 imported in parallel is mainly sold in the Middle East, the Plus Edition and the American Edition, among which the Middle East version has a limited edition of S, and the limited edition of S Obsidian, Obsidian Edition, Platinum Edition, Sport Plus and Super Sports; There are standard, obsidian and sports car sources in the additional edition; The main sources of American cars are eight-seat luxury bags and sports bags.

In terms of price, at present, the price quoted by platform car dealers is around 169.8 ~ 260 watts, which is relatively stable compared with LX600, and even some time ago, it did not fall but rose.

As a luxury SUV, lexus LX570 is positioned as a flagship SUV, which has luxurious interior space, good comfort and excellent off-road performance. It is carefully equipped with many handling and braking control systems, which can provide more stable speed increase whether on the road or off-road. So what's the details? Let's take a look at it together in this issue ~

In terms of appearance, it is still a family style. The newly designed spindle air intake grille has an inverted Y-shaped internal texture and is blackened, which makes it look more three-dimensional and fierce, and enhances the visual impact of the front face.

Sharp LED headlights on both sides, the lighting effect is very eye-catching, with running water turn signals and headlights for cleaning; The L-shaped fog lamp also has high recognition, and the bumper under it makes it look more wild.

The side of the car body is very tough and domineering, and the shape is also very square, which is in line with its own positioning. It is also equipped with aluminum luggage rack and aviation lighting pedals. The 21-inch wheel hub is very generous and practical, and it looks very beautiful.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 5070×1980×1910mm and the wheelbase is 2850 mm respectively. Eight-seat models are also provided, and the nickname "Big 57" is well-deserved.

The tail shape is square and tough, and the LED taillights with open corners on both sides echo the front face, and with the canard-shaped tail at the top, the vehicle recognition is further enhanced.

The tail is externally equipped with a trailer hook, and the exhaust layout of bilateral double outlets is arranged below, plus a 5.7-liter large-displacement engine, which can provide a carefree driving experience.

Compared with the appearance, the interior of LX570 is slightly dull. The mahogany interior is matched with top-grade leather and uses a lot of high-quality materials. Compared with the domineering appearance, it mainly reflects the sense of luxury; The 12.3-foot central control panel is flat, and the exquisitely shaped Shi Ying clock is embedded in the air outlet of the bottom air conditioner. The dashboard on the left is still fully mechanical, with a 4.2-inch integrated information display.

Mark Levinson's top audio system with 19 speakers and double 11.6-inch entertainment information screens in the back row are all standard in the whole system, creating a comfortable and luxurious driving atmosphere.

In terms of seats, lexus LX570 Semi-Aniline top leather chair brings more luxurious and comfortable riding quality. The unique seat design enables the second row of seats to be easily folded with one hand only by pulling the lever easily, and the third row of two-stage electric folding seats allows the owner to complete diversified interior space configuration within a snap of his fingers.

Of course, there are many high-tech configurations, such as head-up display, keyless entry, keyless start, adaptive cruise, 360-degree ring shadow and so on.

In terms of power, lexus LX570 not only explains what is a luxury full-size SUV, but also explains what is strong power and off-road strength. An 8-cylinder 5.7-displacement naturally aspirated engine with a maximum output of 367Ps and a peak torque of 530N·m is matched with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 14.7 liters. Surprisingly, this V8 engine can digest 92 # gasoline and optimize the fuel economy.

As an off-road vehicle, this generation LX570 adopts the exclusive non-loaded body of hard-core off-road vehicle, and is equipped with the world's first adjustable suspension system of AHC and AVS, and an advanced automatic climbing control system. When driving at high speed, AHC system can reduce the front wheel position by 20 mm and the rear wheel position by 15 mm, so as to reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle and improve the comfort. In the off-road driving state, AHC system can automatically raise the front wheel position of the car body by 50 mm and the rear wheel position by 60 mm, thus improving the passing capacity of the vehicle.

The LX570 is also equipped with an automatic climbing control system. When the vehicle runs on the road surface such as rain, snow, rocks, sand, or steep slopes, which requires the driver to adjust the speed slightly, the system will automatically control the engine speed, power output and braking force to maintain a stable low-speed driving. Not only that, but also the differential locking device will be started at the same time to avoid slipping. With the blessing of classic mechanical structure and modern black technology, this "Big 57" can take you across mountains and seas with no effort.


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