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Top with Bumblebee sports car price (Bumblebee with sports car quotation)

Speaking of "Bumblebee", everyone will definitely think of its original model-Chevrolet Camaro, which, as a muscle sports car once equipped with V8 engine, is also famous all over the world. However, the past will eventually become history, and in September this year, Chevrolet launched the "Bumblebee" version of the SUV-Xingmailuo, and its appearance attracted the attention of many netizens, and also said: "Chevrolet finally produced a car that can be bought." Then, let's take a look at the product strength of Chevrolet Camaro.

First of all, Xingmailuo is a compact SUV with a price range of 139.9-164.9 thousand yuan. Not only that, but there are different preferential policies in some areas. Even the top model only needs 149.9 thousand yuan after preferential treatment.

In terms of appearance, Chevrolet Star Milo also perfectly inherits Comalo's sporty atmosphere, the sharp rib design at the hood and the layered layout of the front enclosure still present a familiar "muscle sense" and "strength sense". The blackened air intake grille adopts a design language with a strong sense of three dimension, and the blackened sports kit will also be the Chevrolet logo; The logo has been blackened, thus creating a strong sports atmosphere. In addition, the shape of split lamp group on both sides is also the trend of car-making technology today. The narrow daytime running lights are embedded in it, but they are better integrated with the front of the car, making the front face look fierce and have an innate sense of oppression.

From this point of view, it is also a real blow to the positioning of Star Milo's coupe sports utility vehicle. Of course, for today's era of "fashionable sports for all cars", Chevrolet, as a brand that produced sports cars very early, still has a "place" in sports sense. The line design on the side of the car outlines the familiar muscular feeling, and the slip-back roof line and the rough wheel eyebrow design all give people a full-fledged coupe sport utility vehicle posture. In addition, the traditional split taillights have a sharp shape, and the sharp light group has also been blackened. With the full shape design of the upper rear, the sense of strength is completely released.

Entering the car, the overall design of Chevrolet Camaro is very in line with the needs of consumers to win the United States, but the brand-new design language still exudes a familiar "taste". The layered center console creates a very strong fighting atmosphere, and the embracing cockpit design also brings a radical driving environment to drivers. The double screen layout of the same size further creates a good scientific and technological atmosphere. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a variety of intelligent interconnection functions such as car CarPlay, OTA upgrade, GPS navigation system and road rescue service.

In terms of seat configuration, Chevrolet Camaro provides seat configurations made of fabric, leather mix and match, and imitation leather, and all other models are equipped with front electric adjustment and lumbar support, and some models are also equipped with front seat ventilation and heating function. In terms of ride space, the width of Chevrolet Camaro is 1823mm and the wheelbase is 2,700 mm. From the book parameters, its overall space performance is not bad.

Finally, in terms of power, it is also a highlight of the Stellar. Compared with Chevrolet's previous models, the Stellar has achieved a standard 1.5T powertrain at the same time when it was sold at 139,900 yuan. It has a good power performance. Although the maximum power of 135kW and the power parameters of 250N·m are not strong, it is indeed a great progress for Chevrolet, and it also makes netizens ridicule: "Chevrolet! In addition, in terms of car body safety, Chevrolet's ratio of high-strength steel to ultra-high-strength steel reached 76%, thus reducing the weight of the car body and greatly improving the rigidity of the whole car. However, in terms of chassis suspension, the Star Mile is equipped with a low-cost front McPherson rear trailing arm torsion beam independent suspension. Although it is normal for such a suspension structure to appear on compact SUV vehicles, its overall comfort will be inferior to some models in its class when the phenomenon of involution is quite serious.


At the end of the writing, the appearance of Chevrolet Star Mira not only gave consumers a brand-new view of Chevrolet, but also made the overall excellent product performance become the first choice of many young people. The familiar "muscle sense" and the sense of belonging to Chevrolet reminded most people of their "dead youth", which perfectly applied the characteristics of the classic two-door sports car Camaro, thus once again showing a good sports atmosphere. Generally speaking, Chevrolet Camaro shows the product strength that this price should have in terms of appearance, interior and power. The fashionable interior layout without losing sports genes stimulates the driver's strong driving desire, but the fly in the ointment is its suspension structure. So, in the end, do you think the Chevrolet Camaro can become a popular model in its class?

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