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How to choose rowing boat 250 and ct300 (how to choose rowing boat 250 and ct250)

Within 30,000, Like 318, Sanyang Jiumei /F, Guangyang Rowing CT300, which one is more worth having?

This is a question left by a cyclist backstage. His description is like a title.

It seems that this cyclist wants to choose a medium and large scooter, and has basically seen all the models within 30,000. So which car is more worth choosing under this demand?

In fact, this problem is directly related to personal needs besides the performance of the models themselves, because these scooters mentioned by the subject have outstanding characteristics and some shortcomings at the same time, in other words, there are no absolutely perfect models among them.

Therefore, I only use my personal judgment to leave a model for the reference of the subject by way of elimination.

The first of these models that I will eliminate will be Guangyang CT300, because compared with CT250, this car has not much bright spot except expensive price, and its disadvantages are also very prominent with the appearance of Sanyang Jiumei F.

For example, the current price of this CT300 is 29,800 yuan, and its configuration is not absolutely rich at this price list. In addition, the dynamic performance of this car is very inconsistent with its displacement of 300 ml. The maximum power of the engine it carries is only 17.1 kW, which is only a little larger than its own CT250. So I don't vote it out. Vote who out?

The next thing that needs to go out is the Ricker 318. This car currently has two displacements, and the subject should say 300cc. In fact, the characteristics of this car are very prominent. First of all, his workmanship is not as bad as we thought, but it will also teach some so-called well-known brands a lesson.

Secondly, the face value of this car is very eye-catching. It is hard for us to imagine that this is the appearance designed by our own brand. Moreover, its configuration is very rich, especially under the premise of price advantage, which is also commendable.

However, the brand awareness of this car is not high, and the stability of the engine level may be inferior to that of the platform model, which makes the competitiveness of this car obviously insufficient, so it takes courage to choose this car at this stage. Of course, if you have an indifferent attitude and just want to ride your favorite scooter, I also recommend this Powered 318. However, it can only leave in front of many bosses.

Who will I eliminate from the remaining two models? Take a break for the time being, and please write down the models you don't like in the comment area. Let's see how high the tacit understanding will be.

Sanyang Jiumei and Jiumei F, in Sanyang's own words, have no competitive relationship. They are more of an intimate relationship with complementary advantages and coordinated operations. Therefore, putting them in a ring is actually a bit unorthodox than fighting to the death.

Because Sanyang Jiumei advocates the sports cruising style, while Jiumei F emphasizes the practicality of flat floor. The former is a chic life, and the latter is a hard work, so it is not necessarily possible to play together.

However, if we have to choose between these two models, I can only regret to say that Sanyang Jiumei will have a greater chance of being eliminated, because with the increase of the price, the advantage of this car in cost performance has been greatly reduced.

Besides the advantages in price, Sanyang Jiumei F will also have double highlights in power performance and basic configuration. After all, the power of this car has been enhanced, and the popular TCS wheel anti-skid system has been integrated on the basis of conventional configuration, which makes this car have the characteristics of sufficient power and more comprehensive configuration. Combined with its flat floor design, it will be both practical and cost-effective.

Among the above four models, I personally feel that at present, the newly listed Sanyang Jiumei F will be more worthy of choice. Of course, there are preconditions for choosing this car, and we must accept its grafting performance in appearance.

All in all, if these four models are introduced in a single way, they will have characteristics. Even the first eliminated CT300 will have its advantages in body structure and appearance, but I personally prefer Sanyang Jiumei F in the final choice. So in front of the screen, which car do you think is more worth choosing? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

I am "Knight Sharing", thank you for your attention, like and forward!

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