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Highway women pee their pants (highway pee their pants)

Just past the May Day holiday, I wonder if you drove out of go on road trip and got on the expressway. Many friends who drove in go on road trip during May Day, especially those who went on a long trip, had the same complaint, that is, the expressway was too blocked. Everyone may want to take advantage of the high-speed free, and it is a season suitable for travel. The traffic volume of high-speed vehicles is much larger than usual. Fortunately, Xiaobian didn't join in this excitement. He just drove around and didn't go to the high speed.

Speaking of the problem of high-speed congestion, it has actually been much better in recent years. In most areas, except for the congestion just started on April 29 and a few hours before the expiration of the free time on May 3, the traffic situation is relatively smooth at other times. According to statistics, the average length of high-speed congestion during the peak travel period during May Day is about 20 minutes to five hours, which is still acceptable. However, in popular tourist areas, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the congestion delay is as long as 8.5 hours, and the data is also very exaggerated.

Although it is much better than gambling for more than ten hours in previous years, eight hours is also very difficult. Private car drivers are out of experience and basically bring food and drink in their cars, but people have three emergencies. What should I do in case they need to go to the toilet in a hurry, especially the female drivers and friends who are stuck in the high speed.

It's easy for male drivers to say that they can just take a bottle and solve it in the car. Some people also know to take the bottle to the service area and throw it away. Some people don't pay attention to it, just throw it under the high-speed guardrail and everything will be fine.

However, female drivers are relatively troublesome. Here, Xiaobian can only feel that the method is always more difficult, people are forced to be anxious, and their wisdom is always endless. No, many people have come up with various ways to deal with traffic jams at high speed. Although some of them are too simple and rude, they are better than holding back or even peeing their pants.

First of all, there are all kinds of convenient urinals and emergency urinals sold online. It is recommended that friends who travel frequently have one in their cars. There are various styles, suitable for adults and children, and specially designed for women. You can choose the type you need according to the common passengers of the vehicle.

Some friends asked, do you still need to buy it for children? When driving, I really meet my child's urgency. Pull over and let the child solve it anywhere. Why spend that money?

If you are driving on the following road, of course, this way is ok, as long as it is not a no-stop area, but on the highway, don't be careless. If the high-speed traffic is smooth, you can drive normally. It is stipulated that you are not allowed to park casually. If you are caught in violation of regulations, you will lose the 200 yuan of 9 points, because the relevant regulations have clearly stated that urgency of urination does not belong to the category of high-speed emergency parking. Those high-speed parking on the Internet that urinate for children are lucky or not photographed. Once photographed, the punishment is affirmative.

Therefore, the method of preparing the urinal can be done once and for all, and it is very convenient for adults and children, or for parking in traffic jams.

What if there is a traffic jam at high speed and the female driver has to solve personal problems and hasn't urinated yet? Many female friends really have no choice but to solve it on the spot, but it is still a bit embarrassing not to take shelter measures.

If you have a family and friends who are traveling, you can stand in a circle around and take clothes to block it. As long as you can't see it, you can be much less embarrassed.

If a person travels alone and there are bushes beside the highway, he can climb over the railing and go to the Woods to solve it, or there is usually a spare umbrella in the car, which is really unbearable. Open the umbrella to cover it. Some netizens also provided their own experience. There is an electric raincoat in the car, which is tightly covered and a mask. It is not embarrassing at all. It is simply awesome.

If there is none of this, finally put a big move, it is really impossible to wrap your head and use blankets and clothes. Anyway, you can't see it yourself, and it is others who are embarrassed.

About driving at high speed, I am afraid of encountering three emergencies, and I have some experiences to share with you. If the driving distance is long and the service area along the way is not close, and I am not sure whether there will be traffic jams, then I must drink less water before going out, and I can eat more biscuits and dried fruit puffed food, which can absorb water in the human body. Although it will make me feel thirsty, it is much better than going to the toilet. Don't drink water.

When you meet the service area, whether you want to go to the toilet or not, you should go there once and seize every opportunity to empty your body. After all, parking at high speed is too expensive to solve personal problems, so don't try it easily.

Do you have any experience with this kind of problem? Please leave a message in the comment area to share.





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