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Haojue dr300 sound (Haojue dr300 sound good-)

On September 19th, 2020, the ultimate contest of middleweight streetcars in the Expo will definitely be Excelle's 321R and Qianjiang's Chasing 350, both of which are streetcars, with the same double cylinders and similar displacement.

Chase 350

Excelle 321

Haojue DR300

Many details of Qianjiang Chasing 350 have not been announced yet. Qianjiang has done a good job in keeping secrets. From the appearance, it can only be seen that it is similar to Benagli 302, and the frame is the same. The flat snakehead headlights are the most eye-catching place. Together with the V-shaped light eyebrows and fuel tank side panels, it has formed an aggressive family face. For the time being, it can be called "Chasing 350" for the new car. Qianjiang has always been a representative of good voice. It is estimated that this engine will also be a synchronous double cylinder, depending on how the vibration control is. The maximum power is 27kw, but after the displacement is increased by 50ml, the power has not exceeded 302, which is a bit unbelievable. The top speed of Benagli 302 can reach 174 kilometers. I believe the speed of this car will be even faster. After all, the displacement has increased. More details can only wait for the announcement of the Expo. Excelle 321R is one of the three masters of Excelle's Expo. It is said that this engine comes from a copy of Yamaha R3 and is also made by Longxin. Engine form: DOHC parallel double-cylinder water-cooled eight valves, maximum power: 30kw/ maximum torque: maximum speed: 180km/h. Front inverted damping, rear preload rebound adjustable braking system, single disc brake and standard anti-lock braking device. Car weight: about 170kg. If it comes from Longxin, there is still some strength in this engine.

After the two cars are released, they will form a real opponent with Haojue's dr300, and see what this trend will look like.

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