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High price (why is high price so expensive)

On August 26, 2022, at the just-opened Chengdu International Auto Show, Gaohe Automobile officially announced the official guide price of its second new car, Hip Hi Z. There are two new cars, with prices ranging from 610,000 yuan to 630,000 yuan. In addition, the optional price of the 22-inch forged flexible armor wheel of the new car is 20,000 yuan, and the optional part of the HiPhi pilot function suit is 30,000 yuan. The new car will be ordered and locked on October 1 and will be delivered at the end of 2022.

Gaohe HiPhi Z listedcar make and modelOfficial guide priceFive-seat editionSixty-oneFour-seat editionSixty-threeAika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

In terms of appearance, the design of Gaohe HiPhi Z is very futuristic. Although it adopts a body proportion similar to a sedan coupe, it seems to be coming from the future. The front part of the car adopts closed design with active air intake grille, which adopts breathable scale design, and PML headlights and ISD interactive lights similar to HIHIX are installed. With the second generation of PML programmable headlight system and star ring ISD light screen, it can realize the functions of projection, lamp language interaction and anthropomorphic effect.

The smooth roof line extends from the front of the car to the rear of the car, and the design of the car side is also full of sci-fi visual sense. ISD intelligent interactive light strip is added at the door, which can show the animation effect and the word "WELCOME" when the passengers approach, highlighting the sense of ceremony and showing the smart side of the new car. The tail of HiPhi Z is full, and the penetrating taillights further extend the visual width of the tail. The taillights also add the function of ISD intelligent interactive lighting strip, and the all-round intelligent interactive lighting system can form linkage. The appearance of the liftable tail wing further optimizes the aerodynamic design of the car body. In terms of body size, HiPhi Z has a length, width and height of 5036*2018*1439mm and a wheelbase of 3150 mm.

In terms of interior, the new car also adopts a very sci-fi design. The traditional LCD instrument panel is completely replaced by HUD head-up display, and a group of "mechanical arms" are added behind the central control panel, which allows the central control panel to freely realize displacement and rotation, and the sense of ceremony and technology is instantly filled. The steering wheel of the new car is designed with two spokes, which makes it look very different through the outline of lines. The new car also uses "colorful fabric", which is similar to peacock feathers, and its color will show different colors with the change of lighting. HiPhi Z continues the design of NT opposite door, and NT door has the functions of electric suction and electric opening. In terms of driving assistance, HiPhi Z is equipped with 32 sensors including lidar, using NVIDIA Orin-X chip.

In terms of power, HEHI HI Z is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 120kWh. With CTP packaging technology, the cruising range under CLTC conditions can reach 705km. As a high-performance car, HIHIZ adopts the front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension, which can provide better dynamic performance for HIHIZ.

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