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Apulia gpr250rr Double Cylinder (Apulia gpr250rr Double Cylinder)

If you mention Apulia's 250ml displacement two-cylinder motorcycle, old riders who are familiar with motorcycles may think of RS250, which has been proved to be the last and best 2-stroke street running motorcycle. Although 2-stroke motorcycles are still attractive to many people, it is not realistic at present. Although Apulia plans to launch a 250-displacement motorcycle from the outflow data, although it is not a two-stroke motorcycle, it is very likely that it will still adopt the classic name of RS250. Let's take a look at it together.

Judging from the rendering of computer aided design, the new engine is a double camshaft and double cylinder engine, which is different from the previous one in that it adopts a central cam drive between cylinders. Although this design has appeared in other brands, overall, the structural design of this engine is not a common design idea. .

But unlike the two brands mentioned above, Apulia's design is likely to use chains instead of gears. Why does it use a central cam drive? It may be to obtain a more compact engine cylinder head, or it may be to reduce the chance of twisting the camshaft and crankshaft, but no matter which one we guess, giving up the traditional engine cylinder cam layout is largely in pursuit of higher speed or dynamic performance.

This engine is specially designed for super sports cars, and the patent has been registered in Zongshen-piaggio's domestic joint venture company. The car with the new engine will replace the GPR250R in Zongshen piaggio and be renamed GPR250RR, which will not only meet the latest European emission regulations, but also be sold in the domestic market at the same time, with a power of 40 HP. Moreover, according to some information from Apulia, a special card track version will be launched in the future, and Orins shock absorbers and Brannbo brake calipers will be adopted. The key point is that the car of the special card version only weighs in the early 100kg.

Back to the GPR250RR itself, its direct competitors in the world will be the R3 of Yamaha, the CBR250RR of Honda and the ZX-25R of Kawasaki. Although the power is not as good as the 55 horsepower of the RS250 car 20 years ago, it is also a small steel gun in today's market. In addition, this engine will also launch the Tuonuo car in the future. As the layout of Apulia facing the entry market, it is expected.

Do you think such a 250-displacement 40-horsepower locomotive is competitive? Welcome to leave a message to discuss and share.

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