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According to the latest data of the Federation of Passenger Cars, in 2021, domestic passenger cars sold a total of 20.146 million new cars, an increase of 4.4% compared with the year-on-year epidemic in 2020, and the situation is still quite good. While the market as a whole is improving, the luxury brands in it are doing better, with the achievement of 2.663 million vehicles increasing by 5.3% compared with 2020.

Through these data, we can still see that Chinese people's enthusiasm for buying luxury cars is still very high. Such a high enthusiasm, all poured into those luxury cars? Today, Jiang Ge will combine the sales of high-end models of the Association, and come with everyone to see which luxury cars have been "bought" by Chinese people?

1. BMW 5 Series

Guide price: 42.89-55.19 million

Sales volume in 2021: 171,000

The number one is the BMW 5 Series, which should be unexpected to many people. After all, the 5 Series is not a cheap luxury car, and the market discount is less than that of Audi A6L and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The more expensive it is, the better it sells. Is it that E-class and A6L can't carry knives, or are Chinese people too rich?

In Jiang Ge's view, winning the 5 Series may be related to the sufficient chips and the assists brought by the reduction of A6L concessions. The lack of core is the main theme of the automobile market in 2021, but the 5 Series has only been disturbed in the first half of the year, and there are always more vehicles than E-class and A6L in the second half of the year. Limited by the reduction of chips, the Audi A6L, which is famous for its big discount, has also tightened the discount. Originally, everyone saw A6L because of its cheap price. Now it is actually expensive, so naturally it will consider the 5 Series and E grade.

2. BMW 3 Series

Guide price: 29.39-39.88 million.

Sales volume in 2021: 170,000

The first one was taken by the 5 series, and the second one actually fell into the hands of the 3 series. It seems that BMW is the biggest winner in the luxury brand market this year. Moreover, it should be noted that the big sales of the 3 Series are also realized on the basis of less discounts. Other cars will have less sales with less discounts, but BMW will have more sales with less discounts. The attraction of the blue sky and white clouds cannot be underestimated!

It is worth mentioning that in the near future, BMW will also launch an electric version of the BMW 3 Series, namely the i3. Based on the new 3 Series, the new car uses a closed kidney design, equipped with BMW's self-produced drive motor, with a maximum power of 250kW, air suspension, a wheelbase of 2966mm and a battery life of 526kmNEDC. The data looks pretty good, but in the new energy field that doesn't pay so much attention to the aura of luxury brands, can it really sell well under the name of 3 Series?

Bmw i3

BMW i3 declaration information

3. Tesla Model Y

Guide price: 30.184-38.79 million

Sales in 2021: 169,000 vehicles

Although Tesla is not a luxury brand in terms of brand history and heritage, it is indeed a luxury brand in terms of car price, so it is not a big problem for us to regard Model Y as a luxury car. You know, Model Y was officially launched in January 2021. In just one year, it became one of the best-selling luxury cars. It seems that electrification is the shortcut to luxury.

Sales are good, but the performance of Tesla is controversial. I don't know the luxury SUV crown -Model Y, can this best-selling continue?

Model Y front suspension falls off.

4. Audi A6L

Guide price: 41.98-65.60 million.

Sales in 2021: 156,000 vehicles.

In the past, Audi models were able to rush into the top three, but this year it can only rank fourth. It can be seen that the narrowing of concessions has a great impact on Audi. But then again, in the past, price reduction could not get sales, and now there are still good sales without much price reduction, which is actually a good thing for Audi brand?

Just with the similar price, the product strength is stronger. SAIC Audi A7L goes on the market. Can Audi A6L really laugh?

Fortunately, FAW-Audi is not a vegetarian either. In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's declaration list, there is news of the new Audi A6L. The new car not only uses a double design, but also strengthens the 2.0T high-power engine to be equivalent to the A7L's 2.0T power. At that time, if the quantity is not increased, it will continue to sell well.

New Audi A6L

5. BMW X3

Guide price: 39.28-47.98 million

Sales in 2021: 149,000 vehicles.

It's another BMW. In the top five, BMW has already occupied three. Perhaps the "B" in BBA will become a BMW. In the past, the sales of BMW X3 often fell behind Audi Q5L and Mercedes-Benz GLC. How did it catch up and become the leader in 2021?

This is actually related to the mid-term change of X3 in the second half of 2021. When other BMW cars were reduced due to lack of cores, BMW X3 did the work of increasing the allocation. It not only added remote start, 12.3-inch central control panel, OTA upgrade, PM2.5 filter device and other functions to the car, but also increased the length of the car by 20mm, increased the engine torque to 300N·m, and reduced the price of the 30i car to be similar to that of the 28i model.

6. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Guide price: 43.99-544.2 million.

Sales in 2021: 141,000 vehicles.

Once the leader of luxury brands, now they can't even make it into the top five, even worse than Audi, and the sales volume is still down year-on-year. In this regard, does Big Brother Mercedes-Benz feel a little embarrassed? Of course, this so-called sales difference is compared with BMW 5 Series and Audi A6L.

In the eyes of Chinese people, Mercedes-Benz E-Class performance is still remarkable. Especially in March, 2021, Mercedes-Benz E-Class cancelled the 1.5T power that had been criticized for a long time, and refitted it with a 2.0T engine, which made many people call Mercedes-Benz finally kind.

7. Audi Q5L

Guide price: 396,800-487,000 yuan

Sales in 2021: 139,000 vehicles

The mid-term redesign was also completed this year, but unlike the BMW X3, whose sales increased, the Audi Q5L ushered in a decline in sales, which was slightly embarrassing. Fortunately, its decline was achieved on the basis of halving the discount. As far as the overall interests are concerned, Audi does not lose money.

It's understandable that there is less price reduction due to lack of core, but if there are enough follow-up chips, will Audi Q5L fall into the strange circle of price reduction and quantity demand again?

8. Mercedes-Benz GLC

Guide price: 39.98-47.12 million

Sales in 2021: 135,000 vehicles.

X3 and Q5L have all been redesigned, but Mercedes-Benz GLC remains the same. Even in this case, it can sell 135,000 vehicles and squeeze into the top ten best-selling luxury cars, which is already considered to be excellent. In 2021, it fell behind, but in 2022, it is very likely to become a turning-over year for GLC.

Because the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLC will be officially listed this year. According to the information released at present, the shape of the new generation GLC will become lower, and the interior may be in line with the S-class. As for the power, it is possible to equip the entry version with 1.5T while equipped with 2.0T. The change of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC can only be said to be mixed. Do you expect it?

A new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLC renderings

New generation Mercedes-Benz GLC interior spy photos

9. mercedes benz c level

Guide price: 32.52-37.22 million.

Sales in 2021: 130,000 vehicles

To say who is the hottest BBA model in 2021, the mercedes benz c class should have a name. As the first Mercedes-Benz model with a million S-class design, can it not be concerned by consumers? Therefore, this year, with the achievement of 130,000 cars, it has become one of the top ten luxury cars that the rich love most, and the mercedes benz c class is well deserved.

However, it is a pity that the C-level ranking is not high, far less than the competing product of the same level-BMW 3 Series, which has been reduced many times. Perhaps Mercedes-Benz should consider giving more discounts to Class C, otherwise it is estimated that it will be difficult to beat Series 3 again with 1.5T power.

10. Audi A4L

Guide price: 30.68-39.68 million

Sales in 2021: 121,000 vehicles.

In the first half of 2021, Audi A4L didn't even make it to the top ten, but by the end of the year, it was catching up and returning to the top ten with 121,000 vehicles. It seems that Audi is finally willing to give it the chip.

The chip is indeed available, but the discount, Audi A4L doesn't seem to be very powerful, which may be the reason why it can only be located at the tail of the crane. But then again, the sales volume of Audi A6L+Q5L+A4L is already more than that of Mercedes-Benz E-Class +GLC+C-Class. Should this be regarded as Audi's victory over Mercedes-Benz in the main sales level?

Write it at the end

From the above introduction, I believe that everyone can feel the strong dominance and appeal of BBA Top Three in the domestic luxury car market. As the only non-BBA model, Tesla Model Y is a long face for the brand.

In addition to the top ten luxury cars, there are also many cars that rank lower. For example, Li ONE, a domestic "luxury car" ranked 11th, won the second place in the monthly sales list at the end of the year for many times. If there is more time, it can't squeeze into the top ten. Who are you most optimistic about the above 10 hot-selling "luxury cars"? Welcome to pay attention to "car territory without borders", leave a message in the comment area below and share your views.

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