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April rsv4rf price (April rsv4rf price)

Don't worry, compared with Tim Cook's X's business methods, Apulia has a lot of sincerity. In the All-Star Event of Apulia held on March 23rd this year, Italian car manufacturer Apulia not only displayed all kinds of actual combat vehicles over the years, but also launched the limited edition of the 10th anniversary of RSV4 X to attract the attention of global car fans.

The RSV4 X has the same painting as RS-GP. In the 2018 Milan Motor Show, the RSV4X was upgraded in exhaust volume, and the top version of the large-scale fixed wing kit for working in the RF factory, the 1078c V4 engine, and the brand-new RSV4 not only have more powerful power, but also the aPRC system with electronic control. The adjustment was made by the competition department of Apulia. Compared with the 217 horses with the highest radio frequency version on the market, this RSV4 X directly looks at the maximum power output of 225 horses, and with the extremely horrible weight of 165 kilograms, Apulia claims that this work is the lightest and most powerful super sports motorcycle in the history of the car factory.

Boss, it's far more than the horsepower-to-weight ratio of one to one. Can this product really fly?

This limited edition is completely upgraded by the track, which is almost equal to the materials used by MotoGP factory cars.

There are many places worth seeing in the RSV4 X. First of all, in terms of gear allocation, the RSV4 X is also the only one that imitates the safety system adopted by the MotoGP racing car RS-GP, and the owner also enjoys the tour of the racing department of Apulia in Noale.

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