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The two most prosperous numbers of car numbers (the two most prosperous numbers of car numbers)

Everyone wants to have a good license plate number when a new car is settled in a second-hand car, but everyone has a different concept of the number. Today, I will introduce you to the perfect combination of letters and numbers.

① Overlapping number

Generally speaking, 2, 6, 8 and 9 are better numbers when choosing license plate numbers, but now they are all selected by computer. If you can get 111,888,999, you will earn it, but it takes some luck.

② Symmetry number

This kind of number is rare, such as 93K39 and Z262Z. Although this number is not as good as the Leopard number, it will feel a balance on the car, and the housing and urban development Department looks very tall. If there is no such symmetry, we can also consider partial symmetry, such as N808M.

③ Numbers with fewer letters

Less letters refers to the format with only one letter or pure numbers, and this number also needs some luck to meet. If we encounter this number, we should choose the one with these three numbers as far as possible according to the principles of 6, 8 and 9. Because it sounds smooth, too. For example, G6798 is definitely much better than 99G90.

④ The letters are continuous and at the beginning and end.

If it is a two-letter number segment, we should try to choose continuous letters in the I-box. This number plate looks very easy to remember, just remember two letters. Such as 727 nm and so on.

⑤ Numbers with personal significance.

Meeting your own birthday or wedding anniversary can also be considered. For example, if the wedding date is July 8, 1987, then you can choose the number of 8778, which will be more meaningful.

⑥ Try to avoid the combination of 2 and the letter B.

In China, due to the influence of network language, it is better to avoid the combination of 2 and B, as well as the equal section of junction box and half board and lodging.

Summary: If you want to get a good license plate number, you should first look at your luck. Secondly, you should observe whether the number segment is appropriate before choosing the number. Thirdly, you can choose it online through the traffic control application. This is also a good way.

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