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Is April gpr250 worth starting with (April gpr250 evaluation)

Zongshen Sai Kelon's grand opening drama came to an end in Chongqing! A new entry-level American cruise model,RA250Make a stunning appearance as a dark horse,17580 yuanOur price makes our competitors feel pressure, and at the same time, new users who have just entered the motorcycle circle see a more competitive new choice.

The entry-level market is the tacit direction of the major domestic motorcycle brands in recent years! Cruise models have become the new darling of the market because of their lower requirements for height and more friendly to novices. The competition in this market segment is very fierce, so many hot models have emerged.

Sekelon RA250 is the latest masterpiece of entry-level cruise model, and it has become a leader in this level in terms of appearance, configuration, performance and quality. So, how does RA250 stand out among competitors, and what are the selling points of this car?

Pure American cruise style

Cruising must be American, and both the brand and consumers agree with this view! Cruise models in the domestic market are deeply influenced by American brands, which is also reflected in the emergence of new models in recent years. Seclon RA250 won its essence, compared with other competitors at the same level, RA250' sAmerican style is more pure..

This statement is by no means nonsense. The picture above shows the classic 883 tough guy of Harley-Davidson, while the picture below shows the Sekelon RA250 from the same angle. By contrast, I believe you can easily find the similarities between the two cars. Although the displacement and size of RA250 are smaller, it also looks like a god.

Although the size of RA250 is not as big as Harley's, it is very stylish. This value stands out among the same-class models. For riders who like cruising models, good-looking and handsome appearance is an important factor in determining the final choice. After all, this category of models is more fashionable than who.

Obviously, the designer of Sekelon RA250 has captured the market demand and the aesthetic trend of consumers, and created a more attractive RA250 on the basis of RA2. This appearance has also brought the value of Sekelon RA series to a new height.

Configuration details show texture

Cruise can be retro, but it can't keep up with the times. This is the understanding of young people on retro cruise models! The mainstream entry-level retro models are basically equipped with LED headlight systems, and Sekelon RA250 is no exception. The round LED headlights, taillights and turn signals are more exquisite and modern.

Because of the brand-new man-machine triangle setting, RA250 abandoned the curved handle of RA2 and replaced it with a large flat handle with a more sporty feeling. With a longer wheelbase and a more forward pedal, RA250 has a more stretched riding posture.

The circular single tube instrument is simple but not simple, and the design of LED color instrument continues the style of RA2. The combination of white characters on a black background has higher recognition in the sun, and the most important speed, mileage and fuel quantity are placed in the most conspicuous position.

The drop-shaped fuel tank is exactly the same as Harley and other American cruise models, and the CYCLONE logo on both sides of the fuel tank is more wild in American style. Compared with RA2, the capacity of 15 liters is increased by two liters, which slightly improves the endurance level.

RA250 sports style stepped split cushion replaces the retro style caterpillar cushion on RA2. The new cushion is not only larger and more comfortable, but also adds some sports elements to make it younger. With a seat height of only 745mm, it can basically cover users with a height of 155c-180cm.

Shock absorption part, upright front shock absorption, equipped with rubber dust cover to show retro taste. Both ends of bilateral rear shock absorption adopt metal surfaces treated by similar CNC process to enhance the texture of details, and at the same time, rear shock absorption alsoHave adjustment function.

In the braking part, the front 300mm single disc brake is equipped with double-piston brake calipers, and the rear 240mm single disc brake is equipped with single-piston brake calipers. Both front and rear parts have ABS anti-lock function, which can easily meet daily riding.

The design of the hub also refers to Harley's style, and the all-black ten-spoke hub uses bright banners to show the texture. Chengyuan provides the vacuum tires for the front 110-80/18 and the rear 140-90/15. In addition, RA250 is equipped with a big brace to facilitate daily maintenance.

RA250 also has many lightweight materials used in places that are not easy to see, such as handlebars, connecting plates, headlight brackets, pedal shift levers, etc.Aluminum alloy material. Although it is not as conspicuous as the primary color of aluminum alloy, 163kg is enough to prove that these are not gimmicks.

GPR250R same engine

Although there is only a word difference between RA250 and RA2, the power platform is completely different, and the dynamic performance is far from each other. RA2 is equipped with PR250 air-cooled engine, while RA250 is PY250 water-cooled four-valve engine with FCC sliding clutch.

This engine is also used in various models such as Apulia GPR250R, and the maximum power on Seclon RA250 is


/9000rpm, the maximum torque is


/7000rpm, this set of data is also the mainstream level of domestic single cylinder 250. Compared with RA2,

The power is increased by 6.5kw and the torque is increased by 4Nm.

The performance improvement brought by PY250 power platform is self-evident.

What is the size of secolon RA250?

For RA2, RA250 is equivalent to an upgraded version. With a wheelbase of 1445mm and a length of 2159mm, the whole car looks more slender than the RA2. Stronger power, higher configuration, larger size and greater tolerance for height. How big is this tolerance? The following two pictures can be very intuitive.

Teacher Zhao, who is more than 180cm tall and weighs more than 70kg, is still very stretched after riding. Although Xiaobian is only 173cm, it can also control the RA250 very easily. For riders who like RA2 but think it is too small, the larger RA250 is well worth a try.

Although the size is large, RA250 is also very suitable for girls, and the seat height of 745mm can also give a full sense of security. With a curb weight of 163kg and a low center of gravity, girls will not feel too hard to ride or push.

Good face value configuration performance

Having said that, the highlights of Seclon RA250 are very intuitive. Yan value is a big selling point of RA250. Compared with competitors at the same level, RA250 has a higher Yan value and a younger color scheme. Performance is another highlight. The powerful GPR250R single-cylinder engine is comparable to the 300cc single-cylinder model, so riders who need power should not miss it. Finally, the price of 17,580 yuan is even more competitive for such a 250cc American cruise. Based on all aspects of the performance of Seclon RA250, is this car worth trying?

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