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Accord used car (Accord used car quotation and picture second-hand Accord price)

After graduating from college, I joined Renren and engaged in the used car industry. Because I like cars and like to study cars, I turned my hobby into a job or a career.

I buy a car very frequently, not upside down, just because I like it, and I have to have it if I like it. Maybe it will change in the future and become a livelihood.

Buying this car is also an accident, fate. I've always liked the Accord. I happen to have an aunt's car for sale, and my price is high, so it's mine. At that time, I still had two cars, LaVida and Bluebird. Since I have it, I don't like the top two.

The seven and a half generations accord is the most classic accord in my eyes. In 2006, my family bought my first car, Fukang 1.4, and my uncle bought Accord 2.4. From then on, I felt that there was a big gap between cars, and I didn't see much galloping at that time. Accord is synonymous with luxury cars.

This one of mine is a 2.4 heating version which was licensed in May 2006 and June 2007. The only difference between it and model 07 should be the lack of electric sunshade in the back row.

Like an 11-and-a-half-year-old car? It's easy to drive and comfortable.

The interior is so scary that I can't open my mouth when I want to find something wrong with the price.

The seat is hardly worn, which is probably the reason why the seat cover was used before, and the light-colored leather seat of Accord is relatively resistant to dirt. The 325i seat I am driving now is dirty and polished in a few days.

The back row is spacious enough, and the middle platform is not as high as the German car. Just driving, I haven't sat in the back row much, mainly because I don't have a girlfriend.

They say it's not bad to sit.

130,000 kilometers, red line 6500 turns, my own car, all on the red line.

When it was close to 5000 rpm, VTEC turned on and continued to go up. The explosive force and roar were fascinating.

The 11-and-a-half-year-old car has no wear on the gear head, the gear position is not loose, and the seat is heated and warm. In the recent weather, the seat was heated to a high-end position when it was on fire. Get off the bus and walk around the car twice to check the tires and the surrounding environment, and then set off warmly.

The car decoration shop opened by a friend is equipped with a driving recorder with reversing images and reversing radar, which is less than 600 yuan. After all, a car close to 5 meters is a necessary investment. Nice outfit. The rear bumper of the original car was replaced, but the radar was not installed after the replacement. I installed it together. The ordinary reversing radar is a call of several meters, such as 0.8 meters, 0.4 meters and 0.2 meters. Stop.

Only the expensive ones can be changed into drops. Although it is low, it is cheap!

Equipment that the original owner and I have never used once ...

The old car can't have any problems. The left front shock absorber leaks oil. It's easy to change a pair.

The original factory is too expensive, Taiwan Province OEM, the quality is good, 135 yuan each, very cheap, a pair of processing time is 380 yuan, really not expensive.

The big problem is coming. The focus is not on the 1350 balance bar installed in the 4S shop, but on this big heart. Honda is a car factory that buys engines to send cars, and most of them tend to turn high. If the old Honda is not well maintained or uses fake engine oil, the camshaft is easy to wear, and it is no problem to maintain it for 3.5 million kilometers. But the problem is that the original owner of my car was abroad for a long time in the later period, neglected to maintain it, and a little knocked on the cylinder ... dadada dadada.

Fortunately, 4S told me whether to fix it or not. If it doesn't break, it's just loud.

Therefore, you must pay attention when choosing a second-hand Honda car. Don't think it is a valve ringing. And Toyota Honda's used car, if the engine leaks and the screws have been moved, don't buy it.

By the way, it is normal for the 7 th generation Accord to burn oil slightly.

The Accord is a good car. No matter whether it's 8, 9 or 10 generations, it's more than 11 years old. There is almost no abnormal noise, and the fuel consumption is not too high. It's not bad, even if there are some minor problems, it's very cheap to repair. It is not only a used car, but also a loyal and reliable partner, bearing my vision for the future and everyone who gets up early and is greedy for the dark.

The Bluebird is sold, and the Accord is also sold. Next time, write about my sentimental car, E90 BMW 325i, straight to the essence. It may not be long before it is sold again ~

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