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Yamaha xmax300 price picture (Yamaha xmax300 official website quotation)

49,800 yuan-the price of the new XMAX will not change.

Yamaha's 2023 XMAX lived up to expectations and was officially listed in China today. To my surprise, the new XMAX actually maintained the sale price of the previous old model, which was also 49,800 yuan, but the configuration increased and the appearance style evolved.

Before Yamaha released the new XMAX in Taiwan Province, the price rose slightly, which is enough to show Yamaha's attention and sincerity to the mainland market.

Why XMAX has a very high popularity among the 300-class pedal in China lies not only in the blessing of Yamaha brand aura, but also in the fact that it has won the German Red Dot Design Award. Since its launch in 2005, XMAX series has enjoyed considerable sales in the global market. After its introduction to China in 2019, it has won the favor of domestic consumers with its luxury leisure travel setting, energy-efficient nuclear technology engine, TCS following acceleration slip regulation and super-large bucket space.

However, with the innovation of competing products, XMAX, which has not changed much for many years, has also ushered in evolution.

The overall design style of the 2023 XMAX is sharper, and the technology is further improved with the configuration upgrade. On the basis of providing a high-quality riding feeling, one part emphasizes the "style" in the Max family gene.

What changes have been made to the new XMAX?


X design elements, the front of the car has been greatly changed.

In fact, when you look at the new XMAX in 2023, your first attention will inevitably focus on the front of the car. The design concept of the new XMAX is "cohesive vitality". With this concept, the designer has made more bold changes and presented a more modern and sporty design. Its front face is more radical than the old one, and its visual tension is stronger.

The most prominent element of the new model is the "X" element. The new XMAX completely subverts the headlight design. The lower two groups of LED daytime running lights are directly designed symmetrically with the upper LED far and near light groups, and the front of the car is divided into "X" shapes, and the lines are sharper and more flamboyant than the old models.

The front turn signal is also integrated into the little wings on both sides of the windshield from the original position of the car side, which makes the design of the front of the car more concise and intuitive, and it can also be said that it is "more murderous".

The windshield has also changed slightly in shape and its area has increased, but it still needs manual adjustment, with an up-and-down adjustment range of 50 mm. I think XMAX can further enhance its competitiveness if this generation can join the electric windshield.

It is worth mentioning that the front and rear turn signal groups have been upgraded to LED light sources, and the shape of the taillights has not changed much, and the tail is still characterized by the same "X" shape. However, the change of LED turn signal makes the taillight more attractive, and the silver decorative nameplate behind the original seat cushion has also been changed to a lower-key titanium gray from the rear.


Join the internet of vehicles and upgrade scientific and technological instruments

The change of instrument design is also one of the most prominent changes in the new XMAX, and the sense of science and technology is more prominent.

Although the original dual-pointer instrument design is classic, practical and beautiful, it can be seen that in order to create a stronger sense of science and technology and expand more functions, Yamaha changed it into a dual-meter design with a 4.2-inch full-color TFT main screen and a 3.2-inch LCD small screen. The monochrome LCD small screen can highlight important driving information such as vehicle speed, fuel consumption and mileage, while the TFT main screen below is used to display speed, average vehicle speed, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption, riding time, air temperature and water temperature.

Moreover, the design of the speed bar on the TFT main screen is also very characteristic of Yamaha, which can be said to be a breakthrough. We all know that Yamaha also makes music besides motorcycles. Do you think this speed bar looks like a sound spectrum?

In addition, the most important point is that the new XMAX can also display weather, music, calls and other information in the dashboard by connecting to the Y-Connect APP. You can select the menu through the selection button on the left handlebar assembly to bring up different interface information, or answer the phone and switch music, or you can check the vehicle status through the Y-Connect APP at any time.

However, at present, the new XMAX in foreign countries and Taiwan Province can use instruments for navigation and screen projection, but Yamaha did not explain it in the official publicity of the mainland version, so there is a high probability that this function is not used in China at present.

The new model is also equipped with KEYLESS keyless starting system, which is convenient for daily travel. Moreover, the style and details of keys and starting switches are slightly different from those in the past, and the texture is stronger. It no longer shares the same design with NMAX, which distinguishes the status. The handlebar can be adjusted by 20mm in front and back, so that the driver can find the most comfortable riding posture.


Details change, texture upgrade

The rearview mirror rod has changed from a thin iron pipe shape to a more weighty aluminum alloy rod. Although it is a very inconspicuous small detail, it shows that Yamaha's upgrade to the new XMAX is not a whim, and it is often these details that are easily overlooked in daily life that Japanese brands care about.

In fact, other changes are not obvious, such as the side skirt of the car body, which basically maintains the previous shape. However, in the second half of the side skirt, Yamaha has made some small designs, so that it is not as neat as before, but uses lines to divide an extra area, making the leg space in the back seat more flexible.

The material of the seat cushion and the design of the bucket space have also changed slightly, but it is not very important, so it will not be expanded. The bucket space is still a huge space design that can hold two helmets, which is what I like about XMAX very much.

There is not much difference in performance, you should have everything.

In terms of performance differences, the new XMAX in 2023 has little difference from the old one, and the power platform has not been updated. It is still the 292cc 4V water-cooled single-cylinder nuclear technology engine, DiASil die-casting aluminum-silicon alloy cylinder, with the maximum power of 20.6 kW/7250 rpm and the maximum torque output of 29 N.M/5750 rpm.

Similarly, in the electronic control configuration, there are double safety guarantees of TCS+ABS. The front 33mm upright front fork and double triangular platform design inherit Yamaha's excellent control experience. The front one-way double-piston caliper of the brake part is equipped with 267mm disc, and the rear one-way single-piston caliper is equipped with 245mm disc. The seat height is also 795MM, and the fuel tank is still 13L, and the curb weight is 181 kg, which is 2 kg more than the old one. The wheel hub is still a combination of the front 15 inches and the rear 14 inches, with a seat height of 795mm and a fuel tank volume of 13L. Everything looks less changed than its external design.

I guess it may be because Yamaha is confident that it will keep up with the competition in the market in terms of performance. After all, the basic configuration of the old model has been tested by the market for a long time. This 300-level nuclear engine has reached a very mature state in terms of fuel consumption, power and running quality. Its positioning itself is a luxury leisure pedal with some MAX family sports genes. If we change the basic three parts, it may affect the whole body and destroy the original excellent balance.

Love motorcycle summary

To sum up, I don't think the new XMAX has changed much in essence. It has all the features that people like it. Its upgrade is nothing more than conforming to the current trend of people's demand for intelligent and scientific motorcycles, and further demonstrating the "X" as a representative element in appearance and expressing more personality.

However, this time Yamaha didn't raise the price because of the change. On the one hand, it shows that in this year's motorcycle market environment, consumers are more sensitive to the price of both imported and domestic cars. On the other hand, it also shows that there are many competitors in the domestic market at present, but I think the new XMAX will be more calm in dealing with competing products after the upgrade.

The latest release of the new XMAX, what do you think attracts you?

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