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Great Wall Tantok 600 off-road picture white (Great Wall Tantok 600 listing time)

Since the independent operation of the tank brand, Great Wall Motor has made up its mind to make a big fuss about this brand, such as the previous Shanghai Auto Show, when it was really hard goods, such as the "Mecha Beast" tank 700 and the so-called "Baoding Cullinan" tank 800, which really earned enough attention. Of course, in order to expand the tank family, Great Wall Motor has been secretly planning this brand-new medium and large SUV—-Tank 600. Not long ago, Great Wall Motor officially announced the official map of the new car. Let's take a look now!

I believe that many friends have seen the spy photos that have been leaked before. At that time, many people said that they didn't feel much. Of course, it's just an internal "plain photo", and the real car will definitely be different, and even after the official map, my statement is verified, because the tank 600 real car is so handsome! Tough lines and thick air intake grille, with a large LOGO in the center and chrome trim around, the overall value of the tank is not less than 300. The waistline of the new car is straight, and the tail is equipped with a vertical light set and an external spare tire. With the tail of the letter "TANK", it shows the recognition of the whole car. It is a "Baoding Land Patrol" properly!

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5070/1934/1905mm, and the wheelbase is 2850 mm. It is positioned in a medium and large SUV and does not lose Prado in data. In addition, according to the gossip, the new car will provide a 7-seat seat layout in addition to the 5-seat layout, further expanding the space practicality.

Arriving at the rear of the car, the design of the new car still draws lessons from the design elements of TANK 300 in some areas. The vertical taillights and the English logo of Tank look very tough. In addition, the taillights of the new car are composed of four groups of annular LED strip, which is excellent in visual effect and brings a good sense of exquisiteness.

Coming to the interior part, from the exposed pictures, the overall interior of the new car is very similar to that of the tank 300. The central control area is a large-size suspended LCD screen, and the instrument panel also uses a full LCD display. In addition, the shift area retains the yacht gear style of the tank 300 and the layout of the double knobs. In addition, the new car can provide off-white+navy blue interior color matching, which is more graded as a whole.

Coming to the power part, the new car offers a fuel version and a hybrid version, in which the fuel version is 2.0T, 2.4L and 3.0T. It is worth mentioning that this 3.0t power is the latest powertrain developed by Great Wall Group. Its maximum power can reach 260 kW and peak torque can reach 500 Nm. The transmission is the first 9-speed automatic manual transmission independently developed by Great Wall. The data is stronger than that of Prado with 3.5V6.! Moreover, the new car is also equipped with low-speed four-wheel drive and front/rear differential lock, which has better off-road passability and higher outdoor playability.

As for the price part that everyone is most concerned about, the price of online transmission is about 100,000 more expensive than that of tank 300, that is, the starting price is between 270,000 and 290,000. As for whether it is a 3.0T version, it is not certain. If it is less than 300,000, it will be quite fragrant.

Generally speaking, at present, there are not many hard-core off-road medium and large SUVs with independent brands in the domestic market, and Toyota Prado has always been the leader in this market, and the tank 600 model will be unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show. As long as the price of this car is reasonable, its cost performance will directly equal Prado, and it will definitely be the explosion in the second half of the year. What do you think?

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