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Benagli 302r fuel consumption video, test video (Benagli 302 fuel consumption)

Riding 1000 kilometers, personal comprehensive use report.

1. Appearance, exquisite design without losing the atmosphere, does have the taste of Italy, the front face of Aarhus Bay? ? Although it is also owned by qj, it is indeed more pleasing to the eye than the qj series.

2. Sound waves, a classic Chinese voice. When motorcycle friends communicate on the spot, they generally think that it is like the sound waves of a four-cylinder car, which is thick and dense.

3. Power, 300-displacement synchronous double cylinders, enough for daily riding, but it's hard to kill anyone. 0-100 is about 8 seconds, and the top speed is about 160. Benagli co-branded brake calipers, the specific brand is unknown, the braking force is sufficient, the abs intervention is timely, and the shock absorption is moderate.

4. Texture, I have ridden some anti-racing models of the same level and price, which are basically first-class models. To tell the truth, the overall riding experience of tornado is excellent in the same level, even surpassing that classic old man's music, you know. The sliding clutch feels good. That is, the screen projection function only supports Apple and Android. How can you make me a HarmonyOS user?

5. Fuel consumption, the actual fuel consumption is about 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers without violent driving, 95 # gasoline. Buddhism can be 3 liters, and violence can exceed 4.5 liters.

6. Price: 29,800 naked cars. The manufacturer sent Benagli's lem racing helmet and Weimaitong v9s Bluetooth headset, which is about 2,000 yuan less. If you don't do activities, the direct car price will be reduced to 27,800, then the competitiveness will be the top.

7. Disadvantages: There is no perfect car, only the one that suits you. The shortcomings of this car are equally obvious. One is that the frosted paint water works in general, and the other is that the gap is difficult to find, and the downshift is occasionally delayed, or there is no response for a short time, which should be a common problem. Later, I hope that manufacturers can improve.

8. Message: This car is suitable for novices, but I don't know why the maintenance rate is touching. I think it has something to do with the quality or weight of the old car. I heard that it was about 200 kilograms before losing weight. Jianghu people call it ancestral lead pouring, but after the change in 2021, the weight of the car dropped to 182 kilograms, which is relatively acceptable. You have a high turn-around rate when you drive on the street. You are the most beautiful boy in GAI if you ride handsome but not fast, obey the traffic rules and drive safely.

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