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Suzuki gsx250r2020 (new Suzuki gsx250r2020)

I feel that there are more motorcycles on the street!

The reason why I think so,

Because there are so many of them.

According to the data, in the first half of this year, 5.34 million motorcycles were newly registered, an increase of 1.08 million compared with the same period of last year, with a rapid growth. The total amount is more, and the chance encounter rate naturally increases.

It is also because compared with automobiles and electric vehicles, motorcycles with medium and large displacement are still a minority in number.

But it has a high rate of turning its head, tough appearance and high decibel roar, which seems to announce to the whole street that it is coming.

High-profile appearance naturally attracts people to take a look.

Over the years, cars have moved inexorably to the center of the public life stage with the attitude of more advanced productive forces. "Old" motorcycles, standing on the edge of being eliminated, were once considered as sunset products. But when I thought it was going to stall, an invisible hand twisted the throttle and suddenly the power was enough. This invisible hand is familiar to everyone. It is called the market. More specifically,

It's a market for young people in cities.

This young people, for motorcycles.

Tool attributes and toy attributes

By making new comments, they pursue the freedom on wheels to the maximum extent, and also change the misunderstanding and prejudice of passers-by towards knights.

It keeps me away from troubles and sorrows,

It brought me back to the paradise of freedom.

No matter how fashionable and individual the motorcycle looks, it can't change the essence of transportation. As a surface vehicle, its competitors are mainly cars, motorcycles and bicycles, and it has gained a group of loyal fans by virtue of its more flexible walking position than cars and stronger power than motorcycles and bicycles.

In a busy city, migrant workers go back and forth in their lives and work.

Judging from the speed alone, motorcycles are extremely suitable.

As early as 2013, three members of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference held a competition, starting from Xuanwu Gate in Beijing and reaching Qianmen, with a total length of about 2 kilometers. The end result is that,

10 minutes by scooter, 16 minutes by car and 27 minutes by subway.

Now, let's try it again. The winner is still a motorcycle.

Speeding on the road, shuttling in a small space, the speed and convenience of motorcycles, from the moment they came out, were written in the genes.

In the morning and evening rush hours, there are long traffic jams and dozens of people waiting in line for taxis. At first glance, it is desperate. The clock-in time is fixed there, and the migrant workers want to save the time cost to the maximum extent through accurate calculation.

Motorcycles can make them punch in on time and go home as soon as possible.

It is of great significance to save even half an hour or an hour every day without worrying about being late.

On the way to commuting, people use different ways to stop wasting their time in a short journey, reading, listening to books, watching dramas and listening to music ... For motorcycle riders, commuting itself is a way of leisure and relaxation, not to go to the company or go home, but to endure this journey, but to enjoy it.

"Four wheels carry the body, and two wheels carry the soul."

This is a word on the lips of motorcycle friends. Riding a motorcycle, the temperature transmitted by the engine, the wind passing by the ear, and the high and low sound waves seem to sweep away fatigue, relieve mood and release pressure. Out of the cubicle, on the motorcycle, people pursue a kind of warm, brave, unrestrained and even rebellious knight feeling and breathe more independent and free air.

On the weekend, I made an appointment with like-minded friends to learn about driving skills, exchange experiences, and go to the mountains and online celebrity to punch in. Motorcycle, as a leisure tool, has become a new social currency for young people, just like the book killed by the script, the frisbee in hand and Lu Chong at the foot.

According to the statistics of the Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, from January to July this year, the production and sales of large-displacement motorcycles above 250ml were 278,100 and 284,200, up by 49.68% and 53.62% year-on-year. For commuting, pedals are enough. The increase in large displacement shows that people not only want to gain the initiative to control time, but also want to gain a different life experience. For a toy, the more complicated design can resist playing, attract people to explore and create more possibilities.

Beneath the cool exterior,

Riders pay and bear far more than passers-by think.

Playing motorcycle is not as simple as it looks.

The first is money,

The price of motorcycles can be as low as that of motorcycles or as high as that of ordinary cars. Harley, BMW and other big names are top-notch, and those who play joint ventures despise playing independently. The more money they burn, the closer they are to the top of the circle contempt chain. This can be said to be an interpretation of "being handsome with money". I met, admired and fell in love, but if I want to have it, it is a real problem. It's not that I don't want to play, I can't afford to play.

The rider should not only pay real money, but also sweat.

Exquisite leather clothes and personalized painted helmets look dreamy to passers-by, but the body and soul inside are not always comfortable. In summer, the sun is shining, others are blowing air conditioning in the car, and the rider's sweat is coming out of his helmet; The winter wind is biting, and leather clothes can't stop it; On rainy days, you should bear the storm of raindrops without cover.

It depends on God's face.

When you choose a motorcycle, there is no shelter from the shell and airbag. The name of "iron wrapped in meat" has its own reasons. The motorcycle is fast and runs in the motorway. Once an accident occurs, you can only use meat to make a hard trip.

"In the short video, when the driver clicks, the female rider turns back and cares about the script. I will only be scared when I hear the whistle."

A female rider said.

The biggest distress still comes from

Prohibition order.

Aaron, who works in Beijing, bought a Suzuki GSX250R in 2020 and spent 27,000 yuan. He said, "This is a second-hand motorcycle. If you want to practice your hand, you feel handsome riding a motorcycle." But handsome for more than half a year, he sold it and recycled 22 thousand.

Aaron said that the reason why he sold it was mainly because he didn't need it for commuting, went out less on weekends and used it too frequently.

His work place is within the Fourth Ring Road, and his car is a Beijing B license plate, so he can't enter, and the unlimited Beijing A license plate is no longer issued with a number segment. Even so, in the eyes of most motorcycle friends, although there are many restrictions on motorcycles in Beijing, a metropolis with a commuting pain index of off the charts, they are not completely banned, which is already quite gentle.

In the 1980s, Beijing began to restrict motorcycles from driving on roads within the Third Ring Road. Later, many places began to ban and control them.

Under the prohibition of motorcycles, whether commuting or playing, riders should carefully check the route, detour and pay more energy.

Playing motorcycle is not serious?

For motorcycles, not all passers-by are curious and envious, but quite a few people are disgusted.

The rate of turning heads is high, and the rate of scolding back is not low.

This is related to the reality. There are always some riders.

Don't obey the traffic rules,

Enthusiastic about challenging the rules and attracting the attention of passers-by, relying on the flexible fuselage to rampage, jumping out with one foot on the accelerator and proudly showing off the ejection, completely ignoring everyone's concerns about safety. And the sound of street bombing, especially the roar at night, is definitely not charming, it will only

It's annoying.

Since you call yourself a knight, you must have the character of a knight.

Motorcycles may stimulate the beast inside people, but a rational person should keep the beast in a cage and control his right hand.

This is also related to past experiences, for example,

"flying grab"

It used to make people feel uneasy, although it is rare now. Although some criminals used motorcycles as a crime tool, it still left a shadow in people's hearts.

Also, the rider's leather jacket, cowboy boots, tattoos, hairstyles and other unusual dresses can easily make people judge a person by his appearance, and think that all motorcyclists are gangsters, people who are doing nothing, and people who are not serious. How deep this misunderstanding is.

Playing motorcycle doesn't mean bad character and hopeless.

In the rescue of mountain fires in Chongqing, mountain knights transported fire extinguishers, mineral water and other materials, which showed us the responsibility of the post-95 s and post-00 s.

The real knight should be like this. He will take good care of the mount and treat it as a partner and friend, not as a tool to show off, vent and flaunt wealth. Will pursue freedom within the scope of the rules with it, instead of getting pleasure by challenging the rules, disturbing and endangering others; I will relax with it and stand up when necessary, instead of shrinking in times of crisis and adding chaos frequently when nothing happens.

Motorcycles are impolite. It's all the cyclists.

Source: CCTV

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