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What's the quality of Kerry k50? Is it worth buying? Now _ What's the quality of Kerry k50s)

On the afternoon of March 31, a Karry owner suffered a serious traffic accident on his way home in Tomb-Sweeping Day, and the vehicle was seriously damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the car. Afterwards, the owner, Mr. Shen, said with emotion: "Buying a Karry car can save your life, and you can rest assured wherever you go with a Karry car!"

It is reported that at that time, Mr. Shen and four relatives and friends were driving on the He 'an Expressway. Due to the heavy traffic on the Tomb-Sweeping Day Expressway, Mr. Shen, who was rushing home while avoiding the vehicle, was inattentive. The K50 he was driving directly hit the guardrail, all the airbags in the car were opened, and the front of the car was seriously damaged. Fortunately, five people in the car were not injured.

Quality assurance, escort for car owners

Mr. Shen, the owner of the car, joined the Kerry family at the end of August 16, and the K50 he purchased has traveled 12,000 kilometers without any quality problems. As the first product of Karry Auto to enter the 7-car market for both home and business, Karry K50 has been recognized by consumers with its product advantages of "three highs, two lows and zero worries", among which high safety is the key for K50 to help Mr. Shen's family survive in this major car accident. Kairui K50 adopts metal-loaded cage body and uses a lot of high-strength steel. The cage structure fully protects the safety of drivers and passengers in the car. When the car is hit, the body is stressed and deformed evenly, which can effectively resist the impact force in the accident. Moreover, the Kairui K50 adopts active and passive safety designs such as high-strength four-door anti-collision steel beams, double airbags, and collapsible energy-absorbing steering column, and the compressive strength at the top is three times the national standard, which fully escorts car owners. In addition, the braking system, ABS+EBD auxiliary control and lighting system of the Kerry K50 also show its safety advantages.

After the sale of Kairui, we will serve the car owners intimately.

Because the accident happened in a different place, Mr. Shen was worried that there would be problems in vehicle maintenance. He called the customer service number of Kairui Automobile with trepidation. After receiving the call, the nearest Anqing Kairui 4S shop quickly learned about the situation and quickly sent full-time staff to the accident site. He immediately towed the accident car back to the service station for maintenance and paid a number of expenses for Mr. Shen in advance. Seeing Kerry's timely and intimate after-sales service also made Mr. Shen, who was still in shock in the accident, down to earth, and said: "The after-sales feedback mechanism of Kerry, especially its quick response ability, is very satisfactory. Kerry is also a friendly enterprise, and I have paid a lot of expenses for me. I am really touched!"

The staff of Anqing Kairui 4S store said that the after-sales service stations of Kairui Automobile can be on duty for 7x24h hours, answer the phone within 3 rings, reply to the customer within 10 minutes, leave within 20 minutes after the phone rings, and arrive at the site for support 24 hours at the same time, and provide emergency materials such as food and umbrellas for free to ensure that customers can feel at ease anytime and anywhere.

In the past ten years, Kairui Automobile has been insisting on creating products with ingenuity and dedicated attitude, and making every effort to provide efficient and convenient after-sales service for every car owner, aiming at providing a reassuring product and a safe guarantee for every family, and becoming a trustworthy good partner for every Kairui car owner.

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