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Great Wall Tantok 500 picture quotation top matching (Great Wall Tantok 300 picture quotation top matching)

We bought a Great Wall tank, 500, and 2022 3.0T sports version with seven environmental models, with an official guide price of 363,000. Because there is no policy of halving the purchase tax, it landed more than 400,000. Without further ado, let's look at the car first.

appearance design

Chrome-plated strips are widely used in the front of the car. For the design, we still have an old saying-different opinions.

Toyota's smooth road and LC300 are more "coincidental".

The whole system comes standard with LED headlights, which support automatic headlights, adaptive high beam and steering auxiliary lights.

The overall dimension is 5070x1934x1905 mm and the wheelbase is 2850 mm. It is a little longer than the Great Wall Haval H9 with a wheelbase of 2800 mm, which is the same as the wheelbase of Toyota LC300.

The original factory is equipped with automatic telescopic pedals.

The tailgate is in the form of a sliding door, the spare tire for sports version is on the tailgate, and the spare tire for business version is under the car.

This way of opening the tailgate requires a considerable space behind it before it can be fully opened.

This car is a 7-seat model, so if the third row of seats are erected, there is not much space in the trunk; If the third discharge, the space will be larger.

The third row of seats supports electric tilting and lifting.

There is a 220 volt power interface in the trunk.

Interior design

The interior design is square, with a large LCD screen in the center.

The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and supports four-way electric adjustment.

The start button is similar to BYD, and it is also the shape of a diamond cutting surface.

There is an infrared camera on the A-pillar for fatigue monitoring.

The whole system comes standard with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, and the interface style is relatively fixed.

High-equipped models support HUD function.

The whole system comes standard with a 14.6-inch LCD central control panel, and basically all the settings in the car need to be completed by the car machine. The whole system comes standard with 360-degree panoramic images, and it is equipped with reversing car side warning and automatic parking function.

There is a quartz watch under the big screen.

Below the air conditioning button is the storage compartment of the mobile phone with wireless charging.

The crystal electronic shift lever is relatively thick, which can't be held by one hand, and there is no unlock key, so it can directly switch between forward gear and reverse gear.

There is an extra storage space under the main driver, while the co-pilot side is sealed. In other words, two USB interfaces and a 12V power interface can only be enjoyed by the main driver.

Seat space


The whole system is wrapped in leather seats, which supports seat heating, and the high-profile models also have ventilation and massage functions.

If you don't consider the seating space of the third row of passengers, the legroom in the second row is still enough, but if you consider the space of the third row of passengers, the second row is relatively small.

The second row of seats can move back and forth, and the backrest supports multi-stage adjustment, all of which are manual.

Entering the third row, you can only enter from the second row on the co-pilot side. Overturning the second row of seats forward leaves little room for entering the third row.

The third row is suitable for short-distance rides, the leg space is relatively cramped, and the head space is not rich. In addition, after the headrest of the third row of seats is raised, there will be a pit in the backrest, so you can imagine the feeling of leaning up.


agree without prior consultation

We don't comment too much on the design of this car. After all, it is a matter of different opinions, and it coincides with the design of international brands. Because of the non-load-bearing body, the girder occupies a lot of space, so although the shape of the car is larger, the internal space does not reflect greater advantages.

So what's the driving quality of this car? How about off-road capability and fuel consumption? What about the materials for internal work? Please continue to pay attention to the subsequent test drive and disassembly!

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