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Video of urinating on expressway (video of urinating on expressway)

As the saying goes, "People have three urgent needs."

It depends on the occasion.

"Convenient" anywhere on the highway


At about 15 o'clock on February 20th, the police of 13th Brigade of High-speed Traffic Police of Traffic Management Bureau of Ningxia Public Security Department discovered through video patrol that a small car was parked in the emergency lane 57km away from Guqing Expressway in the jurisdiction, only to see a man and a woman actually use the emergency lane as a toilet after getting off the bus ...

The police immediately called the driver to inform him to go to the brigade for treatment. Upon inquiry, they learned that they wanted to go to the toilet while driving. Thinking that no one should find out, they parked their car in the emergency lane and made it convenient on the spot. The police severely criticized and educated him, and fined him 200 yuan and scored 6 points on his driver's license.

Car accidents are fiercer than tigers.

When a traffic accident happened,

Often people are caught off guard.

When can I use the emergency lane?

1. The emergency lane can be occupied when the vehicle has an emergency fault, and the emergency vehicle can be occupied when the automobile engine fault light gives an alarm or the vehicle has a potential fault, and the vehicle has to stop for inspection;

2. There are patients in the car who need emergency care and treatment. At this time, emergency lanes can be applied;

3. Special vehicles can use emergency lanes, such as engineering vehicles and ambulances.

When there is a traffic accident or vehicle failure on the expressway, remember to call the police when the car pulls over and people evacuate. Pull over: If the vehicle can move, it should be moved to the right emergency lane quickly, then turn on the "double flashing" and put a warning sign 150 meters away from the rear; Evacuation: Whether the vehicle can be moved or not, drivers and passengers should not stay in the vehicle or stay on the expressway, and should be quickly moved to a safe place; Call the police immediately: Call the police immediately after the driver and passenger evacuate to a safe place.

According to the "Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", motor vehicles shall not engage in the following acts when driving on expressways, and drive or stop in emergency lanes in non-emergency situations; The Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving License stipulates that those who illegally occupy emergency lanes on expressways or urban expressways will be deducted 6 points at a time and will be fined 200 yuan.

Disclaimer: This article comes from Ningxia traffic police, and I would like to thank you!

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