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Dianma New Energy Automobile Evaluation (Dianma New Energy Automobile Service Co., Ltd.)

At present, all kinds of new energy trams are constantly emerging in the market, and all major automobile companies want to expand their territory in the new energy market. Ford can't sit still. What Xiaobian wants to explain to you today is that Ford has recently launched a new energy pure electric vehicle, Ford Electric Horse. So whether this car can be liked by everyone, let's explain this model in detail.

Ford electric horse is an intelligent pure electric off-road vehicle owned by Ford. On April 13, 2021, Ford electric horse officially opened its reservation in China. At present, there are five models on the market, and the price range is 275,900 yuan to 389,900 yuan. Today, I chose a more representative model for you, Ford electric horse 2021 borderless rear-drive luxury version, as an example to analyze, you can take it as a reference to understand.

As can be seen from the front part, Ford electric horse still continues to use the logo of Ford's sports car Mustang. The front face is treated in a closed format, and the shape is shark nose design, which is more fashionable and beautiful. The hatch cover has also been decorated with American muscle lines. LED matrix headlights are used in lighting configuration, which can adjust the height by adaptive dimming under different environmental conditions.

The car's body size is 4730mm* 1886mm*1621mm, and the wheelbase is 2984mm. The level positioning of this car belongs to a medium-sized SUV. It can be seen that the size is not too prominent, but the wheelbase is really long in a medium-sized car. This ratio can make the whole car look closer to the ground and more stable. The front and rear tyre size size is 225/55 R19, and the hub is not very bright in appearance, but it can be seen that this thick-walled tire is also good in defense and can also improve driving safety. At the rear of the car, the taillights are designed with three columns that the Mustang family has always used, and the frame is blackened, which highlights some layering.

Now, when I enter the car, my first impression of the overall interior is quite satisfactory. The first thing that attracts me is this central control screen, which is enough for 15.5 inches. Many physical buttons can't be found in this car, and they are all adjusted through this central control panel. The front dashboard is 10.2 inches in size, and the interior is wrapped in leather in many places, with black and gray matching, which is simple and generous. The seat is equipped with functions such as electric adjustment of the main and auxiliary seats, electric adjustment of the seat with memory, and the proportion of the seat is lowered. The rear seats can also be adjusted locally.

Intelligent interconnection has the functions of GPS navigation system, mobile phone interconnection mapping, car networking, navigation road information display, Bluetooth/car phone, OTA upgrade and voice recognition control system. Make driving convenient and easy. The intelligent configuration includes Co-Pilot360, SYNC, Qualcomm Xiaolong 820A, and the charging function can be controlled remotely by mobile phone.

In terms of power endurance, the battery adopts ternary lithium battery, and the cruising range can reach 619Km. The battery warranty can reach 8 years or 160,000 kilometers. This car also has both fast charging and slow charging. The fast charging time only takes 0.45 hours, the power can reach 80%, and the slow charging time is about 3.9 hours. The car is equipped with a permanent magnet/synchronous motor with horsepower of 305Ps, the maximum torque is 430N·m, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers can reach 6.5 seconds.

Generally speaking, the comprehensive performance of this Ford electric horse 2021 borderless rear-drive deluxe edition is excellent, and it has a place in design, power, space and functional configuration. The double independent suspension and load-bearing car body structure has a smooth driving feeling. If you have sufficient budget and want to buy a pure electric SUV, then this car might as well be your new choice. If you are interested, you can personally go to the physical store for a test drive.

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