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Magotan cold car shakes and hot car is normal (everything is normal after Magotan cold car shakes and hot car)

Since more than a year ago, my Magotan has experienced idling jitter.

At first, the car felt a slight jitter after the cold car started, and everything was normal when driving at a red light or hot car, and gradually developed to jitter whenever it was idling.

I checked the omnipotent mother and found that most of the diagnosis was that the machine mat was not working. I consulted several repair shops and checked that it was not the machine mat, but the engine. It's a pity that I stopped shaking when I checked. Looking at the spark plug, there is no carbon deposit at all. The ignition coil was changed, and the same thing happened, so the original one was installed again. Considering that it is idle shaking, let it shake first.

It was not until I saw the children off that day that I stopped at the zebra crossing to give way to a pedestrian. When I walked again, I found that the engine fault light and the Economic and Planning Committee light on the dashboard were on, and the multi-function display screen had a red exclamation mark, which found that the car speed was a bit high.

After sending the child back to restart, the above picture shows the same. When driving, I found that no matter how to refuel, the engine speed is at most 1,560, and the speed is about 10 kilometers. The gear position shows the first gear, and occasionally there is the second gear when going downhill.

In this way, I finally drove to the nearest repair shop. After careful inspection, I suspected that there was a fire in the cylinder and finally determined that it was a throttle failure. The diagnostic computer prompts that the throttle position sensor signal is not available. The maintenance technician determined that the throttle valve was damaged and needed to be replaced. What a lot of money, Qian Qian!

After thinking about it, I suggested cleaning the throttle first, and finally the other party hesitated and removed the intake pipe for cleaning.

Start after completion, and the fault disappears. After another road test, everything was fine. Surprisingly, the long-standing idle jitter fault is gone at the same time!

The whole maintenance fee, 40 yuan.

Through this process, I suggest that you find that your car is idling, or you should check it in time. First, clean the throttle.

I'm just a few kilometers away from the repair shop, so it would be in trouble if I were on the expressway.

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