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Imported scooter price and picture (imported scooter price and picture 180)

The import price of 86980 yuan is 250! Don't spit out that we can't play without a zero.

I am a knight to share. It is said that the price of imported motorcycles is going down, but this car just listed is a bit in the opposite direction. It sold for 86,980 yuan with a displacement of 250 ml.

Yes, you have neither read me wrong nor written it wrong. The official suggested retail price of this car is 86,980 yuan.

But I want to say, don't worry about it, get to know it. Maybe in the end, you will find that even if the final price of this car is less than one zero, we can't play it. It is more of a relatively small pure sports motorcycle.

KTM officially announced the listing information of its 250SX-F, which is a relatively pure off-road motorcycle, and it is basically built for the needs of the competition.

Appearance aspect

The car has almost no performance of being close to the people. Although its design is not rough, the attributes of off-road vehicles make it extremely hard-core, and there are no headlights for daily needs in the civilian field, which is completely the competition standard. But its family style is very obvious, and the orange color scheme makes this car very recognizable.

Power aspect

This performance weapon will be equipped with a 250 cc single-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine with a double overhead camshaft and four valves. The actual displacement is 249.9cc, and the compression ratio is as high as 14.5:1, in which the peak horsepower can reach 47 horsepower and the speed limit is 14,000 rpm. It will be equipped with a five-speed gearbox, Jingbin EFI system and Brembo hydraulic clutch.

Judging from the power value of this engine, it is a typical engine with high compression ratio and high speed, and its power characteristics are a bit violent, but it also conforms to the positioning of its racing models, so it is still very difficult for ordinary entry-level players to play with this car.

Body aspect

We can't look at some structural settings and specific values of this car with conventional eyes. Because it adopts lightweight control and brand-new frame, its dry weight is only 101kg, which is a volume of a conventional 125 scooter.

At the same time, the seat height of this car has reached a scary 948mm, but the fuel tank volume is not large, only 7.2L. However, it is also easy to understand. Its first consideration is functionality, not riding convenience and endurance, so the minimum ground clearance of this car is 343mm, and it is equipped with a 48mm front WP XACT inverted shock absorber, a rear connecting rod middle shock absorber, and a central double rocker arm 25CrMo4 main frame and an aluminum alloy reinforced polyamide subframe.

Configuration aspect

Instrument and lighting have nothing to do with this car, it only pays attention to the shock absorption function and tire grip effect under off-road attributes, so it is also impossible to examine its configuration settings with conventional eyes. But the car will use Brembo braking, traction control, power switching, starting control and so on.

In general

This is a car that fights for honor. It is only suitable for competitive use in the venue, and does not belong to the civilian version. What has been described above is only a basic state of it, but it is enough for most riders to have a preliminary understanding. After all, even if someone gives it away for free, we can't play with this car, and it is hard to get on the bus, let alone jump.

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