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How about Xerox rx1s engine (Xerox rx1s engine parameters)

As a pioneer of recreational vehicles in China, Seclon has launched many representative models. Its entry-level recreational vehicle RX1 is one of them. It has been in service for five years since its birth, and its global sales have exceeded 80,000 units. While feeling that its product life cycle is long, it also proves the success of this car from the side.

In order to better meet the needs of consumers and the market, Xekron RX1 is also being iteratively upgraded. From the initial 200 ml air cooling /150 ml water cooling to 204cc water cooling /204cc water cooling +ABS, and then to the latest version of the third generation RX1S, it has undergone four upgrades. The main difference between the third generation RX1S and the previous generation is the power core, which was upgraded to a brand-new PY250 water-cooled engine. This also makes it more competitive in the face of competing models in other markets.

Why does Xiaobian define the third generation RX1S as a super cost-effective choice within 20,000 yuan? Riders may wish to feel for themselves through some important data of several models of the same level on sale in the market.

Note: since it is a comparison of the same class of vehicles, it is naturally subject to conditions. Therefore, some other two-cylinder, pull and over-budget models are not in the comparison category.

It is not difficult to see from the objective data in the above figure,

The third generation RX1S is at the superior level of the same level in terms of power performance and body condition.


Sixteen thousand nine hundred and eighty

The price, in the same level of cost-effective advantages quickly highlighted.

In this small series, I want to send two sentences back to Keyboard Man. Those who scold a certain model every day whether it is an air-cooled engine with small displacement or a single-channel anti-lock braking device, now there are 250 ml water-cooled engines with anti-lock braking devices in front and rear as standard for you to choose from. However, the fact is that they won't buy it either. Motorists who really buy a car don't need to be confused by the comments on the Internet, including the media, but only provide a more detailed analysis for everyone. Choosing a car that they like and suits them is the right solution.

Externally, the third generation RX1S basically continues the overall design of the previous generation.

Personally, I feel that the appearance is somewhat lacking in freshness.

. However, the manufacturer has not failed to take this into consideration. For example, its brother model RX3 has adopted a newly designed appearance at the largest, and Seclon officially launched a solicitation vote on appearance color matching on major platforms.

Considering the positioning of the entry-level recreational vehicle, it is understandable that more energy has not been invested in the design cost.

The most obvious difference in appearance between the third generation RX1S and the previous generation lies in the side box and exhaust. Obviously, it can be seen that the previous plastic side box has been upgraded to

All-aluminum alloy three boxes with more texture and practicality

However, due to the increase of the volume of the side box, the original high-level exhaust was forced to be changed to ordinary exhaust, which is a little regrettable. But let riders choose between the loading capacity and the scenes where they rarely go wading. I believe most people will still choose the former.

As a practical recreational vehicle, the 34L original trunk can easily put down a full helmet, and two 24L side boxes are enough to put down the daily equipment of the motorcycle brigade.

Aluminum alloy bracket, quick-release design, tail box with waist support and waterproof design with lining.

It is the user's choice of its bonus items. In terms of convenience and practicality, the performance of the third generation RX1S is obviously excellent enough.

The biggest core selling point of this car is the brand-new PY250 water-cooled double overhead camshaft four-valve engine it carries. The displacement is also increased from 204cc to 249cc, with the maximum power of 18/9000 kw/rpm and the maximum torque of 21/7000 N.m/rpm. The PY250 engine is specially tuned for the middle and low speed running range commonly used in recreational vehicles, so that the third generation RX1S can quickly reach the maximum torque output.

Compared with the air-cooled oil-cooled engine of competing models, the PY250 engine of the third generation RX1S can maintain the maximum power output in long-term high-speed operation without power attenuation. This is undoubtedly very suitable for a recreational vehicle that needs long-distance motorcycle travel.

In addition, the addition of sliding clutch

, further optimizing the riding performance of the third generation RX1S. Lighter clutch feel is more friendly to novices and girls with less strength, and it also greatly reduces the sense of frustration when quickly downshifting for old drivers who like to brake with engines.

Widened all-terrain tire

Upgrade the oil seal chain

Original water tank and engine cover.

And other changes and upgrades have further enhanced its cost-effective advantage in the same level.

Compared with the old models, the third generation RX1S is

Paint water for exterior parts


Detail workmanship

Have got a lot of promotion.

In the pursuit of intelligence, the third generation RX1S also increases the OBD3.0 intelligent locomotive system with the times.

, providing practical services such as vehicle anti-theft, location tracking, status monitoring and social sharing. At the same time, Sekelon owners can also enjoy 24-hour road rescue service. Compared with some small brand models, a better after-sales system is also one of the key points to impress consumers.

The third generation RX1S accurately grasps the market demand. As an entry-level recreational vehicle, it not only provides more abundant 250 water-cooling power in the same price range, but also gives users richer configurations in the same level. At the same time it

Almost uncaring driving conditions.


Aiming at the design of unpaved pavement

It also allows it to unlock more riding methods after meeting the basic purposes of riders' long-distance travel. To sum up, the third generation RX1S is a cost-effective choice for most entry-level riders.

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