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How much does it cost to land a small velociraptor in Benagli (how about a small velociraptor in Benagli)?

The newly upgraded Benagli Xiaoxunlong is officially released, with the price of 11,980 yuan, and the price remains unchanged. It is upgraded and listed!

Benagli Little Xunlong has always been one of the choices for novice riders. Its streetcar style is full of fighting power, and its compact body and low sitting height also make beginners very easy to control. Next, let's take a look at those configurations upgraded by Little Xunlong!


The new Xiaolong is more exquisite in appearance, and the brand-new sticker design is more in line with the aesthetic standards of young people. The iconic appearance of the fighting streetcar, together with the split LED headlights and the stage setting, makes the overall shape more avant-garde.


The optimized 150 ml water-cooled single cylinder four-stroke four-valve engine, advanced fuel injection technology and three-spark plug ignition technology, high compression ratio and high speed make combustion more efficient and powerful.


The curb weight of the car body is 145kg, the reasonable layout of the car weight, the ingenious structure of comfortable sitting posture, and the flexible control. Inverted front shock absorption/rear spring shock absorption should respond quickly to different driving styles and road conditions. All-digital instruments add universal serial bus charging port, which makes the same form more convenient.

mix colours in proper proportions

The two colors of 2022 Little Xunlong are as follows. They are TNT red and graphite black. Do you like them?

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