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Suzuki uy125 Centennial Edition Tire Pressure (How to Check the Tire Pressure by Hand)

On Friday, December 4th, I needed to run a short distance of 69 kilometers, and the round trip was about 140 kilometers. At that time, it was 955 kilometers. I thought I would get more than 1,000 kilometers of oil change once, so I changed it in advance.

I found a Haojue Suzuki specialty shop, which brought my own engine oil. The labor cost was spent in 10 yuan, and the master's craftsmanship was good.

Mott silver sheep, 1L, special for pedal, sm with megabit standard.

According to the instruction, only the engine oil can be changed in the first insurance. It is Mott silver sheep, 1L and pedal-only. sm has megabit standard, and about 650 ml of engine oil is added, leaving about 350. The master uses air pressure to blow out the remaining oil, which is quite professional. The master asks why there is so little engine oil. Where is the engine oil? ? At least Suzuki's has 800 ml. I can only show him the instructions. After changing it, show me the oil gauge. The oil is about between L and F. I feel a little bit more, and it is almost close to F. Reading the fuel gauge shows that I feel 10 to 20 ml more.

There are about 330ml left, and I feel too much.

At that time, due to work, time was tight, and I didn't ask for less oil, so I ran about 140 kilometers. On the way to running, I got a special feeling that the middle and high speed are weak and can accelerate, but there is no original engine oil.

I went home and tested it. The engine sound didn't change, and the jitter felt great.

I can't help but let out some oil.

Preparatory work:

It meets the requirements of the oil dipstick. After the test drive, I still feel the jitter and feel less sound.

After another 200 kilometers, it will be replaced with a synthetic gold sheep.

To sum up:

Mott, Silver Sheep, MB standard, for Suzuki uy125, the feeling jitter is bigger than when it leaves the factory, the engine sound is ok, the running quality is ok, and it feels less smooth than the original engine oil.

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