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Seclon re3 nerd evaluation (Seclon re3 nerd evaluation)

In this pluralistic era, young people are pursuing maverick individualism in their bones. It is said that fashion is the cycle of time, and in motorcycles, it is no exception. Retro motorcycle culture was originally formed in Britain. After the end of World War II, because the economy at that time plummeted, everything was in ruins. Idle young people and veterans are in urgent need of a way to relieve their depression, and motorcycles have entered their lives as a quite affordable and convenient means of transportation. They learn from movie stars to ride bicycles together, and when they get drunk, they borrow wine to encourage them to race together. Later, we gathered more and more. Having no money to change the car, they decorated the motorcycle with round headlights. In pursuit of speed, they removed all the accessories except the engine. This also gradually formed the unique appearance style of retro cars.

Retro motorcycles have been widely concerned by domestic motorcycle friends since they entered China. This deep and elegant style makes them sink into it. They are also eager to have a motorcycle that can promote their own personality and interpret their own personality. Under the demand of this big environment,

Seclon RE3 came into being at the end of 2019. After successfully gaining the recognition of retro users, it ushered in a 401CC change in 2021.

. How does this British-style big guy interpret what is pure retro? Let's go on talking.

There are three versions of the 21-model Sekelon RE3 on sale, namely, the free version 29800, the modern version 32800 and the jazz version 34800. The main differences between the three versions are the rear rocker arm, rear suspension, hub and instrument panel. The free version is made of steel, while the modern version and jazz version are made of aluminum alloy. The free version of the rear suspension is shock absorption without airbags, while the modern version and jazz version are shock absorption with external airbags. The free version is made of aluminum wheels, while the modern version and jazz version are made of spoke wheels. Both the free version and the modern version are LCD dashboards, and the jazz version is a thin film transistor dashboard. The evaluation vehicle we borrowed this time is Sekelon RE3 Free Edition.

The picture above shows the jazz version.

The picture above shows the free version.

Different from American cruise cars, Seclon RE3 is a retro car with a British design style. Therefore, Sekelon RE3 has a short wheelbase and looks very harmonious and compact. This body design will bring the benefits of easy handling, but at the same time, the space in the back seat will be slightly cramped, and the effect will not be ideal. But retro motorcycles want this kind of free and casual style, and want to bring people? Please go out and turn left to buy pedals.

As the saying goes, people should look at their faces first, and cars should look at their lights first. The headlight design still adopts the round lamp design of retro cars, but the internal light bulb of Sekelon RE3 has ulterior motives. It is composed of an outer ring band, an inner X-ray lamp and an intermediate convex mirror. The daytime running lamp is always lit by the outer halo, the low beam lamp is lit by the halo plus X lamp, and the high beam lamp is lit by the outer halo plus X lamp and the middle convex mirror. All three versions of Sekelon RE3 are full LED light sources. The actual paving effect is far better than halogen light. There is a "core" of technology under the retro appearance. At the same time, the three versions are also equipped with a small windshield with the English LOGO of Seclon, although this windshield has no actual windshield effect. But without this decoration, it's like a person without hair. Do you think it looks good? That's all you need to play with vintage cars.

Both the free version and the modern version are LCD dashboards, and the jazz version is TFT dashboards. The palm-sized dashboard provides riding data in the form of pointer plus number. The appearance is very in line with the retro tonality. The pointer provides speed information, and the number provides speed, kilometers, oil quantity, gear display and other information. But the number displayed in this gear is really too small, located in the lower right corner of the dashboard. This is not very friendly for beginners. It's a little difficult to get information from the dashboard at once.

Go down from the front of the car, and then talk about the fuel tank. Some motorcycle friends will say, how can a retro car not be an oval fuel tank? Isn't this missing the retro soul? At first, Xiao Bian felt the same way. Until I got on the Sekelon RE3, I began to admire the designer's delicate mind. Sekelon RE3 fuel tank as a whole is an oval retro shape, and the legs of the knight are folded up on both sides, so that the legs can better clamp the fuel tank during the actual riding process, thus playing a better control role.

Let's talk about the paint water in the fuel tank. Sekelon RE3 adopts a frosted style. All models of Sekelon are painted by intelligent robots, which can control the spraying amount evenly and greatly increase the durability of paint water. In the middle of the fuel tank, there is also a patch of metal Sekelon LOGO, and the details show the texture of the retro car. While ensuring the coordination between the size of the fuel tank and the body, Sekelon RE3 has made the fuel tank an exaggerated 19L. Before that, have you ever heard of a retro car with a 19L fuel tank? Now Sekolon RE3 can not only take you for a walk in the city, but also accompany you to poetry and distant places.

The leather seats are very good in appearance and practicality, and the filled cotton inside has been newly adjusted, making the seats more docile. Compared with the 20 Sekelon RE3 models, the stitching of 21 models is more fine. The back seat still has the English LOGO of Seclon. Here, I would also like to mention 21 new aluminum alloy rear handrails, which are not only more convenient for the knight to move the car, but also necessary to grasp it when the back seat is manned to enhance the sense of security. It can be seen that Sekelon considers the problem from the user's point of view everywhere.

Sekelon RE3 adopts the design of double exhaust, and the solder joints in the details are very beautiful.

The only fly in the ointment is that the existing anti-scalding device abandons certain practicality in pursuit of original retro flavor.

In summer, the temperature of the exhaust pipe will be very high, which may cause the rider or fender to be accidentally burned. If necessary, you can install one yourself later. Equipped with Sekelon RE3 in-line twin-cylinder engine, the exhaust sound is very pleasant, with a strong chug sound, accompanied by a whistle at low gear, and the knight who has requirements for sound is undoubtedly a plus item.

The most important part, the engine of Sekelon RE3 is coming. Sekelon RE3 adopts a water-cooled EFI 401cc engine, and 21 models are also equipped with FCC sliding clutch, which makes the operation smoother. The maximum horsepower of this model TC401 engine is 42.8ps. The maximum power is 31.5kw/9500rpm, which is much higher than the maximum power of the old model of 27kw/9000rpm. The maximum torque of 35N.m/6500rpm remains unchanged. The improvement of motivation means more fun. At the same time, the adjustment of this engine is also partial to the front end. If the novice does not adapt to this Sekelon RE3, he may be shocked by its low torque. The most intuitive feeling is that there will be a dynamic response when the throttle is lightly given. Of course, as a retro car, the pursuit of speed is not what it should do.

The shock absorption adjustment of Sekelon RE3 is biased towards comfort. Although the free version does not use the rear shock absorption with airbag, it is easy to deal with occasional small pits when riding on the road in the city. If it is a non-paved road, you can consider the modern version and jazz version. They are equipped with spoke wheels and airbag rear shock absorption. Let you get used to the city's congested cycling, and occasionally you can ride Sekelon RE3 to the mud road for fun.

The taillight of Sekelon RE3 can be said to be a very eye-catching part of the whole car. The original taillight design looks like a cute Doraemon red tail at first glance. Finally, attach some detailed pictures.


Easy to observe the transparent brake oil pot, the visual effect is also quite good, with the English LOGO of Seclon.

Retro round rearview mirror

Standard engine cover to prevent flying sand from damaging the engine.


Disc brakes are used at the front and rear. The front single disc is equipped with opposite four-piston calipers, and the rear single disc is equipped with single-piston calipers. ABS system is standard. The modern version and the jazz version adopt vacuum spoke wheels in front and back. Personally, I think the spoke wheels look better. With Tensen tires, tyre size is the first 120/70-17 and the last 150/70-17.

Anti-scalding perforated cooling fin

Sekelon RE3, with deep British retro feelings, exquisite workmanship full of quality, abundant 400cc gold power and light and comfortable handling experience, are all reasons why you should consider this car. Whether you are a young man who pursues individuality, an urban white-collar worker who pursues quality life, or a veteran of the motorcycle industry for many years, Sekelon RE3, a vintage car with pure British blood, can meet your requirements. Within the budget of 20,000-30,000 yuan, if you like the type of retro cars, this Sekelon RE3 is a good choice.

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