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Dianma Electric Vehicle Price and Pictures (Dianma New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.)

In 2023, everyone thought that it would be more expensive to buy a car without the purchase tax subsidy, but judging from the market in January and February, this is really the case. A 100,000-class model will increase by 3-5 thousand in January compared with the previous year. Dealers and used car dealers thought that it was spring, but the market quickly hit the face-the sales volume dropped seriously. So they offered the only but most effective killer-price reduction.

Today, the model we want to talk about is Ford Electric Horse. When Tesla reduced the price last year, it said, "Price reduction, I followed", which was very domineering, with a decrease of 28,000-28,000, and the subsidized price was 249,900-369,900, in order to face rivals like Tesla and enhance its product strength through price reduction. After all, there are no unsold cars in the China market, only unsold prices, as long as the prices are in place.

At the beginning of March this year, Ford officially said that from now until April 30, the electric horse will be cleared, with a limited time discount of 40,000 yuan! This is the first enlargement in the field of joint venture. In less than half a year, the price of this CD is comparable to Tesla, and the price is directly reduced to 209,900-329,900, which is cheaper than some China brand models.

Of course, it is necessary to buy it early, and the question naturally comes, "Is it worth buying the Ford electric horse that has dropped by 40 thousand in a limited time?"

Let's not say that it is as mysterious as the Mustang, nor that it has won many awards since its release in 2019, such as the top safety choice of IIHS, the best electric car in Consumer Report in 2022, the best charm index of J.D.Power car products in the same class, and the top ten power and top ten interiors of Ward. What is its performance?

In terms of face value, it adopts the design elements of Mustang car system to a certain extent. Whether it looks good or not is a matter of opinion, but the professor thinks it belongs to the category of high face value; It has a very short front and rear suspension, which is very dynamic when viewed from the side. The low body and slip back lines visually make it more like a raised hatchback than an off-road vehicle.

In addition, it uses a hidden door handle, which is opened by the electronic button above the door, and the door is opened and closed by the small protruding door, which is quite fresh. It is also worth mentioning that it does not use the frameless door of the new force. Although it is not so fashionable, it is of great benefit to NVH, depending on how to choose.

The interior is a traditional T-shaped platform design, and most people can get started immediately. It is simple and elegant, and it also uses a full-LCD dashboard without eaves. The size is just right, and all the information is available. There is also a knob embedded in the screen at the lower part of the middle large screen, and the overall layout is different. The UI is a level 0 menu, and it is not necessary to enter the level 2 menu for adjustment, which is convenient for driving operation and belongs to the traditional practice.

In terms of vehicle types, it is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, with a body size of 4730*1886*1613mm, which is not large as a whole, but it has a full wheelbase of 2984mm, and the rear row space is excellent. As a medium-sized SUV, the rear row also has certain advantages, which is also brought by the pure electric platform. In addition, it also has the function of preparing boxes before.

The most important thing is performance. McPherson's rear multi-link suspension is enough for it. It highlights its performance more through adjustment. In the professor's test drive, it does show a higher control level than the mainstream China brand. The chassis is very "German", which can feel the rich road feeling while maintaining comfort. It is pleasing, and it is difficult to associate it with an SUV, more like a "PLUS".

The models on sale are equipped with 273 HP, 305 HP and 488 HP motors according to different configurations, corresponding to standard battery life, long battery life and GT version respectively. For the average consumer, standard battery life and long battery life are the most appropriate. According to the feedback from car owners, the energy consumption of both is generally 15-17 kWh/100 km, the standard battery life of 61.5 kWh battery pack is over 361 km, and the long battery life of 80.3 kWh battery pack is 472 km, which can basically meet the driving demand for one week, and this level is basically consistent with Tesla Model Y at the same level.

In terms of configuration, the standard endurance version uses 225/60 R18 tires and is equipped with 225/55 R19 specifications, which seems to be more inclined to reduce energy consumption. Compared with Tesla's front central airbag, the electric horse has a front knee airbag, and the driving assistance function has reached L2 level. As for the heat pump air conditioner, Bluetooth key, keyless entry, wireless charging of mobile phone, electric seat, rear reclining, etc., it is also in line with Tesla, so Tesla can also give some experiences to the electric horse, and the price is obviously lower. The only drawback is that the aftermarket accessories such as car mattresses are not as rich as Tesla.

Tesla y type

Price: 26.19-36.19 million

The first enemy Ford electric horse will face is Tesla Y, which has been the top seller of pure electric sport utility vehicles for many months, winning the favor of consumers with its high-tech attributes and superb three-electric performance. Ford electric horse, on the other hand, has achieved the same performance in itself, and at the same time, it has a more people-friendly price. After all, now it only needs 209,900 cars, which is cheaper than Tesla Model 3, and it is a must-have skill for this market.

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Price: 19.59-29.29 million

In addition, there are traditional joint venture rivals such as Volkswagen ID.4 and Toyota BZ4X, and Ford Electric Horse is the "non-traditional sportsman", whose performance is obviously higher than that of its competitors, and its endurance performance is also not bad, and its price still has an advantage.

Wenjie M5 electric vehicle

Price: 25.98-28.98 million

Followed by China's rivals, one is the asking world M5 Yves, which sells for 259,800-289,800. Thanks to Huawei's technology, it has the strongest car in China, which can be interconnected with mobile phones, smart home appliances, etc., and the rear-drive version also has a full endurance of 620 kilometers. In addition, it is equipped with seat ventilation, 19-speaker stereo, 128-color ambient lights, etc., and its experience can be much higher than that of its peers, not to mention that as a China brand, it understands the needs of Chinese people better, with external discharge, NFC keys, automatic parking, panoramic images and other configurations. In details,

However, after careful understanding, we will find that there are not many China models to choose from for the 20-25 pure electric sport utility vehicle, and it is difficult for Ford Electric Horse to find an equal opponent. Most of these China models are concentrated on the people-friendly route below 200,000, or take the high-end route of 300,000. In the future, there will be dark blue S7, Tucki G6 and Krypton X to compete.

This also reflects the "superb" limited-time discount of Ford electric horse. 200,000-250,000 people want to buy a reliable and high-quality pure electric SUV, and there seems to be no other choice except it, not to mention it is an off-road vehicle that pays attention to performance and control fun.

If the price of Ford electric horse is 260,000+,consumers still need to consider it, which is acceptable, because there are really too many choices at this price; However, if the price is 200,000+,then there is nothing to consider. It is obviously 30,000-50,000 cheaper than the opponent, and there is still a power level of 300 horsepower. Even at this price, there is no car that can compete. So if you have a budget of around 220,000 now, then choose it!

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