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Current models: 16 models of Ford Sharp.

Photographed by: Xiaoxi's sister

This time. The object of shooting chose Ford Sharp.

Although the sport utility vehicle does not have the attitude wind of a car.

But more domineering and masculine.

Ford. Old American brand. American car

As far as I know. There are many riders who are die-hard fans of Ford.

And sharp world. For me.

Among sport utility vehicles of the same price.

It is also my favorite one.

The brand is not publicity.

The shape is not exaggerated

The interior is not fall in price.

A thick and sturdy shape. Give people a sense of security.

Beautiful car. That's my dish.

At the beginning, I also recommended buying this car for my friends.

Sister Xiaoxi.

My little friend who has a good relationship with me in life.

Beautiful people. Good personality.

One time when I was drinking coffee. I heard that she wants to buy an SUV.

I immediately recommended Ford Sharp.

But as a girl. Basically don't move cars.

Buying a car only looks like it.

I took out my mobile phone and found out the photos of Sharp World.

She loved it. Want to test drive.

So. Borrowed my buddy's sharp world last weekend.

Take her to feel it for herself.

Destination: Zhouzhi Old County

Starting from the northern suburbs of Xi 'an.

Get off the highway. Then drive more than 30 kilometers of national highway.

Arrive at Heihe forest toll station.

Pre-conception and planning of shooting.

There are not too many complicated links.

I just think that driving a sport utility vehicle must choose a mountain road.

It is better that the road conditions are not particularly good.

I went to the old county town once the year before last.

Bad road conditions lead to a round trip of more than 300 kilometers.

It took more than eight hours to drive.

Complex road conditions. Rugged road surface.

Often leads to bottoming. Even wading.

It's a long way. If there's a car coming from the opposite side. Wrong cars are very dangerous.

But don't worry about driving sharp this time.

Sit high. The chassis is high.

Although the sharp start is relatively fleshy.

But as long as it's open. It is still very smooth.

2.0T+245P horsepower

6-speed automatic manual transmission.

Although it is not particularly outstanding data.

But for this big guy with more than 2 tons.

It's already good.

Especially the spacious space. And the back seat.

It's like a big sofa. Comfortable!

The temperature of that day was close to 30 degrees.

The front seat ventilation is more considerate.

The pure black interior reflects the texture.

Seven seats are more suitable for a family to travel.

And I prefer sharp 20-inch wheels. And a light-emitting diode light source.

Beautiful. Have a sense of strength. The road ahead is brighter at night.

And driving on such complicated road conditions.

The power of the four-wheel drive also gave me more security.

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