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The price of electric RV is 101,000 yuan, and the automatic transmission picture is 200,000 yuan (the price of electric RV and the picture are 30,000 yuan).

Hello, everyone!

Two days ago, we received a car selection question from a netizen backstage: Hello, my wife and I will retire soon, and we want to buy an RV to walk around. Do you have any recommendations? It's better to be within 300,000 yuan. It's a bit too expensive. One more thing, it's even better if it's a big brand. I don't have any worries about using it in the future. Thank you ~

Personally, I really envy those people who choose RV to travel after retirement, but this netizen doesn't want many models. It happened that Yutong RV released its brand-new model B310 not long ago. Personally, I think it meets the needs of this netizen. Let's take a look!

This Yutong B310 RV is a self-propelled B-type RV based on SAIC Chase V80 Plus. The overall appearance basically follows the ordinary version of V80 design, and the overall style is simple, refreshing and looks relatively low-key. The Yutong custom-made lace outside the car body highlights the uniqueness of this RV.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of this RV are 5700*1998*2750m respectively, and the overall performance is relatively small, which greatly improves the flexibility of daily driving, especially for some novice drivers, who can get started faster.

Speaking of driving, this RV provides a brand-new SAIC π series 2.0T diesel engine in power, matched with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, which meets the national emission standard. C2 and above can be driven. This powertrain has a good performance on the V90 listed in the early stage, and the smaller displacement has brought more powerful power, which is in line with the current general trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Some conventional RV-specific equipment, such as sunshade, electric stepping, rear bicycle rack and rear ladder, are provided outside the car body, which is helpful for the convenience of daily use.

When you open the tailgate, you can see that there is a bed with a horizontal bed at the rear of the car, and below the bed is a large storage box, which can store a lot of luggage.

When the side sliding door is opened, it is a common design of lockers and small doors. This has the advantage of providing more space for the cabinets in the car, and it is also beneficial to install screen doors for the side doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering. However, the most direct disadvantage is that the size of the side doors is reduced, which will still have some influence if the elderly or fat people get on and off.

Entering the interior of the car, we can see that, limited by the size of the whole car, the interior space is relatively small, but it is still fully enough for two people every day. In addition, the fine interior and workmanship given by Yutong RV have improved the quality of the car to a certain extent.

Behind the cab is a double seat with a lifting dining table. What's more interesting is that this group of double seats adopts passenger car seats, and the shape of the whole seat is more in line with the human body curve, which can provide good comfort during long-distance driving. After parking, you can also rotate the main and co-pilot seats to form a sitting form with the rear.

The kitchen area is located at the side door of the carriage, and it is provided with conventional equipment such as an induction cooker, a vegetable washing pool, a special refrigerator for a 50L RV, etc. With a 120L clean water tank and a 60L grey water tank, there is no problem for daily use. Of course, if you want to do some "frying and frying", it is recommended that you bring your own portable stove to avoid the car being polluted by oil fumes.

The toilet in the car is located in the middle of the carriage, and the internal space is not bad. It provides conventional equipment such as a toilet mirror, a ventilator and a toilet, which can meet the needs of washing for two people during travel.

The main rest area in the car is located at the rear of the car. It uses a horizontal double bed. The length of the bed is about 1900mm and the width is about 1300 mm. It is no problem for two adults to use it.

There are several storage lockers at the top of the bed, which is convenient for storing some personal belongings. With the atmosphere lights at the top of the lockers, a good atmosphere is created for the car.

In terms of vehicle temperature control system, this RV provides driving air conditioner in driving area and special air conditioner for parking RV, which can adjust the temperature in the car in time to create a comfortable living space, and an independent fuel heating system can save energy consumption while heating the car.

Generally speaking, this Yutong B310 RV with a price of 279,800 is a RV product that is more suitable for two-person travel. Moderate body size, brand-new powertrain meeting the national six emissions, reasonable pricing and perfect after-sales system endowed by Yutong are undoubtedly the advantages of this RV. Whether this RV is what you want or not depends on your own needs.

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