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Illustration of Mazda six fuse box (where is Mazda six fuse box)

Hello, everyone, the old driver of the car inspector meets you again. Er ~ I'm Yaoyao, an unknown inspector. Welcome to watch this interesting story about used car inspection ~

Today, Yaoyao was commissioned by fans to test a 2020 Mazda Artz 2.5L Blue Sky Sports Edition. The date of manufacture: September 2019, with a mileage of 15,000 kilometers and a new car guide price of 199,800.

If car companies are compared to a class, Mazda is the classmate who always sits in the corner and has been trying to solve the Olympic math problem that many scholars have given up. Although he once passed the exam and made Mazda proud in front of the whole class, the teacher immediately announced that there would be no more Olympic math questions in the future exam, but he didn't care. He always indulged in his own world, worked hard and got an upper-middle level in other subjects. He was never the Miyoshi student in the eyes of the teacher, but he was a charming male student often talked about by many girls on campus. This is Mazda.

As Hua Dan, the master of Mazda's models, Artz has attracted special attention since its birth. Artz has perfectly inherited the sports genes of the car series, and it has been six or seven years since it was created. Although it is not a "black technology" worthy of hype now, it is just like the old Ma Liu of that year. Even today, you don't feel how advanced it is, but you just feel it when you drive it.

It's a bit far. Going back to this car, it's strange that the current market price of the same car is around 150,000. After learning that the transaction price is 120,000, Yaoyao expressed doubts: It's obviously lower than the market price. Doesn't the seller need to make money when doing business?

Yaoyao asked the customer with doubts that this car was auctioned by a merchant at a certain treasure and was finally sold at a price of 120,000 yuan. According to the normal process, the transfer was made today. Out of anxiety, it was decided that the car was in good condition after testing, and then the follow-up process was carried out. If there was any problem, the car was abandoned and the auction deposit of 7,000 yuan was lost.

Without much gossip, let's start today's main task! First of all, the front bumper was inspected, and it was found that there were traces of secondary painting at the gap, and the bumper was damaged and the paint surface cracked due to collision at present, which needed to be repaired after starting.

No abnormality was found after the inspection of the exterior covering parts and the left and right structural parts of the vehicle body. The paint value of the exterior covering parts was around 120um-140um, and there were no removal marks of the fixing screws. No residual particles and trachoma were found after painting by naked eyes. It was confirmed that all the vehicle bodies except the front bumper were original car paints.

The factory date of the whole car glass is September 2019, which is consistent with the factory date of the final assembly of the car. At the same time, the glass sealant has no sticking marks, and there is no disassembly of the glass outer bead. After basic testing, it can be determined that the whole car glass is the original factory.

The surface of the top of the shock absorber and the ribs of the fender on both sides of the engine compartment are smooth, and there is no phenomenon of folding, knocking and painting. At the same time, the welding points and sealant at the joints of all components also meet the original vehicle standards, so serious accident impact on both sides of the engine compartment is ruled out.

There are also no signs of repair in the front sections of the longitudinal beams on both sides of the engine room, and there are no signs of disassembly and twisting of the fixing screws at the joint between the anti-collision beam and the longitudinal beam. After comprehensive detection, the possibility of serious collision accident in the front of the engine room is ruled out.

After the accident detection project is completed, the engine and engine room accessories will be inspected in all directions.

There is no trace of disassembly and twisting dislocation of the engine foot, and there is no aging and cracking of the rubber sleeve, so it is certain that the engine is not hoisted.

After the engine cover is removed, the valve cover has not been removed at present, which excludes the suspicion of engine disassembly and maintenance. But what makes me even more puzzled is why there is so much sediment and dust in the engine compartment of a car that is only over 10,000 kilometers a year, even if it runs to the construction site every day, it will not be like this.

There is excessive corrosion on the fixing screws and surfaces of the exhaust manifold shield at the rear end of the engine, which is inconsistent with the age of the vehicle.

There is excessive sediment and dust on the surface and gap of the engine peripheral accessory generator and air conditioning compressor. It seems that this car is not the quasi-new car as claimed. Keep looking down.

There are also abnormal sediment residues in the fixing bracket of the engine computer board, and there are signs of sediment and mildew corrosion when the fuse is pulled out inside the fuse box, which conforms to the characteristics of the bubble car and can initially determine the blisters, but it is not too early to draw a conclusion. What if the front of the car falls into the ditch? This situation cannot be ruled out.

No traces of emulsified sediment were found in the engine through the oil filler, and the internal fixing screws were not removed. It should be static blisters. If it is dynamic, the engine will be disassembled for maintenance. Generally speaking, static soaking has the possibility to repair, as long as it is not completely immersed, it has the opportunity to repair, but if it is dynamic soaking, it will be abandoned directly, and the probability of repair is very low.

Yaoyao told the customer the situation as soon as possible, and the customer said that it was enough to eliminate accidents, blisters and fires, and other items could be temporarily exempted from testing.

Then, let's take a look at the interior of the vehicle. The inner surface of the cockpit of the vehicle doesn't look abnormal wear and sand, but when the door is opened, there is a musty and humid smell. Yaoyao probably guessed that it was close, but it can't be empty. We need to continue to look for strong evidence.

There is sand in the instrument panel, and there are grinding marks on the metal skeleton, but there is corrosion in the details. After detecting this, it is speculated that the interior of the car has been roughly renovated after blisters, but it is not handled in place.

There is abnormal corrosion on the surface of the steering column at the bottom of the instrument panel, and the carpet at the bottom is dirty and yellow, which is inconsistent with the age of the vehicle.

The metal skeleton at the bottom of the seat in the car can be seen to be seriously corroded. Even if the vehicle with a normal age of one year is in a coastal city or wading, such a situation will not occur.

Lift the carpet at the bottom of the seat and observe that there is sediment residue on the bottom plate of the vehicle, which conforms to the characteristics of the bubble car and determines that the car is a bubble car.

After it was determined to be a bubble car, Yaoyao immediately thought of a flooded car. Later, when the roof lining was disassembled, it was found that there was abnormal sediment on the roof airbag, and the surface of the metal fixing bracket of the roof airbag was abnormally corroded, which was in line with the characteristics of a flooded car.

Here, Yaoyao still wants to popularize the concepts and hazards of wading, soaking and flooding vehicles:

First of all, it is clear that there is no very professional definition of wading, soaking and flooding vehicles in the industry, but there are six grades recognized in the industry.

  • Flooding Level 1: The accumulated water has just not reached the vehicle chassis, and the vehicle floor may be wet, but the possibility of a large amount of water is low, and the impact on the electrical equipment in the vehicle is small.
  • Flooding level 2: The accumulated water is less than half of the wheel. At this time, due to the incomplete sealing of the vehicle, water will begin to enter the car. For cars with low body, the water level in the car may affect the adjusting motor of the vehicle seat, heating and ventilation and other electrical components.
  • Flooding level 3: The accumulated water has almost never passed the tire. At this time, the water level in the car will completely submerge the seat cushion and central armrest area of the vehicle seat, and at the same time affect a large number of electrical equipment.
  • Flooding level 4: the accumulated water does not reach the engine compartment cover, at this time, the water level in the vehicle rises to the instrument panel of the vehicle, and at the same time, the headlights of the vehicle and the engine intake pipe in the engine compartment begin to get water.
  • Flooding level 5: the accumulated water has not passed the engine compartment cover at all, and almost all the electrical equipment in the car will be affected by the accumulated water at this moment.
  • Flooding level 6: If the accumulated water does not reach the roof, the vehicle roof and sunroof module will be affected, and all parts in the vehicle will be spared.

The wading vehicle refers to driving on low-lying roads with accumulated water and passing through the water. Generally, it occurs in the rainy weather, and the lack of drainage equipment leads to water accumulation on the road surface. Generally speaking, the impact caused by wading vehicles is much lower than that caused by soaking vehicles, and vehicles generally have special water-related insurance. If it is a vehicle fault caused by wading, it is not very difficult to repair, so you can take insurance. However, according to the test results, this car has reached the six-level flooding level, so it can be said that this car can no longer be used normally ~

Later, the customer came to ask about the car condition, and Yaoyao pointed to the problem and explained it to the customer. The customer said that the car condition exceeded the psychological expectation and could not accept the car, and then Yaoyao was asked to give up the follow-up test.

After all-round inspection, the overall condition of the vehicle is not very good. Basically, there is no accident in the original paint of the vehicle, but there is flooding. As the saying goes, it is better to buy an accident car than a bubble car. After the vehicle is soaked, the electronic components and circuits in the vehicle will be affected, even short-circuited, and the vehicle will frequently fail or even spontaneously ignite in use, which will not only lead to high cost in later maintenance, but also lead to accidents, thus affecting the safety of the members in the vehicle.

Therefore, whether you go to the market to buy a used car or auction a used car on the platform, you must make sure the car is in good condition before making a financial transaction, otherwise you will lose your wife and lose your soldiers.

In addition, I want to talk to you about the auction car. Online auctions are not very different from the auctions we usually see. Before the auction, we should carefully read the announcement of the auction and know the details of the products we want to auction. Remember the time of the auction so as not to miss the auction time. The bidding rules of the auction, the description of the target, the time and method of paying the final payment, and these are all announced. We must read them clearly. 

As for some people who say that the car of online judicial auction is true? I can say responsibly: Yes! It's just that the car auctioned by online judicial auction may have other hidden defects, such as damage to the car, inability to drive, or arrears, such as parking fees owed to judicial parking lots. These situations should be clearly understood by the buyers themselves. Therefore, before buying an online auction car, it is best to know the relevant situation before making a decision. Don't believe that the pie is falling all over the world. The price of a commodity must be in line with its market expectation. If you see something far below the market price, you'd better ask yourself why it has to fall on you. The seller is not doing charity ~ People say that this car has been parked in the parking lot for five years, and you have to pay a monopoly high-priced parking fee for five years. You must still hire a trailer if you have no oil, no electricity and no keys, and drag it out of Longtan and into the den ~

Ok, that's all for today's testing sharing. I'm Yaoyao, a senior second-hand car testing technician from the car inspector. If you have any questions about your favorite car that need to be tested or used cars, please search WeChat "Car Inspector". Maybe I can solve the problem for you. The car inspector is willing to be your friend who knows cars best!

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