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Yamaha xmax300 rear shock absorption length (Yamaha xmax300 modified shock absorption)

Not long ago, Yamaha launched a high-end version of ——XMAX 300SP in the Thai market, which added several large and small upgrades compared with the ordinary version to provide a better experience for riders who pursue sports performance.

The biggest difference of XMAX 300SP version lies in the double rear shock absorber designed by olins for XMAX 300 as standard in the original car, with shock absorber cylinder and adjustable support. Even if the performance is put aside, the glittering olins is indeed more eye-catching than the ordinary version of black shock absorber. This olins shock absorber can also enjoy a five-year or 50,000-kilometer warranty provided by olins Asia. Because this olins shock absorber needs regular maintenance, the purchase of XMAX 300SP will also come with a pair of original factory shock absorbers as spare parts.

XMAX 300SP has only one color of dark gray, and it is decorated with red elements to enhance the sense of movement, such as the red line on the side of the front of the car, the "X Max" sign on the car body has also been changed to red, and the exclusive badge of the special card version and the scarlet letter on the black background have also been added to the front of the car to emphasize the uniqueness of this version. The combination of gray and red also creates a more aggressive appearance, and the golden olins is more prominent. The wheel hub is also painted in striking orange-red, in addition, it is equipped with a comfortable seat cushion with maximum technology, color matching design and red stitching to further enhance the sense of movement, and XMAX 300SP is also equipped with a negative display instrument similar to TMAX 560, which has better contrast and visibility.

In terms of power, XMAX 300SP remains the same 292ml single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine, with the maximum power of 20.6kW and the maximum torque of 29Nm. Other configurations are also consistent with the standard version, with about 45L large-capacity bucket space for putting down two helmets, and the power interface in the front storage space can also meet the demand of mobile phone charging. In terms of electronic configuration, there are keyless start and ABS, and there is a traction control system that can close the trafficcontrolstation. The brake is equipped with a front 267mm brake disc and a double-piston caliper, and the rear brake is a 245mm brake disc and a single-piston caliper.

The price of XMAX 300SP in Thailand is 209,000 baht, which is about 39,713 RMB according to the latest exchange rate.

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