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What's the matter with the car information indicator always on (what's the matter with the car information indicator)

The car suddenly showed on the screen.

A particularly strange sign,

What does this mean?

Is my car broken? Is it serious?

In fact, a screen appears.

A sign of a little man going to the bathroom

In fact, it is a temperature display of MINUS four degrees Celsius.

Various signs displayed by cars,

If you are a novice,

Many times it will be wrong.

In addition to our common headlights, turn signals and so on.

When many icons light up,

It means there is a safety hazard in the car.

Driving in strong wind or heavy rain,

These hidden dangers may become the chief culprit in the car accident.

So it is very important to read these icons.

The ten most important indicator lights of the instrument

[Aladdin magic lamp: oil alarm lamp]

This indicator lamp, which looks like Aladdin's magic lamp, is the oil alarm lamp!

When the light is on, it means that the oil stock and pressure are lower than the standard value. If you continue to drive, the engine will lose lubrication and cause serious wear.

If the fault light does not disappear after adding oil, please do not start the vehicle and contact the rescue as soon as possible.

[Thermometer: water temperature alarm]

The water temperature indicator lamp is used to display the temperature of the coolant in the vehicle engine.

Some models without water thermometer (such as Great Wall compact car series) will display the coolant temperature in the color of indicator light:

Blue means the water temperature is too low, extinction means the water temperature is normal, and red means the water temperature is too high.

What the engine is most afraid of is the lack of oil and water. The lighting of the water temperature alarm lamp is equivalent to the risk factor of the oil alarm. If the temperature is too high, the engine will continue to drive at a high temperature, resulting in the deformation of the cylinder block, and the owner can add coolant or pure water for emergency. In case of "cylinder sticking" and "cylinder gasket", please contact the trailer immediately for rescue.

[Irregular box: engine fault light]

The engine fault light is used to display the working state of the engine, and its color is mainly yellow. Turn the key, and the indicator light will light up when the vehicle is self-checking, and it will automatically go out after starting the vehicle. If the indicator light is always on after starting the car, it indicates that the engine system may be faulty.

[exclamation point: brake system fault light]

If the brake system fault light is on, please make sure that the handbrake is completely released first. If the handbrake is still on when released, please check whether the brake oil level is normal or whether the brake pads are too thin. At this time, if the braking force is not weakened, you can drive carefully and go to the nearest repair shop for repair as soon as possible. After all, the quality of the brakes is most directly related to people's driving safety.

[Big circle and small circle: steering assist warning light]

When the warning light of the steering power is on, it means that the steering power system is out of order. At this time, the steering power may be weakened or completely disappeared, which is very dangerous at any time during driving.

[Prompt for Door/Front Cover Not Closed]

It is very dangerous that the door or front hood is not completely closed during driving, which may cause the door to open or the hood to be photographed on the front windshield at any time due to wind speed.

[Parentheses exclamation point: tire pressure alarm]

When the warning light is on, it may be that the tire pressure is insufficient or damaged. We should get off the bus immediately to check whether the tires are normal or punctured and cause air leakage.

[Big box: battery alarm light]

The battery indicator light is usually yellow. Turn the key and the vehicle will go out automatically after self-inspection. However, if the indicator light is always on, there is a problem with the battery, and the vehicle cannot be started after it is exhausted.

[ABS warning light]

The color of ABS indicator light is mainly yellow. If the indicator light does not light up when the car is self-checking, or the indicator light always lights up after starting the car, it indicates that there may be a fault in the ABS system.

[Body Electronic Stability Control System]

Under normal circumstances, when the indicator light of the body electronic stability control system is always on, the system is turned off, and when it is turned off, it is turned on.

Most complete dashboard logo

Hurry up and collect it ~

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Source: Yantai Traffic Police

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