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Apulia rsv4 accelerates at zero hundred kilometers (Apulia rsv4 accelerates for several seconds)

I believe that in the eyes of many domestic riders, although Apulia is a big foreign racing brand, in China, it seems that more people see Apulia's small-displacement entry-level imitation racing car. From 49 ml RSV 50 to GPR125 and GPR150, it seems that Apulia has long been inseparable from small-displacement vehicles. However, if you label April as an entry car just like this, you are all wet! So today Xiaobian will take you to see a different April-five-type four-cylinder April RSV4!

Of course, the first thing I want to explain to you is this V4 engine. This machine can be said to be a unique place in the current super sports car market. Earlier, there were still many V4 supercars, but with the passage of time, only Apulia persisted. The most exciting thing about V4 is that it is completely different from the manipulation feeling of inline four-cylinder. If inline four-cylinder is the representative of violence, then V4 is the representative that will make you addicted to violence!

Regarding the introduction of this car, Xiao Bian does not want to talk about it one by one from the appearance, configuration and riding experience. Because if you say so, then this keyboard may be broken. So below, Xiaobian will start from several places where RSV4 is particularly attractive.

First of all, when this car whizzes past you, even if you can't see its appearance clearly, you will be attracted by its sound! The sound of this V4 engine not only has the dense and high-pitched feeling inherent in a four-cylinder engine, but also has a unique sense of power from V4, which cannot be fully expressed in words. It's not that the sound of RSV4 is very loud, but it's very pleasing to the ear. At first, it sounds like a lion's growl, and you will feel the hair tremble when you twist the throttle in the gap! Of course, this kind of voice will only be felt if it is actually heard.

Of course, the sound is just the most basic charm of this supercar. The biggest highlight of this V4 engine is completely different from the riding experience and power output of an inline four-cylinder engine. Although this car is relatively unpopular in the global market, no matter which car evaluation media, it is a rare high-level engine. At 13,000 rpm, the maximum output is 201 horsepower, the maximum power is 148 kW, and the maximum torque is 115 Nm at 10,500 rpm. This kind of data just entered the super-running 200-horsepower club, and the whole power is completely unnecessary to worry about. If you run casually without turning off the electronic system, you can achieve an acceleration of 100 kilometers in about 3 seconds. The distance from 0 to 400 meters can also be easily accelerated to a speed of 260 km/h.

So in summary, there is no doubt about the violence of this car. So the only place to really experience the fun of this car is the track. After all, this is a big monster that can reach 160 kilometers per hour in one gear. If you ride on the road at will, it is still very unsafe. Normal riding can hardly use fourth gear. Therefore, riding on the city roads is completely over-powered, but fortunately, there are various electronic systems to control it. Otherwise, if this car has fun on the road, it will be terrible.

Of course, when riding, the most obvious feeling of V4' s power characteristics is the extension of power. It's not like an in-line four-cylinder engine that needs to wait for the speed to rise, nor is it as small as a V2 engine, where RSV4 is very powerful as soon as it comes up, and with the increase of the throttle, this kind of force is as much as it needs. After all, few people will completely twist it to the end to feel the speed after 200 horses.

Of course, such a violent machine inevitably has the biggest feature, that is, the fuel consumption is about 10L, and the maximum battery life of a tank of oil is only 200 kilometers. If you want to ride this car out, you should know the locations of gas stations on the road before going out. Of course, people who can afford this car will not pay attention to the fuel consumption of this car at all.

Finally, Xiaobian still wants to mention the appearance of this car. In a word, it can be said that it is very low-key! For friends who don't have a deep understanding of locomotives, this is the bigger GPR150, but if you look closely, you will find a completely different place. After all, this is a big guy with a domestic trade price of 240,000 to 400,000.

In a word, the violent riding feeling of this car is absolutely addictive. I wonder what you think of this car? Comment and exchange in the comments section below!

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