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Think twice about buying Chuanqi m8 (whether Chuanqi m8 is good or not)

Mature and atmospheric body design, golden combination of 2.0T engine and 8AT gearbox, and super-high technology configuration, this medium and large multipurpose vehicle has been on the scene since its debut.

Get much attention.

After the listing, the sales volume is also straight.


Although Chuanqi M8 has a suit "

Talent blessing "

However, it has many minor problems. Recently, we received a complaint from Mr. Gu in Xi 'an, Shaanxi.

Mr. Gu's Chuanqi M8 appeared just after 1000 kilometers.

Body resonance, gear shift, "deafening" sound of the third row air conditioner, and failure of electric side sliding door.

Wait for questions.

Question 1: Body resonance

According to Mr. Gu's description, not long after the car was bought back, on the way of starting and driving the cold car, it would come from the center console and the central armrest.

The resonant sound of "buzzing"

I didn't care at first, but with the increase of kilometers, the sound is getting louder and louder, from the previous "

Occasionally ring "

Into the present "

Ring every day "


"Mr. Ku said,"

Now I feel particularly upset when driving every day, and driving has become a torment.


Problem 2: Serious gear shift.

When you step on the brakes during normal driving, the car can't downshift in time, and the gearbox will be accompanied.

The sound of "chug chug" is very annoying.

Out-of-gear sound plus resonance sound, in the cockpit


Very lively.

Question 3: The sound of the air conditioner in the third row is deafening.

A qualified multi-purpose vehicle must be

Large space, excellent NVH

Let the family fully enjoy the pleasant reunion time when they travel, and Mr. Gu's Chuanqi M8 seems to have entered after turning on the rear air conditioner.

Workshop of "A Mechanical Processing Factory"

It's very loud.

Mr. Gu said:

None of my family wants to sit in the third row because it's too noisy.

Question 4: The automatic electric sliding door occasionally fails.

The electric sideslip door is a

"advanced" MPV

Due to the configuration, you only need to press the button, and the side sliding door will automatically open and close, so that you can get on and off at ease.

But if you encounter a sideslip door,

"occasional failure"

This is very embarrassing. Mr. Gu's Chuanqi M8 electric side sliding door often appears.

The door closes and opens automatically.

The situation is very supernatural.

Imagine if there is a child sitting in the back row and the door suddenly opens automatically after the car starts. The consequences are really

It's unimaginable.

Xiao Bian found that this kind of "paranormal" is not a case.

Case 1: The newly bought Chuanqi M8 has just come back.

The electric car door won't close

The entertainment communication system failed, and the 4S shop ignored it, and the owner collapsed.

Case 2: The newly bought Chuanqi M8 was driven less than 700 kilometers, and the ACC adaptive cruise alarm failed. After the maintenance was solved, the left electric door could not be closed again, and the complaint was made to the manufacturer, but the manufacturer refused to repair it.

Case 3: After buying a new car, it was found that the left electric sliding door could not be closed occasionally. Later, it was found that there was obvious color difference between the side door paint and the body paint, and the owner suspected the new car.

It has been repaired.

According to the platform complaint information, the complaint volume of Chuanqi GM8 is increasing gradually, and the complaint content is also varied.

Exhaust system fault engine fault light is on.

1, the new car engine fault light alarm, prompting the need to check the emission system, go to the 4S shop to eliminate the fault.

The fault light came on again the next day.

Abnormal consumption of antifreeze and abnormal sound of A-pillar

2. The new Chuanqi M8 travels only about 3,000 kilometers.

Antifreeze from max to min.

, the prompt is insufficient. Then I went to the 4S shop to fill it up. After driving for 3,000 kilometers, the antifreeze was insufficient.

The abnormal noise near the A-pillar of the new car is serious. After the left triangle glass and the front windshield are removed, the metal plate of the A-pillar is strengthened and the sound insulation cotton is added near the A-pillar, and the abnormal noise still exists.

New car chassis rusted in many places.

3. The newly bought Chuanqi M8 by riders was driven for less than a month, and the left front wheel balance bar rusted and the lower hem arm rusted.

The owner said: the quality of Chuanqi is really not good.


Relying on the technical support of two acres of land, GAC Chuanqi has launched many excellent models in recent years, and its market share is getting higher and higher. However, judging from the complaints from Mr. Gu and many riders, GAC Chuanqi still goes too far in handling the details of quality control.



I also hope that Chuanqi manufacturers can

Pay attention to the problems of riders and come up with solutions as soon as possible.

Don't disappoint many friends who support domestic production, and don't let car owners who buy Chuanqi M8 in the future.



Finally, I borrowed a sentence from the owner, Mr. Gu:

We support domestic cars, but domestic cars disappoint us.

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