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A pure electric vehicle with a battery life of 1200 kilometers (the cheapest electric vehicle with a battery life of 600 kilometers)

For an electric car, power and cruising range are the two most important aspects, but some electric cars have strong power and the cruising range can't keep up. Today, I will give you an evaluation of an electric car, which is not only powerful, but also has a long cruising range and is suitable for long-distance riding.

The vehicle for this evaluation is Keren C500. We evaluate it from three aspects: power, cruising range and configuration:

Point 1: In terms of power, the 1200W high-power motor can ride faster.

Keren C500 electric vehicle adopts 1200W high-power and high-performance motor, which can achieve high speed even in loading form, and the motor has good mute effect. This motor is matched with silver diamond controller, which makes the electric vehicle output more power when riding, and has multi-speed regulation function, so users can adjust the speed according to the road surface, which is more energy-saving and convenient to operate. Whether driving on a flat road or on a mountain road, the speed can be adjusted reasonably.

Point 2: In terms of battery life, a variety of batteries are available, with a maximum battery life of over 100 kilometers.

Keren C500 electric vehicle has a variety of battery options, such as 60V20Ah or 72V20Ah, to meet the needs of different users. Under special circumstances, if the battery of 72V45Ah is installed, the maximum cruising range can reach 180 kilometers on a flat road, and if riding on a mountain road, it can also be recharged for 100 kilometers at a time. This long-lasting electric vehicle is very suitable for long-distance riding.

Point 3: In terms of configuration, multiple functions are intelligently controlled, which is safe, practical and beautiful.

The details of this car are in place. The car has a front basket hook, a USB charging interface and a foldable pedal. In braking, the front disc and rear drum brake are used, which not only brakes quickly, but also brakes stably. With anti-skid and anti-puncture vacuum tires, the grip is stronger.

In terms of shock absorption, this car adopts front and rear hydraulic shock absorption and rear spring hydraulic double shock absorption, which can effectively reduce bumps on the road and make travel more comfortable.

On the seat cushion, a comfortable, soft and durable high-elasticity waterproof seat cushion is used. This kind of seat cushion is not only waterproof, but also sun-proof, and it is not tired after sitting for a long time, so that the vehicle can be used for a long time. Moreover, the resilience of the seat cushion is better, and riding in mountainous areas will not feel obvious bumps.

Intellectually, Keren C500 is also brilliant. It not only has an intelligent repair button, but also has an intelligent anti-theft function. At the same time, it has a one-button reversing and dual remote control functions, making intelligent control more convenient. In terms of lighting configuration, lens headlights are used, which are not only full of light, but also wide-angle illumination, and can maintain sufficient light whether it is night, rain or rainy and foggy days, making riding at night smoother.

Summary of vehicle evaluation

Through the evaluation of Keren C500, we found that this is a durable and good electric vehicle, with a high-power motor of 1200W, which can be equipped with 60 V or 72 V batteries. When paired with 72V45Ah batteries, the maximum battery life can reach 180 kilometers, so this car is suitable for long-distance riding.

Of course, this is an electric motorcycle. When driving, it can carry an adult. The car body is relatively wide and the loading form is relatively easy. In actual riding, it is especially loved by many men.

What do you think of this electric motorcycle? What should an electric motorcycle look like in your mind? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

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