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Seclon rt3 evaluation (Seclon rt3 evaluation idiot)

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Recently, Sekelon has launched a brand-new 2022 RT3, which has achieved more than 10 details upgrades under the condition that the retail price is basically unchanged, which not only further enhances the humanized performance of the whole vehicle, but also injects more product selling points into the continuous development of RT3.

RT3 is a 250ml displacement sheep model specially launched by Seclon for the domestic market. The car was first released in 2017, focusing on comfort, sports and technology. Its products are mainly located in urban commuting and short-distance motorcycle riding, with abundant body space and strong power performance. After several iterations, the car has now formed a series of product families based on RT3 and RT3C models.


Shape upgrade

Yan value, Yan value, Yan value! The important thing is to say it three times. For a scooter, which hides its meat in its belly, it is definitely a species that relies on its face to eat in the two-wheeled world. The exterior positioning of the 2022 RT3 is very clear: it focuses on comfort, sports and technology, and the whole vehicle has sharp lines and is bright and high-profile. The brand-new color design adds a bit of technology and agility to this brand-new RT3, which makes the already wide body extremely compact, full of high-grade sense and tall and handsome fresh meat temperament directly hit the aesthetic needs of young riders.

The overall shape design and dimensions of the 2022 RT3 are basically the same as those of the previous generation. According to the official parameters, the new RT3 has a body size of 2165×767×1395, and at the same time, it continues the same sitting posture setting as the previous generation. The difference is that the brand-new RT3 has relatively obvious changes in color matching style. Take the test drive sample car that Xiaobian has got at present as an example. The car is painted in a large area, which is composed of four colors: blue, white, black and orange. The jumping and bright color matching greatly enhances the product recognition of the whole car, and at the same time, it fully displays the product attributes of the car's sports vitality.


Steering mechanism upgrade

As a mid-term modified model, the 2022 RT3 has not only significantly changed the painting of the whole vehicle, but also upgraded 12 other product details on a large scale. Among them, the vehicle has adopted a newly designed transformation mechanism in suspension and running system, and improved its steering sensitivity while ensuring the high-speed stability of the vehicle, thus greatly improving its handling and riding texture.


Vehicle suspension system upgrade

Considering the influence on the steering system adjustment, the 2022 RT3 has also upgraded the vehicle suspension system adaptively. The front and rear of the vehicle adopt double-loop hydraulic compound shock absorbers, and the rear suspension is made of aluminum alloy with double rocker arms, which has the characteristics of light structural weight and balanced counterweight. Because the rear shock absorber adopts five-stage adjustable design, the brand-new RT3 can be adjusted freely according to different loads and different road conditions, so that the vehicle has more diverse scenes.


Brand-new tire combination

The 2022 RT3 adopts Fujimori brand tire combination, and its front wheel is 120-70-15 and rear wheel is 140-60-14. This type of tire uses a new generation of rubber compound formula, which has strong anti-skid characteristics and quiet performance, which undoubtedly further improves the driving safety and comfort of a medium-sized and large sheep model with 250mL.


Whole vehicle lighting upgrade

The 2022 RT3 introduces the design that the headlights are turned on at the same time. This function uses LED light source, which can not only greatly increase the visual field of driving at night, but also reduce the visual blind area, and at the same time make the daily driving of the vehicle safer and more reliable, so that it can fully meet the riding needs in different weather and light.

The 2022 RT3 is designed with double throttle lines.


Optimization adjustment of car body structure

In a sense, the 2022 RT3 is a medium-sized and large-sized sheep car that combines comfort and sports. Therefore, unlike the ordinary pedal car, the car emphasizes the dual consideration of performance under large dynamic conditions and vehicle carrying performance. Therefore, in the car body layout, the 2022 RT3 follows the bridge-type structure of the middle beam of the previous generation, and its frame reinforcement pipe passes through the middle of the pedal, which effectively improves the rigidity of the whole car.

At the same time, the factory also designed the fuel tank and the center sill by cleverly optimizing the configuration of the car body, which reduced the center of gravity of the car body to a certain extent and made its high-speed performance more stable.


Optimization of storage space

In terms of storage space, the 2022 RT3 provides two storage areas for riders, among which the front small storage box has a closed structure and a USB fast charging interface, which can store mobile phones and carry-on items of the same size, and has a good practical performance.

It is particularly worth mentioning that due to the optimization of the body structure and the inherent advantages of large-scale pedal models, the new RT3 has once again expanded the toilet space to improve its loading performance. From the visual performance, it can place a three-quarter helmet and some relatively large items at a time, which can effectively meet the storage needs of items under long-distance riding. At the same time, the manufacturer also reserved the hydraulic tappet of the car seat and the toilet lamp, which also improved the advanced feeling and convenience of the whole car to a certain extent.


Comfort and driving performance are improved in an all-round way

As far as Xiaobian is concerned, as one of the biggest highlights of this product upgrade, the 2022 RT3 has once again improved the details of comfort and humanization. On the basis of the previous model, the car has thickened the seat part, making it softer and more comfortable, with good anti-skid performance and good wrapping characteristics for the buttocks.

In addition, the 2022 RT3 also introduces a heating handle and a heating seat cushion, so that users can control the temperature according to their actual needs, so that RT3 can also bring a relatively comfortable driving and control environment for cyclists under extreme conditions, making it a veritable "mobile sofa".


Wisdom intelligent upgrade

Of course, in addition to the overall improvement of comfort and driving performance, the new RT3 has also upgraded and optimized the car-machine interconnection system again, which not only retains the original mobile phone screen projection function, but also adds a very personalized smart watch, and at the same time wirelessly interconnects the daily information of the smart watch terminal with the RT3 driving computer.

According to Xiaobian's personal test, the system can not only update the vehicle data on the watch in real time, but also integrate a number of practical functions such as tire pressure, electric power and vehicle positioning, and interact with some information through Bluetooth, ensuring a high degree of integration between people, vehicles and information.


Power system optimization

Like the previous model, the 2022 RT3 adopts a 247ml water-cooled single-cylinder dual-camshaft four-valve engine developed by Seclon. The platform continuously optimizes the power, and is equipped with a well-received needle valve rocker arm and lightweight piston, which can effectively reduce the internal friction of the engine and improve the work efficiency of the heat engine.

The optimized electronic fuel injection system can make the engine output the maximum power of 17kW at 8000 rpm and the maximum torque of 22.5 nm at 6500 rpm. The good power performance also gives the 2022 RT3 the capital to interact with imported vehicles of the same class.



As a large-scale scooter that combines sports and comfort, the 2022 RT3 boldly incorporates more original elements of details, endows it with unique personality characteristics and product advantages, and impresses every consumer with full sincerity, making it a respectable opponent among domestic pedal models of the same level. The important point is that Zongshen, as a conscience manufacturer, not only did not increase the price of the vehicle, but also directly lowered the price, so that more people can enjoy the carefree riding experience brought by this big pedal, which is worthy of praise.

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