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The latest quotation video tutorial for the 10th generation of Accord (2022 for the 10th generation of Accord)

The 10th generation Accord went on the market in 2019, and it was immediately loved by consumers. In 2020, it sold more than 200,000 vehicles and successfully won the B-class car market. Next, let's talk about how to choose the Accord:

The 10th generation Accord has a total of 9 configuration models, which are divided into two versions: 1.5T gasoline version and 2.0l self-priming hybrid version. Among them, there are five gasoline versions and four hybrid versions. The Accord is now very cost-effective. The introduction guide price of the hybrid version is less than 20w, and the top guide price of the 1.5T pure gasoline version is not more than 230,000, so the price is still very competitive.

1. Color:

Accord has six colors: Glacier Silver, Space Silver, Ruby Red, Aurora Blue, Star Moon White and ooft Black. There is no need to wait except black and white. Other colors should have to wait for more than half a month before the car is available.

2. Hub:

Accord gasoline version of the car, all use 17 wheels, comfortable, elite and luxurious, using a style, distinguished and flagship using a style, but obviously look better. The two low-profile versions of Chaos, Ruiku and Ruiling, use 17-inch wheels, and the two versions of Ruizhi and Ruizun are 18-inch blade wheels. This set of wheels is really nice.

3 Interior:

The "T"-shaped central control is still in line with some current mainstream performances. The seat is well wrapped and the interior is quite satisfactory.

4 dynamic parameters:

The gasoline version is divided into 1.5T, 177 horsepower and 230 torque, and the tail is marked with 230. This engine is mounted on the comfort version, that is, the minimum. Another set of configuration is 194 horsepower and 260 torque, which is carried on other versions of gasoline. That is, on the middle and high-end models. The hybrid model is equipped with two parts: 2.0l and Honda motor. The maximum power of his single engine is 146 horsepower, and with the cooperation of the motor, the comprehensive maximum output can reach 215 horsepower. This is a little higher than 1.5T power, so if you want power, it is right to mix up.

Next, let's talk about each model.

Comfort edition:

That is, the lowest allocation, the power of 177 horsepower is 1.5T, which is equivalent to low-power adjustment, and the guide price is the cheapest. In terms of configuration, there are only four airbags in the front side, passive pedestrian protection, tire pressure alarm and safety configuration. The basic performance is not bad, with an electric sunroof and a 7-inch middle screen in the car. Meet the needs of the family.

Elite edition:

From the comfort version to the elite version, first of all, the price will increase by about 10,000 yuan. The power is 177 horsepower to 194, and the torque is 260. Don't underestimate this improvement. The essence of the second generation earth dream is all here. In terms of configuration, the front and rear head airbags, reversing images, cruise control, automatic seat adjustment in the front row, reversing images, rearview mirror heating, etc. have been added, all of which are relatively large configuration changes, and the 10,000 yuan spent is quite worthwhile. The elite version is an Accord-sized model, which can be satisfied for both home use and pursuit of control.

Deluxe edition:

10 thousand more expensive than the elite. Added lane keeping, automatic braking, adaptive cruise, parallel assistance and so on. Go safely to by going up one flight of stairs. This is more than 10 thousand, so many configurations are worth it.

Premium edition:

The price has increased by 10,000 more than that of luxury. In terms of configuration, the distinguished model has a panoramic skylight, keyless entry in the front row, heated seats in the front row, an eight-inch touch screen, voice control, and two-month usb interface before and after. However, the lane deviation is reduced, and the line is assisted, and the adaptive cruise is performed. I don't understand this.

Ultimate edition:

The price is 20,000 yuan more expensive than that of Premium. The gasoline version has all the necessary configurations, including automatic parking and reversing, car side warning, front seat ventilation, original mobile phone interconnection, car networking and LED headlights, so the configuration is really complete. But the price is a little expensive.

That's all about the gasoline version. Uncle Zhang, who has the highest cost performance, still thinks it is the luxury version, followed by the elite version. It must go through a set of L2 automatic driving, which improves a lot of safety. What do you think?

In the next issue, let's talk about which configuration is the most worth buying for Accord Hybrid?

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