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Toyota Ultraman 2018 Quotation and Pictures (Toyota Ultraman 2020 Quotation Table)

A few days ago, a group of Toyota 2022 four-person trail special edition real car maps were exposed. The new car is a North American version of Brother Car developed based on Prado platform. Its domestic abbreviation is familiar to us-Ultraman new car will be sold as an imported car within this year, or the price will be 630,000. What highlights will this American version of Ultraman bring to us? Let's go and have a look with the car brother.

In terms of appearance (pictured), the front face of the new car is designed with a split honeycomb air intake grille, and the interior is blackened. Then it is matched with wide and full LED headlight groups on both sides. At first glance, the past is true, giving people a bad feeling of "provoking". Compared with the Prado model, the gas field of the new car is a little bigger, and with the paint color of this car, many off-road enthusiasts will be moved.

On the side, the waistline of the new car continues to the tail, plus the suspended roof design and large-size multi-frame wheels. The luggage frame assembled on the roof is also one of the classic shapes of the four-person walkway. Ultraman's tail design is relatively square and three-dimensional, with vertical matrix taillights echoing the front face and hidden exhaust layout. Although there are only simple design elements, the integration of these elements enhances the recognition of the whole vehicle and creates a sense of power and sports atmosphere for the new car.

In the interior part, the new car uses the layout of dark tone+silver plaque, plus instrument panel, embedded central control panel, multi-function steering wheel, etc. The minimalist design of the whole car takes into account off-road and practicality. In terms of power, the US version of Ultraman will be equipped with a 4.0-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine, and the transmission part will be matched with a 5-speed automatic manual transmission. The maximum output power of the system is 270PS, and the peak torque is 377 N m, and some models are suitable for four-wheel drive system.


I have to say that the face value of the 2022 four-person trail is still good, and the gas field of the whole vehicle is very strong. I wonder what you think of the value of this American version of Ultraman? What do you think of the price of 630 thousand? Leave a message in the comment area and tell your brother who is playing with cars.

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