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Lexus es300h Mark Audio (2017 lexus es300h Mark Audio Problem)

BBA is the most famous luxury brand, and the German Big Three basically accounts for more than 90% of the luxury cars in China. The biggest advantage of domestic joint venture is the low price, but there are still many stubborn car companies in the automobile industry, and they always refuse to choose domestic cars. All of them insist on importing, and insisting on importing is nothing more than three reasons. First, they are afraid that technology will be imitated and stolen, and local cars can master their core advantages; The second is to ensure quality and workmanship, and the third is not to share profits with other manufacturers. I would rather sell less and take all profits. Lexus is one of the representative car companies.

The real reason why Lexus is not made in China is to monopolize profits. It is unrealistic to say that the technology is imitated, and it is not a top model. The entry level is really not attractive, not to mention the quality and workmanship. The quality of domestic cars made by Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW more than ten years ago is still good, and the main reasons that affect the performance of the car body are post-maintenance and driving habits. However, the aura of "all-in-one import" on the top of the head is really helpful to Lexus's reputation, and the momentum is faint.

Lexus has two B-class cars, El Salvador, which pay attention to individuality and sports, ES pays attention to business and comfort, and the price is much more expensive than BMW Series 3 and Audi A4L. Among them, El Salvador's overall sales volume is not bad, often occupying the first place in the sales list of imported cars, with nearly 6,000 units in January.

Some people will choose E200 when they buy lexus ES. This car is not very popular. On the one hand, the price of bare car will start at 310,000, but the power is only 2.0L displacement of 167 horses. The E300h hybrid car has a good reputation.

Toyota's hybrid technology of oil and electricity is really bright. It can recover energy during driving, but it doesn't need to be plugged in. The bare car price of the new E300h comfort version is around 388,000, and the full amount is 400,000, which is not enough. The car light is LED light source, with adaptive distance light and front fog light. The comfort version has no interior ambience light, but its audio brand is actually Mark levinson.

Maybe many people don't know about Mark levinson, which belongs to Harman International, and its positioning is just like that of Toyota's Lexus, shine on you is better than Blue.

Lexus ES300h is exquisite in interior workmanship, with a soft leather layer above the countertop, an aluminum alloy plate in the middle, and leather wrapped handrails. The three-position steering wheel is only electrically adjustable, and even a shift paddle is reduced for the comfort car.

The armrest design of this car is still quite classy, and the feel is indeed better than that of ordinary solid wood and aluminum alloy. The hybrid electric vehicle is matched with the E-CVT continuously variable gearbox, which is not the same as ordinary 8AT and dual clutch.

There is no full LCD in the dashboard of the car, and the design is relatively simple. On the left is the electricity display, on the right is the speedometer, and the driving display in the middle has the tire pressure monitoring function.

Comfortable version of the seat material is imitation leather, only the electric adjustment function, heating and ventilation are standard only in the deluxe version, the overall seat is not high, the armrESt in the middle is relatively comfortable, and the comfort of lexus es is indeed higher than that of the same class.

Lexus doesn't have an extended model in China, but the length of this ES300 is originally 4915mm, and the space should be sufficient. Seven airbags and lane departure warning systems are standard in the car, which is not bad in terms of safety. In addition, there are technological configurations such as one-button start, keyless entry, adaptive cruise, and anti-glare of internal and external rearview mirrors.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.5L, and an additional set of motors provide power, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is about 8.5 seconds. The advantages of hybrid models are smooth start, fast speed increase and comprehensive fuel consumption of only 5.4L.

This generation of ES300h has obvious signs on the rear of the car, with Mark levinson logo, and the blue 300h represents a hybrid car, but the ordinary version has no electric trunk function, which is a little regrettable.

From many angles, this Lexus is definitely more expensive than mercedes benz c Class and BMW Series, and its power output is not obvious. Young car owners who pursue sports and manipulation will generally not choose it. Its advantages are its maturity and stability, high grade interior, and outstanding fuel economy. I believe that uncles over 40 must have a special liking for it.

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