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Great Wall Black Cat 2023 Price List (New Great Wall Black Cat)

Euler is a new energy brand owned by Great Wall Motor, which has well-known models such as good cat, black cat, white cat and ballet cat. Today, the model we are going to introduce is the one that sells well in the sub-brand of Euler, Euler Good Cat. Today, we mainly introduce the configuration of Euler Good Cat 2023 401km standard endurance luxury lithium ternary with its guide price of 139,800. At present, there is a discount on this model. Let's see how this car is and whether it is worth buying.

In terms of appearance, Euler's good cat lines are very simple, and the overall shape is retro and lovely. The front grille is a closed design, and there are two special bulges on the hood of the front car. The two round headlights are very happy, equipped with LED light source, supporting automatic headlights, adaptive far and near light and other functions.

Its body size is 4235x1825x1596mm, and its wheelbase is 2650mm. The exterior rearview mirror supports heating and electric folding functions, and it is equipped with 215/50 R18 tires. The tail is full in shape, surrounded by black at the bottom, and the whole is simple and generous.

In terms of power, it uses a pure electric 143 horsepower front motor with a total torque of 210 Newton meters. Euler Good Cat 2023 401-kilometer standard endurance luxury ternary lithium battery This version is equipped with a 45.99 kWh ternary lithium battery with honeycomb energy, with a fast charge of 0.5 hours and a slow charge of 8 hours. The power consumption per 100 kilometers is 13.3 kWh /100 kilometers, and the cruising range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 401 kilometers.

Its interior design is more exquisite, and it is also more particular about color matching. The combination of dark color and light color makes the cabin more layered. The steering wheel is round and made of leather. The air outlet of the air conditioner is designed in a penetrating way.

The main configuration, with 10.25-inch central control panel, 7-inch full LCD instrument, support Chical, car networking, 4G network, OTA upgrade and other functions. It has Ola-pilot assisted driving control system, assisted driving level L2, full-speed adaptive cruise, 360 panoramic image and other functions, lane departure warning, active braking, lane centering and other configurations. In addition, it also supports mobile phone wireless charging, remote startup and other functions.

Car cost:

Car purchase cost: We calculated it according to its preferential version of 22,000, and the naked car was 117,800. According to the compulsory insurance in 950 yuan and the license fee in 500 yuan, it was necessary to spend 1,450 yuan. In terms of insurance, in the first year, 1 million yuan was paid to the third party, calculated at 1917 yuan; Car damage is 2047 yuan; The insured amount of the driver and passengers on the bus is 50,000 yuan each, and the cost is 750 yuan. The full amount of the car is expected to be about 123,000 yuan.

Electricity cost: calculated according to the power consumption of 13.3 kWh /100 km, 80 cents per kWh, calculated according to the driving of 10,000 km, the annual electricity bill is 1,064 yuan.

Maintenance mainly focuses on routine inspection, air conditioning filter element, brake fluid and coolant replacement. The first maintenance is 5,000 kilometers, and the subsequent maintenance is carried out according to the manual. The total maintenance cost of 60,000 kilometers is estimated to be 1,980 yuan, with an average of more than 300 yuan per 10,000 kilometers.

These are some introductions of the 2023 401km standard endurance luxury lithium ternary battery of Euler Good Cat. I believe you have a certain understanding of this car through the content. Of course, it also has a 501km endurance version to choose from. At present, the terminal has a discount. You can consider it.

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