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How about SEKELON sr400gs (SEKELON sr400gy-2)

Excelle Cobra 321R

About the news of Excelle Cobra 321R, in fact, everyone already knows about it, and the only suspense may be the detailed price and specific configuration. This car also appears in the latest batch of application information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and will be officially released in March.

There is basically no difference in appearance with the exhibition car of Mobo Fair. The above picture shows the declaration map of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the following picture shows the car map of Mobo Exhibition in Chongqing, including colors and prints, which are basically the same, so there should be no possibility of "mass production of Luo Yufeng".

According to the declared data, the curb weight is 149kg, while the previously published dry weight is 147 kg and the curb weight is 150kg. In addition, the maximum power in the declared data is 29kw, and the previously published data is 30.5 kW. The anti-lock braking device of the car is provided by Saifu, and the extreme speed data given by the manufacturer is 170 kilometers per hour.

Sekelon SR400GS

Another heavy new car comes from Zongshen Sai Kelon, which was also exhibited in Chongqing Mobo Exhibition. It is a sports recreational vehicle, the same type as Chunfeng 400GT and a direct competitor in the future.

In fact, the face value of this car is still quite high. No matter when it was exhibited at the Expo or the new color declared this time, the appearance has not changed, but the blue color looks even more coquettish. It is equipped with full LED headlights similar to Kawasaki Deuterium, with its own driving recorder, adjustable windshield, higher handlebar position, large-size LCD instrument, dual-channel Bosch anti-lock braking device and so on.

The car is equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke engine with an actual displacement of 401CC, with a maximum power of 31.5 kW /9500 rpm and a maximum torque of 34 Nm /8000 rpm. In fact, it performs well in all aspects, except that, like its competitors, it has a curb weight of over 200 kg, up to 213 kg.

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