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660 rupees for Apulia (Apulia rs660)

The sales volume of sports cars has gradually declined in the past ten years. The reason is easy to guess, that is, although many people want to own one, although the contemporary sports cars have excellent performance, light body and complete electronic control system, their prices are not painless for ordinary people.

In this case, the Aprilia RS660 is not only moderately priced, but also far exceeds expectations in performance and other aspects. The positioning of the RS660 is also very clear: it can provide a middleweight RSV4 with fast driving and excitement, and at the same time, it is easier to drive by adding sufficient electronic equipment. In addition, the power performance is very good, and the driving posture is more friendly than that of the same class, so it is very suitable for novices and experienced knights.

Driving and braking performance

The first feeling of riding on the RS660 is that the body is very light, the engine performance can play according to the wishes and expectations of the knight, and the temper of the RS660 is milder than expected, and the excitement does not come from the extreme speed, but when driving at a speed lower than 160 km/h, people and cars have a general driving feeling, especially in corners, which is very smooth, somewhat similar to the characteristics of RSV4 and Tuonuo.

Although the suspension is not equipped in olins, it also adopts the fully adjustable grade of KYB system, so it is very competent in both high-speed sprint and low-speed slow running. As for the brake parts made in Brannbo, although they are not the latest and most complicated types, they are very satisfactory in braking equipment and performance at the same distance. In addition, Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires, which are standard in the original factory, have a good grip on asphalt pavement.

The most outstanding thing about RS660 is its very comfortable sitting posture, which may be inspired by RSV4, so the driving posture is like the average of sports cars and station wagons, and the wrists, knees, back and neck will not be subjected to continuous pressure.

In order to make the frame as simple as possible, Aprilia takes this parallel two-cylinder engine as the stress part, and directly designs the rear rocker arm lock point on the engine, and the engine is developed based on the V-type four-cylinder engine of RSV4, so Aprilia is bound to develop other types of cars based on this engine.

In addition, Aprilia also attaches great importance to the lightweight of the RS660, so the RS660 comes standard with a lithium battery and a lightweight wheel frame. The auxiliary platform is 16 mm thinner than the RSV4 and weighs only 1.98kg, which not only reduces the weight but also provides sufficient support. Even the double exhaust pipe concentrated under the engine weighs only 6.2kg. Aprilia can be said to be haggle over every ounce in terms of weight.

In terms of electronic equipment, the RS660 uses the latest generation of Ma Ruili 11MP electronic control unit to replace the 7SM used by RSV4 and Tuonuo, and the whole throttle control assist, inclination assist, turn signal automatically cancelled after resetting, etc. are controlled by this European Currency Unit.

The RS660 provides three driving modes, namely, streeter, Sport and Self-defined mode, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the knight. In addition, it also provides three power output curves, engine braking, ABS in corners, 8-stage tracking control, cruise control and speed limit in depressed areas for adjustment.


The 659ml parallel twin-cylinder engine carried by RS660 is based on the V-type four-cylinder of RSV 1100, which is directly modified from the first half. The cylinder diameter is 81mm, the stroke is 63.93mm, and it can provide the maximum horsepower of 99P. It will feel powerful at 10,500 rpm, and it will feel very smooth when cornering at 4,000 rpm. At the same time, there is no need to worry about power loss during gear shifting.

Although complex electronic devices may reduce the excitement of experienced knights, for novice knights, this is the real fun.

There are three colors of RS660, namely, fashionable matte gold, lava red of the 1994 RS250 imitation, which was introduced before, and sharp and stylish peak black.

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