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Old Pentium b50 trunk (how to open the old Pentium b50 trunk)

Since its launch in 2009, Pentium B50 has achieved good market performance with its strong competitiveness. Today, the Pentium B50 has ushered in a new model, and the new car has undergone earth-shaking changes in terms of technology platform and shape design. This time, we brought the 1.6-liter automatic comfort model of the new Pentium B50 to see how this new car with a guide price of less than 100,000 yuan performs.

From the appearance alone, the new Pentium B50 still maintains a high degree of originality, and the new family-style design language makes the new car look younger. Thanks to the B-class platform of FAW's second-generation coupe, the body size of the new Pentium B50 has also increased in an all-round way compared with the old models.

The appearance is younger

The changes in the interior of the new Pentium B50 can also be called drastic. The symmetrical instrument panel does not have too many complicated designs, but it is not sloppy in the use of materials. The large-area soft plastic-lined material enhances the texture of the entire interior.

The interior is simple but the materials are solid.

The new Pentium B50 offers 1.6-liter naturally aspirated and 1.4-liter turbocharged engines. The 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine we tested this time has a maximum power of 84kW/5500rpm and a peak torque of 155nm/3800rpm, while the 1.4T engine has a maximum power of 104kW/4500-5500rpm and a maximum torque of 220nm. Matching the engine is a 6-speed automatic manual transmission from Aisin.

In daily driving, the power of this 4GB series 1.6-liter engine is only enough, and 114 horsepower is doomed that no matter how you drive, it will not bring you any passion. Especially when the engine is in the low speed range, the power of the engine will make people feel a little fleshy. When the speed exceeds 2000 rpm, it will improve, but it is far from strong.

Fortunately, the performance of the 6AT gearbox is satisfactory. After stepping on the accelerator deeply, the gearbox will immediately perform the downshift intelligently. When the engine speed is raised above 4000rpm, the dynamic response will be improved, and there is no problem in coping with the daily travel needs, but the noise from the engine compartment will be somewhat annoying at this time.

The chassis structure of the new Pentium B50 continues to adopt the combination of front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension, which is really eye-catching from the configuration. The overall training of this suspension should be tough, and the suspension system can provide a rich sense of road during daily driving.

However, from the point of view of comfort, this way of training will transmit the fine vibration on the road to the car, which will affect the comfort of passengers to a certain extent. In the event of a large bump, the suspension system is crisp and neat, and the body will not shake unnecessarily.

The power of the 1.6L engine is slightly weak.

◆0-100km/h accelerated test

In the acceleration test, the engine is allowed to start at 2500rpm, and the front wheel will slip slightly at the moment of starting. Due to the general power of the 1.6L engine, the whole acceleration process is uneventful, and the final measured acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 14.28 seconds.

◆100km/h-0 braking test

Although the acceleration performance is not ideal, the braking performance of the new Pentium B30 is still worthy of recognition. During full braking, the braking force output of B50 is relatively uniform, and the maximum G value exceeds-1.2g.. The suspension has a good support for the car body, and there is no obvious forward tilt of the car body.

◆ Test around piles

In the pile-winding test, the steering wheel of Pentium B50 is pointed accurately. Although the suspension system is still comfortable, it provides good support for the car body. The center of gravity of the car body shifts faster when winding the pile, but the car body's roll is still obvious because of the long suspension stroke.

Editor's comment:

As a China brand car that people have been familiar with for a long time, the new Pentium B50 has not only made drastic improvements in appearance design, but also has excellent interior quality and space comfort, which is bound to be among the best in the same level market. As for the dynamic performance, the Pentium B50 should not be a car that can bring you passion. Its duty is to send you and your family from point A to point B comfortably. From the perspective of daily transportation needs, the performance of the new Pentium B50 is still quite competent.

Test scores

Model picture Basic parameters: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeManufacturer's guide price95,800brandgallopgradesmall family carengine1.6L 80kWPower typeGasoline enginegearbox6-speed ATLength× width× height (mm)4695×1795×1460Body structure4-door 5-seat sedanYear of listingTwo thousand and sixteenMaximum speed (km/h)One hundred and eighty-two0-100 acceleration time (s)-Fuel consumption of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (length/100km)-Warranty policy3 years or 100,000 kilometers Body parameters: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeLength of vehicle (mm)Four thousand six hundred and ninety-fiveCar width (mm)One thousand seven hundred and ninety-fiveCar height (mm)One thousand four hundred and sixtyWheelbase (mm)Two thousand seven hundred and twenty-fiveVehicle weight (kg)One thousand three hundred and ninetyMinimum ground clearance (mm)One hundred and fortyFront track (mm)One thousand five hundred and sixtyRear track (mm)One thousand five hundred and sixtyApproach angle ()-Departure angle ()-Body structureSedan carNumber of carsfourseatingfiveTank volume (l)Fifty-eightLuggage compartment volume (l)Four hundred and thirty-fiveMaximum luggage compartment volume (L)- Engine: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeEngine modelCA4GB16Displacement (l)one point sixDisplacement (ml)-Air intake formNatural inspirationCylinder arrangement formorthostichousCylinder numberfourNumber of valves per cylinder (units)fourCompression ratio-admission gearDouble camshaftCylinder diameter (mm)-Travel (mm)-Cylinder head materialaluminium (Al)Cylinder materialironMaximum horsepower (Ps)One hundred and nineMaximum power (kW/min)80/5500Maximum torque (Nm/min)155/3800fuelpetrolFuel labelNo.93Oil supply modemultipoint injectionEnvironmental protection standardGuo vAutomatic engine start/stop● Gearbox: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeNumber of gearssixGearbox typeAt (a certain time or moment); In (study or work place); In (somewhere)Gearbox nameManual-automatic gearbox Chassis steering: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typetype of drivePrecursorFour-wheel drive form-Central differential structure-Car body structureBearing typeType of assistanceElectric boosterFront suspension typeDouble wishbone independent suspension with stabilizer barRear suspension typeMulti-link independent suspensionFront axle limited slip differential/differential lock-Central differential locking function-Rear axle limited slip differential/differential lock- Wheel braking: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeFront brake typeVentilated discRear brake typedisc-typeParking brake typemanual brakeFormer tyre size205/60 R16After tyre size.205/60 R16spare wheelNon-Full-Size Security configuration: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeSRS(SupplementRestrainSystem)●First officer airbag●Front Head Airbag (Air Curtain)-Rear Head Airbag (Air Curtain)-the front side airbags-Rear side airbag-knee airbag-Pedestrian airbag-Child seat interface●Tire pressure monitoring device-Keep driving with zero tire pressure-Seat belts are not fastened.●burglar alarm-Engine anti-theft locking●Central lock in car●remote (car) key●Fatigue driving tips-night vision system- Control configuration: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeAnti-lock braking device●Distribution of braking force (European Development Bank/Commercial Bank of Canada, etc.)●Brake assist (EBA/ Bath/Bus, etc.)●Traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.)●Body stability control (ESP/DSC, etc.)●hill start assist control●Steep slope descent-Automatic parking-Parallel auxiliary-lane departure warning system-Variable suspension-Variable steering ratio-Active braking/active safety system- External configuration: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typepower sunroof●Panoramic sunroof-Sports version surround-Aluminum alloy wheel hub●Electric sideslip door-Electric suction door-luggage carrier-Active grid-Electric trunk- Internal configuration: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeLeather steering wheel-Steering wheel up and down adjustment●Steering wheel fore-and-aft adjustment-Multifunction steering wheel●Steering wheel electric adjustment-Steering wheel memory-Steering wheel heating-Shift paddle-Front parking radar-Rear parking radar-Reverse video image-Panoramic camera-park assist vision-Cruise control●Adaptive cruise-Keyless access system-keyless start system-Driving computer display screen●HUD head-up digital display- Seat configuration: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeLeather/imitation leather seat-Sports style seat-Seat height adjustment●Driver's seat electric adjustment-Electric adjustment of passenger seat-Rear seat electric adjustment-Lumbar support adjustment-Shoulder support adjustment-Leg support adjustment-Driving seat memory-Co-pilot seat memory-Front seat heating-Rear seat heating-Front seat ventilation-Rear seat ventilation-Front seat massage-Rear seat massage-Second row back angle adjustment-Second row seat movement-The rear seat is laid down as a whole.●The rear seats are laid down in proportion.-Third row seats-Front seat center armrest●Rear seat center armrest-Rear cup holder- Multimedia configuration: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeglobal positioning system-Bluetooth/car phone-Center console color large screen-Rear LCD screen-Voice control system-Positioning interactive service-mobile TV-Audio brand-External audio interface (AUX/USB, etc.)●CD supports MP3.-Single disc CD-Virtual multi-disc CD-Multidisc CD-Single disc DVD-Multi-DVD-2-3 loudspeaker system-4-5 speaker system●6-7 Horn Speaker System-Loudspeaker system with more than 8 speakers- Lighting configuration: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeXenon headlight-LED headlight-Laser headlight-Front fog lamp-Daytime Running Lights●Headlight height is adjustable.●Automatic headlights-Corner auxiliary lighting-adaptive front lighting system-Headlight cleaning device-Interior atmosphere lamp- Glass/rearview mirror: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeFront power window●Rear power window●Anti-pinch function of window-Anti-ultraviolet/heat insulating glass-Rear privacy glass-Electric rearview mirror●Mirror heating-rearview mirror power folding-Interior rearview mirror automatic anti-glare-Automatic anti-glare of exterior rearview mirror-Rearview mirror memory-Rear side sunshade-Rear windshield sunshade-Sunvisor cosmetic mirror●Rainfall sensing wiper-Rear wiper- Air conditioner/refrigerator: 2016 Pentium B50
1.6L automatic comfort typeManual air conditioner●Automatic air conditioning-Rear independent air conditioning-the rear diffuser-Temperature zone control-Air purification/pollen filtration-Car refrigerator-

Detailed parameter configuration of vehicle models in this paper

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