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How much is the fuel consumption of Suzuki gsx250 per kilometer (how much is the fuel consumption of Suzuki gsx250 per hundred kilometers)

In the past few years, if you want to buy a small sports car with excellent quality, it will cost at least 40 thousand yuan, such as Kawasaki Ninja 250 or Honda CBR300R.

This embarrassing situation was maintained until the end of 2016, and it was broken by Haojue Suzuki GSX 250R, and then it spread all over the motorcycle circle. A month ago,

The author also started a GSX 250R,

After more than a month's riding experience, today I will talk to you about this "little R. 。

First of all, in my communication with motorcycle friends, I found that the vast majority of motorcycle friends who bought GSX 250R were young boys and sisters, and asked them to buy this car.

The important reason is because a child is handsome.

GSX 250R inherits the genes of Suzuki sports car family in terms of lines and overall design, and many young people are fascinated by its appearance. Although the appearance continues the style of Suzuki sports car family, the model does not continue the GSX-R model of Suzuki sports car family, but puts R behind the number. I wonder if any careful motorcycle friends have discovered this.

GSX 250R has the appearance of a sports car. The engine and frame are from GW 250 platform. The maximum power is 18.4kW/8000rpm and the maximum torque is 23.4Nm/6500rpm. As can be seen from the power and torque, it has been slightly improved compared with GW 250.

In terms of comfort, the height of GSX 250R is 780mm, and all motorcycle riders with a height of more than 1.7m should be able to land on their feet. However, due to the slightly raised handlebar and relatively upright pedal position, this car feels like a street car when riding, and the cushion is softer than similar models, so it will not be as tired as a sports car when riding. At the same time, the front and rear shock absorbers transplanted from GW 250 platform have good shock absorption when passing through isolation belts and slightly bumpy roads. When it comes to shock absorption, I have to spit a little.

If the front shock absorption is replaced by inverted shock absorption, it will be more suitable to match the appearance of such a sports car.

In terms of power control, GSX 250R has a smooth power output when riding on daily urban roads, but it is also a handful.

"Double-edged sword"

The advantage is that the smooth dynamic performance will make the car ride more smoothly and comfortably, but the disadvantage is that it lacks the passion of a sports car. This engine originated from the street car GW 250, the technical platform has been very perfect, and it is worthwhile to lack a little passion for stability and durability.

In addition to smooth power, the handling of GSX 250R can be said to be a prominent representative of domestic sports cars of the same class. Solid frame performance can give you great confidence in daily cornering or fierce bending of mountain roads.

In terms of braking, GSX 250R is divided into ABS and ABS-free versions. Both versions are equipped with front and rear Nissin calipers, but the braking effect feels a little weak, but it is basically enough. It is suggested that it can be upgraded later. As far as ABS is concerned, most motorcycle riders are willing to spend more money to choose the ABS version. After all, it can improve the daily riding safety.

But I feel that the version without ABS will be more valuable.

In terms of daily life, GSX 250R has a 15L fuel tank, and I have been adding No.95 gasoline. After a month of riding test, I got a fuel consumption performance of 3.2 to 3.7 per 100 kilometers.

Basically, it is no problem to run 350km with a full tank of oil.

In addition, GSX 250R is also equipped with a full LCD instrument, which can clearly display various driving data during the day or at night, as well as fuel consumption display function.

In terms of tires, GSX 250R is at

Tire selection is actually a sub-item.

The original factory equipped with IRC brand tires with the front 110 and the rear 140, the overall performance in daily driving is not good, and the GSX 250R is lowered by one level from the appearance, so many motorcycle friends including me have chosen to replace the tires with the front 120 and rear 160 models, on the one hand, to improve the overall handling and stability, on the other hand, to increase the face value.

When it comes to tire problems, some people may ask, after replacing large tires, the power of GSX 250R will decrease, fuel consumption will increase, and the impact will be rapid. Here, I can tell you, in fact, replacing large-size tires has little impact on the above points, so don't worry at all. After replacing tires, the test speed is still 139km/h, and the power has not decreased. Although the fuel consumption will increase a little, it can be basically ignored. You can rest assured of this.

In terms of lighting, the front and rear turn signals are LED light sources, and the front headlights are made up of LED driving lights and halogen bulbs. The strip-shaped LED driving lights have good visual effects during the day and night, but the halogen headlights are not enough when driving at night. It is recommended to replace xenon lamps or LED headlights. The taillights are designed with U-shaped LED strip, and the overall effect is very beautiful.

In terms of exhaust, the author changed the direct exhaust in order to hear some surging voices, but now Beijing has strictly checked the modification of motorcycles, and I have changed it back to the original configuration. At present, the modified exhaust used for GSX 250 in the market is basically for sound. In order to improve the power, it is necessary to adjust the computer program according to the exhaust volume. If there is no requirement for sound, it is better not to modify the exhaust.

In addition, GSX 250R is also equipped with a chip anti-theft key, which is rare in its class. However, although the chip key has good anti-theft, it is impossible to replace a key embryo of GSX-R family.

Finally, to sum up, GSX 250R is at the first-class level in terms of workmanship, performance, appearance and configuration, and even can benchmark many imported models in many aspects. However, after all, he is a car with a sports car gene. Although the handlebars are raised, he still feels tired when riding for a long time or in traffic jams. However, I believe that in the eyes of many people who buy GSX 250R, even if it is a "handsome" word, it is not bad to sacrifice a little.

Here, I also suggest that you pay attention to the source of used cars. First, the price of the cars is affordable. Second, if you haven't ridden such a small-displacement sports car, you can try it first. If it doesn't suit you, the resale of used cars won't make you lose too much money. But remember to take your friends with you when buying used cars! Avoid being cheated for being cheap.

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If you think GSX 250R is handsome? Talk about your most handsome little sports car ...

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